Patrick Pruniaux

The WATCHESPEDIA team had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin, during the Dubai Watch Week 2019.

Patrick Pruniaux is the new Chief Executive Officer of Ulysse Nardin. A watch enthusiast since his teens, Patrick began his career with Diageo in London – eventually moving to Africa and then Chicago. He joined LVMH in Miami in 2000 and rose to become Regional Sales Director for the Wines & Spirits business for Latin America.

Full interview with Patrick Pruniaux:

After gaining an MBA at HEC Paris and the London Business School, Patrick – also a graduate of Stanford Business School – decided to combine his passion for premium watches and sports by becoming international Export Director at Tag Heuer. He held different positions within Tag Heuer and he served as Vice-President Global Sales & Retail from 2010 to 2014, focusing on retail growth, channel optimization and consumer experience & innovation. Patrick was also a member of the LVMH Retail Committee and had a responsibility to coordinate sales strategy between LVMH Watch & Jewelry brands.

He joined Kering Group in September 2017 as Chief Executive Officer of Ulysse Nardin. In 2018, he became CEO for Girard-Perregaux as well, another brand of the Kering Group.

Patrick Pruniaux was a speaker at Dubai Watch Week’s Horology Forum:

  1. Control Freak (Nov. 24, 2019)
Diver X Cape Horn & Nemo Point

The Toughest Watches for the Most Merciless Challenge: The Vendee Globe Race

The Vendée Globe is the world’s most daunting open-ocean race and Ulysse Nardin has risen to the challenge by creating the peerless Diver X Cape Horn and Diver X Nemo Point.

In the spirit that unites Ulysse Nardin with the explorers and fearless adventurers of the world, the Swiss manufacture, located in Le Locle near Neuchatel, has partnered with the Vendée Globe to sponsor the world’s most challenging sailing race. UN has created the DIVER X CAPE HORN and the DIVER X NEMO POINT – watches bringing the X-factor to tackle world’s roughest seas – in honor of the sailors who choose to risk everything by taking this daunting, dangerous challenge, many passing through Nemo Point – a location where the nearest inhabited landmass is over 2700 kilometers away.

The ultimate test in ocean racing, the Vendée Globe begins and ends in the Sables d’Olonne, in the Vendée region of France. Competed without any support, stops or technical assistance of any kind, skippers face icy cold conditions, mountainous waves, leaden skies and howling gales as they traverse the Atlantic and Southern Oceans to sail solo around the planet’s roughest seas.  Taking place once every four years, the course – often referred to as the “Everest of the Seas” – takes the monohull yachts from the French coast 40,075 kilometers on a north-south trajectory around the circumference of the Earth. To limit the risk of encounters with icebergs, the Race Direction has established a zone prohibited to sailing, called the Antarctic Exclusion Zone (AEZ) which goes around the Antarctic between the 45° on the Croset Islands side and the 68° S off Cape Horn.

The next Vendée Globe race begins on November 8, 2020 and will mark 30 years since the first challenge and Ulysse Nardin will be the official timekeeper.

“This is not a race for those who doubt themselves”, says Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin. “This is a challenge for modern-day Ulysses who believe that they will be able to confront themselves, their fears and nature’s strongest forces in order to complete an Odyssey of epic proportions.”

“We are delighted to welcome Ulysse Nardin as Official Timer of the Vendée Globe 2020-2021. This pioneering brand of Swiss Haute Horlogerie has been built internationally in connection with the nautical world. It is therefore natural that the Vendée Globe, the international reference for solo offshore racing, and Uysse Nardin have come together to found this partnership for the next edition.” Said Yves Auvinet, President of Vendée Globe.

Diver X Cape Horn

Diver X Cape Horn, 44MM

Cape Horn, one of the land points the Vendée Globe sailors must pass by on their voyage around the world, is one of the most treacherous routes. As they navigate around the southernmost tip of Chile, skippers face icebergs, violent winds and dangerous currents, making this one of the most confrontational chapters in the renowned round-the-world race. As they circumnavigate the globe, the passage around Cape Horn is one of the most harrowing because, as the point at which the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet, nature unleashes an array of furies, each more precarious than the next. The geographical coordinates of Cape Horn as well as the route of the Vendée Globe race are stamped on the back of each watch.

