Danny Govberg

During the Dubai Watch Week 2019, the WATCHESPEDIA team had the amazing opportunity to interview Danny Govberg, the CEO and Co-founder of WatchBox.

Danny Govberg is a pioneering force of the contemporary watch industry. His vision and an insatiable passion for watches and technology enabled the evolution of Govberg from a Philadelphia-based retail shop to one of the world’s premier authorized dealers of both new and pre-owned timepieces. Danny recognized years ago that selling new watches was only one way of supporting the life of a watch collector, and set in motion a tech-forward pre-owned strategy that inspired the evolution of WatchBox.

Full Interview with Danny Govberg:

Danny’s approach to luxury retail, coupled with a drive to confront challenge and an appetite for all things watch-related has led to several related ventures and business interests throughout the last 35 years, Danny’s interests and investment in technology are not limited to the watch category; he co-founded BSD Code and Design Academy’s North American division, offering affordable, accessible and applicable technology education for children and adults.

Danny Govberg was a speaker at Dubai Watch Week’s Horology Forum:

  1. Six ways from certified and the wisdom to know your place (Nov. 21, 2019)
  2. Hot Potato (Nov. 24, 2019)


WatchBox Lounge

The leading pre-owned luxury watch platform will participate in the 4th edition of Dubai Watch Week with a dedicated WatchBox Lounge, pop-up WatchBox Studio, and series of horological activations.

Upon the occasion of Dubai Watch Week 2019, WatchBox, the world’s leading platform for pre-owned watches, will descend upon the Middle East with a dedicated environment to showcase and celebrate luxury pre-owned timepieces, and to engage with the global watch community in the spirit of “Innovation & Technology,” the theme of this year’s edition.

Guests of Dubai Watch Week will be welcomed into a custom-designed WatchBox Lounge, positioned adjacent to the main brand exhibition hall, where they will explore a curated selection of pre-owned timepieces from WatchBox’s extensive global inventory.

The company’s expert watch advisors will be on site to discuss the flourishing secondary watch market, offer an up-close, hands-on look at WatchBox’s product quality standards, and introduce a new experience in horological discovery – uniting interactive technology and multimedia with the ‘traditional’ boutique environment.

Throughout Dubai Watch Week, visitors will also have the opportunity to receive complimentary evaluations for their personal watches, and initiate conversations about the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned timepieces.

Additionally, WatchBox will present a pop-up WatchBox Studio, where the cameras will be rolling all week long. The company’s media specialist, Tim Mosso, will be joined by the heads of WatchBox’s video production division to create original content, conduct interviews with industry luminaries and guests of Dubai Watch Week, and initiate a dynamic conversation about all things pertaining to the global watch community.

WatchBox Studio DWW

Signature programs of Dubai Watch Week include the Horology Forum, consisting of panels and keynote speakers, and Creative Hub sessions, during which insight, opinion, and horological expertise will be shared. Danny Govberg, CEO and Co-founder of WatchBox, is among the 2019 Horology Forum speakers, and will be discussing the changing climate of the luxury watch market as part of a forum titled “Six ways from certified and the wisdom to know your place.”

He will also co-host a private Creative Hub session with Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi; and together, they will explore the evolving interests and needs of the modern watch consumer. Lastly, Tim Mosso will lead a lively interactive Creative Hub for watch enthusiasts, which will be open to the public, covering the impact of innovations in engineering, style, and online watch culture on the watch collecting landscape.