What makes a Rolex a Rolex?

What makes a Rolex watch exceptional? It is not just the wheels and the cogs, the steel we shape, the gold we forge. It is not just the sum of every part we design, craft, polish and assemble with exquisite skill and constant care. It is all of these, and more. It is the time taken, the skills of many. A demanding, rigorous and perpetual endeavour. In short, it is the quest for excellence. Only then can we print “superlative” on each dial leaving our workshops. It is the mark of our autonomy, our mastery of the entire watchmaking process. And when we have pushed our limits, we push again, striving to be even better. Discover more https://on.rolex.com/3R7Iaef
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Last night’s celebratory London dinner for the Naomi x BOSS collection. #BeYourOwnBOSS

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COCO CRUSH – Some encounters you wear forever — CHANEL Fine Jewelry

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