Kari Voutilainen


The Artistic Crafts Watch Prize is awarded to Voutilainen, for the Starry Night Vine.


Kari Voutilainen


The Men’s Watch Prize is awarded to Voutilainen, for the 28TI.



Kari Voutilainen

During this year’s SIHH 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland, we had the great honour to be able to interview Kari Voutilainen, Founder Of Voutilainen. Mr. Voutilainen took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about this year’s novelties for the SIHH 2019.

Interviewed by Pascal Grenacher

For more than 30 years, Finnish watchmaker Kari Voutilainen has devoted himself in recreating historic watches with a modern finish. His goal: to perfect complications and aesthetics, offering superior quality timepieces for the ardent collector. It was experience and knowledge that led him to discovering grand movements within the layers of the watch-case, and his works are perfect heirlooms to be admired by one generation to another.

His GMT-6 watch is such piece; a magnificently coloured watch that offers a peek through various time zones. Clad in a wonderful aesthetic of autumn tones on its dial, one can charmingly display this timepiece on a casual ensemble, as well as showcase it inside a shelf with their favourite articles.

Indigo-blue colours round up its facade, with a checkered tone of sienna in a croissant shape by the middle. Above the 6 o’clock position is a day and night sphere, respectively cut in half with blue and yellow tones, with a wonderful illustration of the moon and sun. Basic Roman numerals of 3, 9 and 12 are imposed in silvery sheen.

The watch’s complication is magnanimously made of a free spring-balance organ that proposes strict accuracy. Four gold inertia-blocks are utilized to adjust the daily rate. Its escapement, one of its best features, make use of two escape wheels which impacts the balance through the roller. Since it requires less energy, the use of this escapement is more efficient than traditional levers, giving off benefits like longevity and consistency in use.

Of course, one should not leave out the watch’s highlight: the GMT mechanism. Found at the above-6 o’clock aperture in a day / night setting, the disc is activated by pressing the crown, and users can now easily discern various hours in a 24-hour setting. The disc revolves around the minute sphere to match the current time.

Kari Voutilainen’s GMT-6 watch is luxuriously made of hand-polished flat plates and bridges, and 18-karat white gold to boot. It is conveniently matched with a black alligator leather strap with a white gold buckle.


  • In-house movement
  • 65-hour Power Reserve
  • 18,000 vph
  • 21 jewels
  • Integral GMT mechanism
  • 39mm diameter
  • Platinum case with double black enamel
  • Sapphire crystal glass with glare-proof treatment
  • 18k white gold crown
  • Gold applied numerals
  • Satin-finished gold hands
  • Hand-stitched crocodile leather