The Finnish watchmaker Kari Voutilainen has had a passion for watchmaking for more than thirty years. His goal is perfection and he has extensive experience in the field of historic watches, superior quality watches and grand complication watches. This combined knowledge paves the way for creativity and innovation in the art of horology.

For Kari Voutilainen the creative process alone is not enough – he makes all his watches himself, supported by a team of twenty highly qualified staff.

His idea is to produce solidly engineered, classic timepieces which will pass from generation to generation, like an heirloom. Because all his watches are handmade, their number will remain strictly limited. They will be individual and personal, since the characteristics and functions of each one will be specific. Naturally, only noble metals are used to create the structure of these marvels of technology. All movement components except for balance-springs, mainsprings and watch-jewels are manufactured from start to finish in Voutilainen workshops. Dials too, are produced and engine-turned by hand on the premises.

It is no doubt for these reasons that Voutilainen timepieces will enter the annals of watchmaking history, to the great good fortune of collectors.

The Voutilainen 28S wristwatch embodies the perfection enshrined in Kari Voutilainen’s philosophy. The elegant and robust mechanism is housed in a sturdy and stylish case.

The proprietary movement of the 28S was entirely conceived, designed, produced, finished and assembled in Voutilainen workshops. The design and philosophy of the movement combine respect for longevity and precision, in classic watchmaking tradition.

The movement contains a proprietary sprung-balance system that ensures perfect timing of the watch according to strict tolerance criteria. The balance has four gold inertia-blocks to adjust the daily rate.

To equip this exceptional timepiece, a unique and very rare balance-spring system has been used. The outside is a typical Breguet overcoil, while the inner terminal follows the less common Grossmann principle.

The watch’s outstanding feature is its escapement; it is the first watch to present two escape-wheels in such a configuration. The escape-wheels provide a direct impulse to the balance through the roller/jewel. This escapement is extremely efficient and requires less energy than traditional lever escapements, offering gains in terms of longevity and stability in everyday use.

The sublimely elegant balance-cock offers an unobstructed view of the escapement and balance. It also allows the enthusiast to admire the synchronised movements of the escape-wheels.

Finishing of the watch is of the very highest standard.

The surfaces of pinions and wheels are totally flat and perfectly polished to exceptionally uniform tolerances. All finishing work on the main plate and bridges is carried out by hand to attain the best possible surface finish.

Screws and all steel surfaces are finished and polished by hand.