With its saffron burnt orange stitching on the strap to recall the Spice Route or the harrowing trip around Tierra del Fuego, carbon bezel and instantly recognizable “X” on the face, the Ulysse Nardin Diver X CAPE HORN – the official watch of the Vendée Globe – will be issued in a limited edition of 300 pieces only. Its UN-118 movement guarantees accuracy in any hemisphere at any time of the day or night. The fabric strap is made from cutting-edge technology closing scratch: adjustable yet light, this material pairs magnificently with the ultra-light, carbon face. The satin black “X” is boldly stamped 6-12 in relief across the face.

Diver X Nemo Point

Diver X Nemo Point, 44MM

One of the locations many of the sailors cross is Nemo Point, a position in the South Pacific off of the coast of Chile, named after author Jules Verne’s seafaring captain, which is quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Closer to the International Space Station than to solid land, Point Nemo is Located at 48°52.6?S 123°23.6?W, the location in the ocean that is farthest from land.

It is an oceanographic location which sits within the South Pacific Gyre, the most remote position on planet Earth. Sailing through Nemo Point, many of the sailors participating in the Vendée Globe find themselves in this massive, rotating ocean current, a centripetal force that tests them to the very core. The geographical coordinates of Nemo Point as well as the route of the Vendée Globe race are stamped on the back of each watch.

With its blue fabric strap with red lining, it is reminiscent of the leash on a surfboard. The closing scratch is made with cutting-edge technology. The blue rubber bezel and instantly recognizable “X” on the face, the Ulysse Nardin DIVER X NEMO POINT will be issued in a limited edition of 300 pieces only. Its UN-118 movement guarantees accuracy in any hemisphere at any time of the day or night. The blue “X” is boldly stamped in relief across the face and the route of the Vendée Globe is stamped on the back.

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin Weighs the Anchor at Kering Headquarters to Start 2020 Xploration

Announcing its partnership with the Vendée Globe around-the-world race, the addition of first “female Ulysses” Alessia Zecchini and friendship with photographer Sebastien Copeland, Ulysse Nardin proves that 2020 will be a stellar year for Xotic Xcitement and Xploration.

From Paris to Antarctica, Swiss watch manufacture Ulysse Nardin is spreading the word that 2020 will be a banner year for Xploration, elegance and oceanographic awareness. Ulysse Nardin’s parent company Kering hosted a gala evening at its headquarters in the 7th arrondissement celebrating the wave of Xcitement that will hit the shores in 2020. The evening was off to a thrilling start with an introduction by Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, followed by a speech by Ulysse Nardin’s own CEO Patrick Pruniaux.

On this momentous occasion, we are weighing the anchor on a new year and a new way of exploring our precious planet”, said Mr. Pruniaux.

The evening marked several momentous events, including Ulysse Nardin’s official announcement as of its partnership with the Vendée Globe race (official timekeeper), a daunting challenge during which one skipper captains his sailboat around the world with no stops, and no assistance. Vendée Globe Managing Director Laura Le Goff appeared in person to announce the alliance. To speak about the Vendée Globe better than anyone, Sebastien Destremau, French-Australian sailor and navigator was the master of the ceremony during the evening. Sebastian is a hero who made up his mind to attempt this fantastic Vendée Globe challenge – perhaps the greatest challenge of his life – in 2016.

Ulysse Nardin

Present in a stunning Yves Saint Laurent gown (rather than in her habitual wetsuit and fins) was Alessia Zecchini, the first “female Ulysse” to join the male adventurers already in friendships with the Swiss haute horlogerie brand.  A multiple world champion and multiple record-holding free diver Ms. Zecchini continues to reach new levels of excellence; amongst her other achievements, in 2019 alone she her won two gold medals and one silver and set two new world records European Indoor Championships in Istanbul. On her wrist, the Lady Diver Great White, part of the fresh line of female diving watches. “It looks as lovely in the light of a camera flash at a VIP event as it does in the ocean’s depths”, Ms. Zecchini said of her timepiece.

Also among the 150 seated guests at the gala “Banquet sur la Banquise” (Banquet on the Ice Floe) was Sebastien Copeland, an acclaimed photographer who has dedicated his life to capturing pictures of his beloved but what he is worried is our dying planet. The photographs of the Antarctic and the Arctic – Earth’s two extreme poles – are magnificent and terrifying; light blue icebergs, remnants of a time long past, punctuate dark seas, polar bears living and polar bears dying from the effects of a changing climate are awakening, breathtakingly beautiful and resounding images.

The elite group was also granted exceptional access to the 17th century chapel where the Pinault family has chosen to house part of its stunning art collection, which is only part of the art works amassed by Pinault over the past 40 years.

