1962 – 1969 / CHAPTER 1:

El Primero, Birth of a Legend

An object is never born by chance: it represents the fruit of an era. It stems from the customs of a given age, and sometimes anticipates them. The lifespan of objects born of fashionable uses will not outlive the period in which they arose. On the other hand, those created ahead of their time are likely to endure. Such is the case with El Primero. The El Primero movement was launched on January 10th 1969 after a full seven years of gestation. Flash-back….

1970 – 1979 / CHAPTER 2:

The Great Secret

To understand the destiny of the El Primero movement in the 1970s implies making the effort of recalling a date 11 years before its birth.

1980 – 1989 / CHAPTER 3:


The story of El Primero’s rebirth is so beautiful that you might think it was invented. It is the stuff of legends, with all the necessary ingredients: adversity, justice, correctness, disobedience, as well as a hero, a happy end and a touch of magic.

1990 – 1999 / CHAPTER 4:

Revealing the Movement

Zenith had relaunched production of its El Primero movement following the contract with Rolex. But it was time for the Manufacture to regain its lustre and fully embrace its know-how by relaunching watches equipped with the famous miraculous movement while bearing the name of Zenith on their dial. This began with new chronograph models to support the company’s flagship lines: Academy and Cosmopolitan. For the first time, the Manufacture revealed through the back of its models the calibre that was its pride and joy.

2000 – 2009 / CHAPTER 5:


When LVMH bought up the company in 1999, a takeover that came into effect in 2001, the history of Zenith and the El Primero movement took a new direction: an upward path that would rise to the stars. At the end of the 1990s, luxury groups understood the importance of developing a watchmaking branch, of wagering on mechanical watchmaking which was enjoying renewed interest from a public of enthusiasts, and of buying up brands with high added value.

2010 – 2019 / CHAPTER 6:

Towards Absolute Precision

During this decade that is drawing to a close, we are witnessing an accumulation of contradictory phenomena that, for the most part, escape us. And when it comes to understanding the notion of the passage of time, we are forced to make constant adjustments. Never before have we so intensely crammed our time with so many tasks and distractions. And paradoxically, never has the “present” so monopolised both thoughts and conversations. A look at the growing number of followers of the writer Eckart Tollé, author of the book The Power of Now, is enough to grasp the extent to which this present that escapes us is one of the essential elements of our quest for happiness. Our contemporaries swing between these two extremes, accepting in spite of themselves the fact of living in a world governed by a form of discrepancy that encourages continuous over-adaptation.