Long live the days of metal gear solid, call of duty and, of course, counter strike. What do all three of these important video games have in common? An “Electronic Brain”, you will see why! Let me right now readjust my train of thought for a second and dive straight into a new exclusive timepiece that has caught my attentions and inspired my individual soldier. URWERK, the small independent watch brand has this year at the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. ) in Geneva, Switzerland released their brand new model the URWERK- EMC “Time Hunter”.

Now is your call for action!
It seems that it’s the first time that green ceramic-coated titanium/steel case used, and I have to say it give the deserved extra edge that the URWERK brand is masters at producing. Including the re-design of the system into a more readable dial without forgetting there, magical handle found for the first time on the EMC.

“EMC enables the wearer to note how many seconds the watch gains or loses in a week (or month), to adjust the precision, and then test that accuracy using the EMC function to confirm that the adjustment is correct. This extra functionality allows EMC be fine-tuned to be as precise as possible for a specific wearer’s lifestyle and even to evolve with any changes.”

Great so now you know how precise you can get with this Time Hunter but do you know what’s hidden behind this incredible design?

“EMC “Time Hunter” features a highly legible time display with central hours and minutes indicated with high-contrast black hands enhanced with bright white Super-LumiNova. A rotating disk showing seconds at 1 o’clock balanced visually by the power reserve indicator at its antipode at 7 o’clock. The Super-LumiNova also ensures high legibility at night as it glows in blue and white.”

Dropping the cheesy video game reference, this 100% mechanical watch has the perk that very few other players in the industry could risk making.

The “Electronic Brain”! Are we talking about a Google-like AI or even a retro Sci-fi?

“To monitor and evaluate the mechanical movement, an” electronic brain” was then needed. Olivier Evalet, a software developer who is passionate about software and computer engineering, was instrumental in helping this bold project succeed: “The idea was to use precision optics, i.e. light, to measure the accuracy of a mechanical movement. The accuracy we managed to achieve is better than 10 microseconds. And we have created a reliable system that is designed to work over the long term. The power of EMC’s electronic ‘brain’ derives not from a simple battery but a super capacitor that even after 100,000 to 200,000 charge/discharge cycles loses tiny performance. We also chose a high- frequency oscillator with an extremely long life – its instability is only three parts per million over a full year.”

There are no words that can describe the enthusiasm in my life right now. My wrist is scratching like mad, and that is what I needed to feel.

My luxury Swiss watch passion is taking over, and now I can proudly be the hunter gather to my tribe. Chances for you to snap one of these babies; you are going to have to be quick as the URWERK  – EMC “Time Hunter”  is in two limited editions of 15 pieces each: one in plain titanium/steel and one with a military green ceramic-coated titanium/steel case. Hurry my brothers in arms your chance to make your wrist cry of joy and have one of the most accurate and precise mechanical timepieces is now.



It is certainly imposing; a watch with a covering like a dinosaur’s scale; a rather predatory aesthetic that demands attention. The three-dimensionally textured case in black and bronze features soft-edged spikes that catches the glint of light when reflected upon. All these are bead-blasted and micro-blasted to achieve perfection, in the goal of achieving a perfect patina. Thus, Urwerk‘s T-Rex certainly roars with a loud arrival, with its irregular dial and truly breathtaking mechanical complications.

The watchmaker dubs this as a “measuring instrument that has made its way through time and space.” It is a reminder of how humans recognize time just by looking at the shadows–just as how the Sumerians did back in 2000 BC. Today, timekeeping is done at one’s convenience, and sometimes, pleasure. UR T-Rex represents both by creating an archaic looking watch that showcases satellite hours; something rarely, or perhaps, not yet seen in any of today’s watches. There are no numerals in the dial, only digits found at the bottom edge of the face. This features four satellites bearing three-hour numerals, parading past the minute rail.

This is not a digital watch. Urwerk successfully develops this model after years of immersing the brand into a fast-forward engineering of modern day complications. Inside the watch is a carousel tucked under the satellite structure, quietly powering up the movement efficiently and accurately. Initially, satellites were constructed on a Maltese cross topped with an orbital cross. Over time, refinements were made, and the present-day construction reveals the brand’s genius towards irregularly beautiful haute hologerie.

Urwerk is a young luxury watch company, only established in 1997. It is lauded as a pioneer in the independent watchmaking scene, sticking to its values of producing limited-edition, yet truly artisan timepieces. Exploring beyond the traditional techniques and aesthetics, Urwerk breaks walls to achieve creative freedom, touching history and cultures to engineer never-been-seen-before watches the modern day enthusiasts will surely admire.


  • 5.02 UR automatic winding, double turbine
  • 48-hr Power Reserve
  • 4Hz Frequency
  • 30m Water Resistance
  • Satellite hours’ indication in beryllium bronze
  • Carousel & triple main plates in ARCAP
  • Orbital structure in polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
  • 52 jewels
  • Sapphire crystal case with hand-patinated bronze
  • Case back in black PVD titanium