Everything has always been about seconds for a House created by a woman who knew how to follow her instincts. The instinct of the moment when everything is decided.

Whether it is the longest second of a lifetime on the day of an important decision or preparing a soft-boiled egg with perfect culinary precision, catching an airplane or missing a taxi, our existence is a succession of milestones that are of no coincidence.

The New J12 – NAOMI CAMPBELL is the watch for these milestones and the perfect accompaniment for every second. In this campaign for the most iconic CHANEL watch, nine iconic women share their personal experiences about a second that changed their lives.

Everything is a story of seconds for a woman who is in touch with her life and with this intimate timepiece that can shape destiny in a few seconds. The new J12 Watch is for this woman.


“Every action that I’ve committed myself to is a decisive second.”

Naomi Campbell made her first on-screen appearance at the age of seven when she was featured in the music video for Is this love? by Bob Marley. As the daughter of a ballet dancer, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and studied the art of ballet at the Italia Conti Academy and the Stage School in London. Yet her life changed course completely at age 15 when the director of a modeling agency spotted in her in the street.

Just a few weeks later, she appeared for the first time on the cover of a magazine, none other than British Elle. Her career as a top model then skyrocketed, boasting more than 800 magazine covers to date.