Tissot pays a nod to the roaring twenties, back at the age where dramatic political changes transform one country to another after bearing the heavy weight of war. Here, people gather together in celebration with true opulence; art deco took the center stage, and most lavish people showcase such glam that is truly eye catching. The most familiar symbol of the period, however, is a young woman wearing the flapper—a drab of silvery fringe dress. Her hair, curled and bobbed. Her legs exposed. She was a figure of fun and freedom. She was a figure in a vibrant daydream; inside a festive bar, taking eyes and hearts of men as she walks through.

This recollection brings Tissot to unveil a new family of watches. The manufacture, known for its splendid array of beautifully crafted timepiece, brings together a timeless addition to its wide-ranged collection. The Tissot Prestigious is a charming watch drabbed in gold, an enthralling piece that easily catches the attention of a chic, modern woman. Its bold design, obviously inspired from the Golden era of the 20s, reflects the moment when the entire Europe has finally embraced liberty and fun after the war. It is with a lighthearted radiance that a new women’s watch is interpreted, enclosed in a confidently rectangular case shape with an added plethora of details that further its sophisticated look.

One will only admire the intricate detailing lodged at the center of the watch. A ceramic cabochon, either in white or black at the top of the crown, is another delicious detail to look at. Tissot Prestigious, whose sublime style has destined to become a classic, is an endearing piece, thanks to its gold cladding and finer elements, such as a small counter found at the 6 o’clock aperture. This watch is made for the modern woman, whose aim is to find a wearable timekeeping accessory day in and out. It matches her feelings and her person, thanks to the symmetrically balanced look of the face that matches every style. The mother of pearl dial portrays a beautifully feminine feel, while the Roman numerals that line the watch endows a classic appearance. Inside, a quartz movement runs the entire timekeeping, while the enclosed dial offers water resistance for up to 30 meters.

What’s more—there are five versions of this deluxe timepiece. One, a classic silver dial paired with brown leather strap. This may come in yellow or rose gold version. Another is a black dial with rose gold and black leather strap. There’s also the mother of pearl dial paired with either a white or black strap.