Tiffany & Co. re-launched its Tiffany Save the Wild collection with a brand new design, expanding it to include lions and rhinos in addition to elephants, all in support of the Wildlife Conservation Network.

As part of Tiffany’s continued commitment to sustainability and conservation, 100% of the profits from the Tiffany Save the Wild collection will support the respective African endangered species: the elephant, rhino and lion.

After launching the collection in 2017, Tiffany has already more than doubled its original commitment, with $2 million raised as of April 2018. With these new charms, Tiffany continues its ongoing efforts to both raise awareness and contribute funds to protect ecosystems and endangered wildlife.

Tiffany Save the Wild Collection

“Tiffany & Co. is particularly dedicated to the wellbeing of the African continent, where we source many of our diamonds and gemstones and operate diamond cutting and polishing workshops,” said Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer, Tiffany & Co. “So we are especially thrilled to be able to lend our support to the important work of the Wildlife Conservation Network.”

From vocally opposing mines on sensitive lands to protecting marine ecosystems and relocating black rhinos through its Foundation, Tiffany is providing broader support of wildlife conservation. In collaboration with the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance in 2016, Tiffany joined a coalition of 16 companies who are making a commitment to stop the demand for illegal wildlife products.

Further, since its inception in 2000, the Tiffany & Co. Foundation has awarded more than $70 million in grants focused on coral and marine conservation and responsible mining.

Tiffany Save the Wild Collection

Available in sterling silver and 18k rose gold, the newest Tiffany Save the Wild collection charms can be purchased in stores and online September 2018. A special edition of an elephant diamond brooch will only be available at the Fifth Avenue flagship store.