DJ Jade de Lavreille kept the Ulysse Nardin evening atmosphere lively with a playlist adapted specifically for the event.

Diver X Antarctica


An ode to Sebastian Copeland’s photography of the Earth’s southernmost continent, Ulysse Nardin’s DIVER X ANTARCTICA is a polar symphony of light, ice and an extension of Copeland’s expression of his deep love for the planet.

Terra Australis, as Antarctica was formerly called – the last continent to be discovered and the Earth’s southernmost, most hostile landmass – has been a source of fascination for explorers, scientists and historians for the two centuries since it was first sighted. A place of mystery and intrigue, the frozen tip of the planet has been fabled destination and source of fascination since Aristotle wrote about a possible Antarctic region in his tome Meteorology circa 350 BC.

In an ode to the essence of exploration and all it entails, Ulysse Nardin has designed the DIVER X ANTARCTICA. An avatar in the world of watchmaking, the ANTARCTICA model of the DIVER X is a watch that brings the “X-factor” to tackle world’s roughest seas – in honor of the modern-day Ulysses who choose to risk exploring this daunting, dangerous place, literally located at the end of the Earth. With its light blue icebergs and frozen ocean, beacons of an age long past, Antarctica has no longitude coordinates, only a location of 90° latitude.

Sebastian Copeland is a photographer who uses his artistic work to communicate messages of urgent global significance. A friend of the Swiss watch manufacture Ulysse Nardin since November 2019 he joined the brand’s armada of modern explorers known as “Team of Ulysses” together with other free-spirited watermen and women: Fred Buyle, Alex Caizergues, Mathieu Crepel, Sebastien Destremau, Ben Thouard and Alessia Zecchini.  Sebastian’s images have been seen around the world and his books are a reference for modern explorers as well as for those merely curious about the extreme climate; the cold, dry and windblown, least inhabited continent on Earth.

On the centennial 2011-2012 season of the South Pole, with partner Eric McNair-Landry, Sebastian spent more than his fair share of time in the field, witnessing this marvel of time untouched firsthand. He led the first East/West transcontinental crossing of Antarctica by skis and kites via two of its poles, setting three world records over the 4100 kilometers during an expedition through the polar desert that lasted a grueling 82 days. Sebastian is planning a new expedition to cross the Arctic Ocean in 2021.

The fruit of Sebastian’s labor has been seen on the National Geographic Channel, CNN, in the New York Times and Paris Match, among others. He is a devoted proponent of environmental conservation and his published books are a living testament to his crusade. “Helping people fall in love with their world,” he says, ”is a catalyst to wanting to save it”.

Diver X Antarctica

A polar symphony of light and ice, the Ulysse Nardin Diver X ANTARCTICA is an extension of his deep love and respect for the planet. “Ulysse Nardin is a brand as devoted to our planet’s oceans as I am. I believe that our partnership will bring important benefits to all parties concerned and, hopefully, raise awareness of what we need to do to take better care of this great blue planet.”


A matte white rubber strap recalls the clean and austere lines of the Earth’s Southernmost Continent with ice blue touches on the dial reflecting the icebergs floating in the sea there.  The Ulysse Nardin brand element is prominent under the sand-blasted dial. The bezel – in a white rubber – matches the watch strap.  Its UN-118 movement guarantees accuracy in any hemisphere at any time of the day or night.  The gray face is marked with a bold and elegant “X”. The crown, horns and case back are all made from titanium.

The stamp on the back of the watch details not only the coordinates of the Antarctic Continent: 90° latitude (with no longitude necessary for the landmass located at the southernmost tip of the Earth) but also the route of the Vendée Globe sailing race, of which Ulysse Nardin has become the official sponsor.

Lady Diver Great White

Dazzling New Lady Diver Unleashes a Tempest at Ulysse Nardin

Diamonds, drive and determination: Ulysse Nardin reveals a stunning new line of LADY DIVER watches launched as Alessia Zecchini, champion free diver and world-record apnea holder, becomes the first female to join the “Ulysse” family of adventurers.

