Very few were luxury watches created for a cause for charity, but Zenith, just like the rare gem that it is, reveals a special edition of one of its most loved collection to give back to those in need of a hand and a heart. Come Spetember 25, 2016, a Sunday, more than 50,000 distinguishably dressed individuals, all coming from more than 500 cities, will be making their motorcycles roar and roll to raise awareness on what being a true gentleman is all about. It will be a gathering of the classic, the contemporary and the custom, a world of motorcycles to speak for one cause: a cure for prostate cancer. This is because Zenith has proudly announced its sponsorship for the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride to pay a tribute to this timeless two-wheeled vehicle, paired with a luxurious timepiece to showcase.

There will only be 5 pieces of this special edition watch created, and each will be awarded to the best fundraisers from around the world. Officially launched at Baselworld 2016, the new Pilot Ton-up will star a 45 mm diameter aged steel case and is run by a legendary movement. The dial is completely vintage, offering a classic taste on readability and aesthetics. Its construction has been exclusively designed for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, which has been one of the largest motoring event in the world. Ton-up boys, a term used to describe a 1950s biking collective, are devoted to reach a hundred miles, or perhaps even more, an hour. In local slang, ton-up was meant to denote getting a faster speed with a motorcycle. This is completely impossible with factory standard bikes.

Mark Hawwa founded the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride after viewing a photo of Don Draper, part of Mad Men, and his fine drab while striding with his classic bike. This would break the negative connotation about men on motorcycles. On the event’s first run, 2,500 riders came across 64 cities. This would then gather tens of thousands of gentlefolk across hundreds of cities in the latter years to come, raising more than millions of dollars for health programs for men.

2016 is no exception. The Pilot Ton-Up DGR becomes an award given only to the best of the best, and it comes exclusively with all sets of goodies as provided by the event. Registration opens on August 1st and on September 25th comes the culmination of dandy motorcycle riders. The entire fundraising on October 9th, where winners are announced globally through the official website.