The CEO of Laurent Ferrier, Vanessa Monestel, granted us an exclusive interview during the SIHH 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.

After graduating from the Toulouse Business School and Paris Dauphine University, where in 1996 she was awarded a pre-doctoral diploma in Marketing and Strategy, Vanessa Monestel began her professional career in consulting.

She spent ten years working with international clients in retail and consumer goods. In 2007–2008 she took an MBA at IMD Business School in Lausanne. Since then she has held a number of operational positions with independent haute horlogerie companies.

Vanessa Monestel joined Laurent Ferrier, the creative classic brand created in 2010 by the eponymous watchmaker, in August 2013. She was hired as development manager and was promoted to CEO a year later.

Interviewed by Alberic Virchaux