“Beneath the howl of the oceans and the crashing waves on the sea, the water is silent and infused with sunlight. I dive towards the abyss, my abyss, to find my true self. Intimately connected to the elements, luck is not a factor for me. I am ready to face any unknown obstacles – whether light or shadow – before resurfacing to my life. I wear a talisman on my wrist; I am Ulysses.” – Alessia Zecchini, free-diving champion and first female “Ulysse”

This month the Swiss Manufacture has unveiled a sexy, young and sportive series of diving watches exclusively for women, rejuvenating its LADY DIVER collection twelve years after the launch of its first feminine diving watch. With more than a touch of elegance, this series is the new sensuous and bold feminine identity of Ulysse Nardin. The current of Xploration is clearly flowing in a resolutely female direction with four extraordinary new LADY DIVER models, already creating a tempest in the world of watch connoisseurs.

These refined diving watches, strong and tasteful, share many qualities with Alessia Zecchini, a 27-year old Italian-born free-diver and multiple champion record-holder.  Alessia, who just joined the armada of Ulysse Nardin’s “modern Ulysses”, is an extraordinary young woman who has found her rightful place in the UN family of intrepid and fearless Xplorers. To embody the spirit of the ocean, the force we carry within ourselves and the spirit of Ulysses, Ulysse Nardin is delighted to welcome champion free-diver Alessia as the first female in this unique family of adventurers.

With long, dark hair flowing in the water behind her, Alessia embarks on her ocean odyssey with astonishing beauty and grace; her fit, sun-kissed body diving below the stormy surface she searches for inner peace and calm.  Testing her own limits as well as those of nature, she is alone in her wetsuit, deep blue eyes searching the waters around her on her quest to discover herself. Concentrating on her own breathing, she delves the depths of the untamed seas, every submerged second lasting an eternity. When she has reached her goal, she emerges back towards the light, a pearl of sea water sliding down her strong back, up towards sky, air and sunshine.

Born in Rome in 1992, Alessia began free diving when she was just thirteen. At 16 she took her first formal course in apnea diving at the Apnea Blu Mare Society but, according to federal rules, had to wait until she was 18 before officially entering into competition.

Lady Diver Great White

She is the current world record holder in Constant Weight Apnea (CWA) an astonishing 113 meters (“the deepest woman in the world”) and Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS) world record holder in Dynamic Apnea having reached 250 meters. She has won 16 Gold Medals in the World Championships and holds twenty-five world records in almost all the disciplines of freediving. A “talisman” Ulysse Nardin LADY DIVER on her wrist, Alessia plunges to the depths beneath the waves, Xploring the wonders of the ocean like the modern-day Ulysses she is.

Françoise Bezzola, Chief Marketing Officer at Ulysse Nardin explains: “At Ulysse Nardin, the feminine story is still a blank page waiting to be written. As this model is a young and dynamic design, we chose a young woman to personify our vision. Although she is a master diver, she is not a mermaid but a true “Ulysses”. A fearless athlete, she embodies force and determination. In 2020, being beautiful is not enough. Alessia Zecchini is a multiple-layered woman who has done us the honor of being the first female in our family of male explorers.”

With a silhouette re-sculpted to 39mm, thinner and discreet, the new LADY DIVER has been created in three iconic colors: deep blue, intense black and mother-of-pearl. A special model in light gray – the LADY DIVER “Great White” – will be made in a limited edition of just 300 pieces. The first three will be stamped with a wind rose on the back while the Great White features a sensual drawing of a female apnea diver on the case back.

As with its masculine counterpart, the LADY DIVER has a domed glass and a concave unidirectional bezel. The diamond hour markers shatter all conventional diving watch design by bringing a unique touch to a traditionally sportive look of a diving watch; their brilliance recalls the sparkling surface of the sea. For women who want a brighter shine, the new LADY DIVER series comes with the option of a 40-diamond bezel, each one a generous 1,7 mm in diameter (0.92 Carats). The UN-816 silicium technology movement is the beating heart of each one of these models, keeping expert track of the hours, minutes, seconds and date.

“We are honored to have Alessia Zecchini as the first female explorer to join our family of Ulysses”, says Ulysse Nardin CEO Patrick Pruniaux. “We have chosen to launch the new line of LADY DIVER watches simultaneously with Alessia’s arrival. Her spirit of adventure and willingness to take the risks necessary to test her own limits is emblematic of our vision at Ulysse Nardin.”


In a limited edition of just 300 pieces, the LADY DIVER Great White is none other than the female counterpart to the men’s Diver Great White. Powered by the UN-816 silicium technology movement. With a case back bearing the stamp of a female apnea diver and a fully integrated rubber bracelet textured to represent ocean waves or mermaid’s scales. Its face is gray and sparkles with 11 diamonds hour-markers.


