Another end, another beginning. As a MotoGP™ holds to a close, Tissot gears up for a new start. A fast-forward nod to 2017's MotoGP™ Watch Collection, Tissot unveils its newest offering which is as thrilling as the competition itself. Inspired by the breath-taking performances of the season, the brand crafts not just one model, but a pair of Tissot T-Race MotoGP™ for its 2017 official MotoGP™ Watch Collection. Both of which are limited edition watches.

One, an automatic timepiece with a decadent sporty theme, will only be available to 2017 piece; and the other, working on a quartz movement, will be produced in a series of 5000.

These watches boast of a dynamic feature of the bikes; robust and detailed. It reflects many of the obvious virtues, from the counters, expanding all the way to the bracelet. What makes this so special is that the style is derived from the athletes themselves. No wonder; Tissot has been the Official Timekeeper for the most anticipated event, and has showcased excellence in both aesthetic standard and accuracy in their valued timepiece.

It must be said that the watches are given a fresh, new spin. For the automatic variation, the timepiece comes with a rose gold PVD case, portraying a deluxe charm with its smooth and glossy surface. The quartz version, however, shines with a moodier, darker look, achieved with a dark gray PVD and bright electric blue details. And to complete the experience, Tissot wraps each timepiece in a limited-edition helmet box–something that is truly a collector's item.

Tissot has been vocal about its pleasure of having a longstanding partnership with MotoGP. This collaboration has started in 2001 and has not waned since then on. The dynamic, fast-paced nature of the sport truly represents the brand's spirit. And now, the latest set of timepieces are not only meant to be a follow-up to its grand years of alliance with MotoGP, but as a tribute to the strength of riders as the sport continues to evolve. On the surface, one can see the motorbike features, including the break-disc on the dial. Inside, it beats with the latest technology to provide the optimal accuracy in timing.

Precision and timing are two cornerstone virtues of MotoGP. Tissot's attention to detail, excellence and commitment has made them a perfect partner to this renowned sports event. In their second decade as the Officialy Timekeeper of the Championship, Tissot continues to unveil innovatively new timepieces with fresh visions to match that of MotoGP. It is a celebration of a partnership, a tribute to a sport, and a nod to the human capability in which one breaks boundaries.