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The Stellar Odyssey | Jaeger-LeCoultre

In 2022 Jaeger-LeCoultre pays homage to the astronomical phenomena that lie at the very origin of how mankind measures time. Since the earliest days of the Manufacture, astronomical functions have played a major role in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s portfolio of complicated timepieces – ranging from simple forms of moon phase displays to highly complex perpetual calendars, equation of time, sky charts, and the draconic and anomalistic lunar cycles. Mastering all three measures of time – solar, lunar and sidereal – the watchmakers of La Grande Maison have perpetually innovated to create the most advanced and precise mechanisms that represent or even predict celestial phenomena.

The Stellar Odyssey is an invitation to discover how the mysteries of the cosmos are translated into micro-mechanical wonders for the wrist.

Embark on a stellar voyage: https://bit.ly/TheStellarOdyssey
Discover the secrets of constellations with the new Master Hybris Artistica 945: https://bit.ly/MasterGT948
Explore the world time with the new Master Grande Tradition 948: https://bit.ly/MasterHA945
Embark on a new perpetual adventure with Polaris: https://bit.ly/PolarisQP
Learn more on the perpetual motion with Atmos: https://bit.ly/AtmosHM590
Capturing the unpredictable stars with Rendez-Vous: https://bit.ly/RDVStar

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