This steel version with its night blue face is intensified by the touches of rose gold on the second hand, the Ulysse Nardin anchor logo and the date. It can be worn with a blue sailcloth strap with a pin buckle, an alligator or a rubber band.


What more appropriate than a mother-of-pearl face to evoke the depth and beauty of the ocean? The reflections shine on this singular seashell. The choice of white alligator band, its satin finish comes with four singular “point-de-bride” stitches in deep blue to give a shimmering, summery touch.


A combination of 5N rose gold (on the bezel, crown and elements of the dial) and of DLC black matte steel (case and the horns). Its black matte face is completed by a textured rubber band. The combination of rose gold and absolute black give this model its sporty/chic appeal. The all-diamond bezel consists of 40 diamonds of 0.92 Carats.

Hourstriker Phantom - A Limited Edition With Devialet

Devialet, the French company that’s revolutionizing high definition audio with its luxury oval speakers, and the legendary watchmakers Ulysse Nardin are working together to create a limited edition of 85 striking watches: an enhanced audible experience worn on the wrist.

Hourstriker Phantom - A Limited Edition With Devialet

Doing things in half-measures is not a part of Ulysse Nardin or Devialet’s DNA. Since the inception of both brands, each has been driven by their desire to showcase their work to the world. For one, high-flying timepieces, for the other, new revolutionary sound systems, both thanks to their patented technologies. By combining the strengths of their two Research and Development departments, the two brands have come together to create a unique sound experience in the form of
one exceptional watch: the Hourstriker Phantom. The acoustic performance and sound quality make it an unparalleled striking watch in the watchmaking industry.

“Our main goal was to create a high-performance striking watch” explains Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin. “Moreover, it was fate: Emmanuel Nardin, one of Devialet’s founders who co-developed the Hourstriker Phantom model is in fact a descendant of the Ulysse Nardin family. You simply couldn’t make it up. ”


Devialet offers some of the most advanced “made in France” sound systems in the world, for those music fans in search of the perfect listening experience, thanks to Devialet’s more than 160 patented technologies. Their flagship product, The Phantom, a new generation of high-definition connected speakers, is capable of creating sound up to 108 dB SPL (the Gold Phantom model being the most powerful in the collection). It is the size of a motorcycle helmet and generates unrivaled quality of sound for an intense and revolutionary emotional experience. Phantom now puts its name to Ulysse Nardin’s new striking mechanism.

Hourstriker Phantom - A Limited Edition With Devialet


If Devialet speakers have won over music fans, the Hourstriker Phantom will appeal to those passionate about striking watches. This watch that rings on the hour and half-hour on command, not only allows you to tell the time, but also to hear it.
Before there was electric lighting, striking watches were originally conceived with the aim to ring on the hour in the dark and are the embodiment of a genuine dream. Since the 1980s, under the impetus of Rolf Schnyder, Ulysse Nardin is one of the first watchmakers to bring these timekeepers back to life.
Hand in hand, Devialet engineers, experts in distortion phenomena, collaborated with Ulysse Nardin’s watchmakers specialized in sound to redefine each step in the audio signal chain sent from Ulysse Nardin’s striking mechanisms to deliver the best performance ever recorded on a striking watch, 85 dB to 100mm.

Hourstriker Phantom - A Limited Edition With Devialet

With a classic striking mechanism, a hammer hits a timbre generating sound frequencies, when emitted, tells the time on command. However, in the Hourstriker Phantom, the heel of the timbre is fixed by a system of torsion arms that change the direction of the action forces induced by the timbre’s vibrations. In a classic system, the forces produced are essentially in the watch’s movement, which generates a small amount of air that is then displaced by the various components of the watch. With the Hourstriker Phantom, the action forces created by the timbre thus find their way outside of the watch itself. These
forces are vigorously transferred using a transmission arm to a thin membrane, which is found on the bottom side of the watch. As the membrane has a large surface area, a large amount of air is displaced, which results in a high sound level. One could compare this to a loudspeaker and its cone and membrane.

The bottom side of the watch is perforated with eight openings under its membrane that allows the sound to travel and contains the UN-610 automatic manufacture movement. The result is stunning and all the sonic potential of this timepiece appears to be released, amplified, and enhanced. Its fully polished 43 mm titanium case also amplifies the sound and extends its resonance to 85 decibels, an unrivaled level of sound in the world of watchmaking.

“This new Hourstriker Phantom is the very essence of Devialet expertise expressed through a timepiece: a refined object with an optimized compactness/performance ratio and unbridled power. If Devialet products are looking to give the listener the impression that the artist is right in front of them, then this new Ulysse Nardin striking watch gives the sensation of a real musical instrument”, concludes Patrick Pruniaux.

