Visions of a woman, daring, bold and strong, glides through the dream as Ulysse Nardin seduces watch collectors with its limited edition Hourstriker Pin-Up. It is a gift worth the throbbing of the heart, featuring the blast from the past where curvy pin-up ladies take the stage and catches the eye of every common man. Stamped in this remarkable watch is an image of a delightful bravado of a burlesque dancer, brought to life by the celebrated manufacture, and into the wrists of eager enthusiasts. It comes in a limited edition of 28, all radiant in rose gold and platinum. This special release sports a miniature painting on the dial, added with Jaquemarts to highlight the hourstriker function.

This charming, alluring figure gazes sweetly at the viewer, making a pose with her high heel sandals as the delicate bloom sits on her hair. One can only be swept by her seductive glance; her modesty is barely hidden from the colorful explosion of peacock feathers—the detailed work is the result of the artisan skill of the in-house miniature painters at Ulysse Nardin. For her to come to life, acrylic colors are applied and mixed upon the dial, and the littlest line and shadow create an amusing, lifelike expression through the use of delicate brushes.

One should not be surprised–this complexity requires between 50 to 90 hours to be completed. Such meticulous craftsmanship can only be attained by artists with a keen eye for detail. The result: the finished dial becomes a sublime work of art, tickling the panache of art-lovers and highly-prized curators. The extravagance of the peacock's tail and wing, combined with the sensual curves of the reveling, gorgeous dancer, stirs up one's nostalgic daydreams of the era when these ladies took the stage. Of course, everything is slowly revealed by the hour striker function, which sweeps back to expose the dancer's beauty. This complication, perhaps one of the most intricate works in mechanical horology, breathes to life on the hour, or half-an-hour, or whenever the push button is pressed by the wearer.

It must be said that Ulysse Nardin is one of the first manufacturers to revive the hourstriker mechanism, as well as the pioneers in employing Jaquemarts to set it off. All in all, the Hourstriker Pin-Up is set in a round case, offering timekeeping functions as well as its artistic splendor. Its self-winding movement comes with a power-reserve of 42 hours and offers water resistance for up to 30 meters. Sapphire glass crystal in anti-reflective coating covers the dial, protecting its inner workings while allowing each detail to be seen and admired.