It was never about creating a new status symbol when Janus Aarup set out to create his own watch brand back in 2014. The vision was to combine wood, steel and Nordic design to give a new take on the classical wristwatches.

“We had fire and ice in our veins the first time that we were to present our watches for a broader group of people than just our family and friends. We were excited to have created something new and unique, but we did not know whether or not strangers would share our excitement.” Says Janus, the founder of VEJRHØJ.

However, it would soon show that the fusion of wood, steel and Nordic design had come to stay.

From home office to award winners

VEJRHØJ started out in Janus’ apartment, where the floor quickly was covered by design drawings and watches. Since then, VEJRHØJ has grown out of the apartment and today the brand is represented in more than 60 stores around the world. Moreover, VEJRHØJ won the “Brand New Nordic” award in 2017 for the best new watch brand at the Watch & Jewellery fair in Copenhagen.

“The recognition from the Danish watch and goldsmith industry is important. It means a lot to us that the established industry believes in our designs and young brand. “Says Janus Aarup, the founder of VEJRHØJ.

Going global through crowdfunding

VEJRHØJ originally launched their brand on the American crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where the company raised more than 100,000 USD. The brand has since then employed the same strategy in Japan on the crowdfunding platform Makuake, which provides direct access to Japanese consumers who are looking for new & unique products. Again VEJRHØJ raised more than 100,000 USD. This reaffirmed VEJRHØJ’s belief in their watches and made it clear that the combination of Nordic design, wood and steel had global potential.

The crowdfunding strategy has also enabled VEJRHØJ to grow organically without external investors. But though the brand is getting international wings all quality control and shipments still takes place from the combined office and workshop in Copenhagen.

New women’s collection

In December 2018 VEJRHØJ launched a small 34mm collection for women, which combine. The new models combine wood and steel with Nordic minimalism and come with interchangeable leather and mesh bands.