Baselworld Highlights 2019

traser at Baselworld with a world record

This year, Baselworld 2019 visitors flocked to the traser stand to witness a sensation. At the world’s largest horology show, the Bern-based watchmaking company attracted considerable attention: On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of mb-microtec, the parent company, the inventor of the trigalight self-powered illumination technology, unveiled a world-record watch, celebrated its own 30th birthday and introduced a reinterpretation of the “Outdoor Pioneer”, a traser classic, with a new twist.

Once again, traser showcased its pioneering spirit at this year’s Baselworld, the largest watch industry event, by presenting a sensation. After the development of the world’s first self-illuminated watch in 1989, traser established a world record, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of its parent company mb-microtec. The T1000 is the world’s brightest self-illuminated watch in the world, as officially measured and confirmed by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS). For the very first time, the unique concept watch was on display at traser’s Baselworld stand from March 21 to 26, 2019.

The custom watch shines with a luminous flux of over 1000 microlumens – 50 times brighter than any conventional watch with traser’s H3 technology. It delivers constant light output with a combination of tritium gas and zinc sulfide in tiny glass tubes. An incredible 318 trigalight tubes, precisely mounted by hand, make sure that this world-record watch will remain self-illuminated for a very long period of time.

“The presentation of the record-breaking traser T1000 was a unique experience and the perfect way to celebrate the 50th birthday of mb-microtec and the 30th anniversary of traser,” said Michele Starvaggi, traser’s marketing director. “We are delighted with our successful presence at Baselworld and the overwhelmingly positive feedback.”



Apart from the world record, the Bern-based watchmaking company has a few additional aces up its sleeve. At the end of Baselworld, traser is presenting a further innovation: Be it in a sandstorm, sub-zero weather, or endless rain, the reinterpreted “Outdoor Pioneer”, a traser classic, is a loyal companion in any adventure that a globetrotter might encounter. The P96 OdP Evolution pays tribute to the popular sporty classic. Within the Tactical Adventure Collection, the debut consummately embodies the traser brand’s identity hallmarks such as uncompromising functionality, robust design, and Swiss craftsmanship. Thus, the P96 OdP Evolution fulfills all of the expectations of discoverers and outdoor enthusiasts. It consolidates the position of the “Outdoor Pioneer” classic as a perfect sidekick for the tactical community. The proprietary, self-powered trigalight glass tubes are embedded in every dial and every hand of this most recent traser model – so the latest traser creation will also continue to shine for over ten years without an external energy source.





About traser swiss H3 watches – #theoriginal #unlimited #illumination


traser swiss H3 watches are developed and manufactured under the SWISS MADE quality label in Niederwangen near Bern, Switzerland. traser watches have a unique feature: permanent and consistent legibility of the time in total darkness and under adverse visibility conditions. This is achieved with trigalight self-powered illumination tubes developed in-house. They require no external energy and deliver constant luminescence by day and by night for over ten years.

Customers around the world (among them active people, adventurers, keen sportspeople, nature lovers or professionals in tactical roles and special forces units) rely on the ruggedness and functionality of traser watches.