Voltige by Valérie Messika

Voltige is a unique collection, created in a moment untouched by time. An almost philosophical reflection which returns beauty back to basics.

A dizzying collection, Voltige combines technical prowess and exceptional stones for a breathtaking result. Exploring space as if walking on an invisible tightrope, Valerie Messika elevates High Jewellery to new heights, whereby the artisan becomes the artist.

Messika Voltige

Movement, balance and imbalance, symmetry and asymmetry, these are the keywords of this collection; a collection that has no other purpose than to see the Queen of Gems on her rightful throne. How can lightness be brought to this timeless stone, a stone which to this day remains ensconced in heavy symbolism?

Taking a step away from extravagance and ornamentation, the designer has opted to lighten High Jewelry’s tone. With ‘Voltige’ she has created with unexpected earring/ring combinations. Redefining the genre, diamonds leave their forma l dress behind to perform an aerial duet.

Messika Paris

Earrings were once just an elegant addition to an outfit, but over the past three years they have become one of Valérie’s most sought after accessories. Blurring the line between sculpture and a fully-fledged component of a carefully-composed look, earrings now command as much attention as the clothing they are designed to enhance. Oversized, graphic-embellished, eye-catching… They have become veritable centrepieces, and Messika earrings are elevated even further in this dizzying collection.

Messika Paris