The watch’s face is adorned with a satin-brushed anthracite dial inspired by Chladni’s figures, formed by the materialization of vibratory waves, a nod to the Devialet Phantom’s protective net placed over the tweeter. Hidden under this sculpted lace-like net, tinted glass obscures the watch’s movement for an ultra-contemporary look. A small, but original feature, the “rose gold” colored hands point towards the Arabic numeral indexes, all tilted outwards, in single file and in a clockwise direction, just like a navy compass. At three o’clock, a small “rose gold” chip disappears and reappears depending on whether you want to activate or deactivate the striking mechanism (ON/OFF button). At CHF 72,500, the Hourstriker Phantom has become the most affordable striking watch on the market. The piece is enhanced by a black alligator strap and will be sold as a limited edition of 85 pieces, evoking the 85 decibels that it majestically reaches.


The Ulysse Nardin’s Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel is a poem of mechanical mastery, a symphony of aesthetic artistry and a highly functional work of art. A tour de force in mechanical watchmaking, the Free Wheel has a fantastically futuristic movement that makes it the Swiss watch manufacture’s most refined and audacious timepiece to date.

Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel

Today, Ulysse Nardin gives a new shine to its Executive Free Wheel by using four daring materials on its dial and barrel cover, making it a visual feast for the watch connoisseur. Manufactured in a limited edition of just 18 timepieces for each design, each watch is as unique as its wearer.


With a dial made from osmium which is not only the world’s heaviest metal but also the rarest and densest, most stable element – this version of the Free Wheel has a white gold case which frames the diamond-like osmium crystals. Osmium, atomic number 76 in the Periodic Table of The Elements, is a trace element found in alloys mostly in the platinum group and used by manufacturers when extreme hardness is required. Incandescent, it is a siren song of engineering and esthetics.

Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel


The deep blue aventurine dial is reminiscent of the starry night sky glittering with reflections of the stars. A form of translucent quartz, the name “aventurine” derives from the Italian a ventura, which can mean “by chance” or simply “let the adventure begin”.  Also used in the Ulysse Nardin men’s Blue Aventurine Genghis Khan 789-80, this mineral’s aventurescence provides a shimmering effect often seen by sailors contemplating the ocean’s surface in the dark of night.

Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel


Made using a rarefied, 17th-century technique once practiced by nuns in convents, straw marquetry has been revived with new glory and used by Ulysse Nardin to adorn the face of this Executive Free Wheel model. Lightweight straw means there is no issue of pressure on the dial and barrel cover. The face design uses shiny, black-dyed straw – every stalk cut and prepared by specialized artisans – adding a sleek, masculine veneer to the dial.

Naturally resistant to the effects of time and capable of catching light to create a stunning visual effect, straw marquetry is a master craft in and of itself. Straw is split with painstaking precision, dyed with textile dye then applied onto the dial and the barrel cover. It is a distinctive way to explore precision in a pattern design. Not only does this ancient method bring poetry to a complicated timepiece but it also protects these métiers from extinction.


Composed of aeronautical grade carbon fibers, Carbonium® is approximately twice as light as aluminum. The carbon and pre-pregnated resin composite is made with ecologically sourced components, making a markedly smaller impact on the environment than any conventional carbon composite. Aesthetically stunning, Carbonium® Gold is a product of the intimate fusion of carbon filaments and gold particles within a thermosetting matrix. The resulting gold veined effect is bold and elegant.

Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel


With a 7-day power reserve, its “free-floating” elements seem to move independently of each other to defy gravity. The Silicium technology, which was pioneered by Ulysse Nardin, allows for minimum friction and for the replacement of more traditional watchmaking components, such as precious stones.

The elements of the Executive Free Wheel literally make time fly. The innovative movement, which took years to research and develop, is presented in a 44mm case. The gear trains and bridges appear to float in the air with the other components, a delicate balance of parts working in harmony. The entire UN-176 movement was developed at the Ulysse Nardin Manufacture in Switzerland. Designed for the true watch connoisseur, the Executive Free Wheel – in all of its incarnations – is a perfect coherence of engineering and aesthetics.

The external beauty of each piece showcases the mechanical prowess that has blazed new trails into uncharted waters, allowing modern day Ulysses to venture fearlessly into their dreams equipped with efficiency and elegance.

Monaco Yacht

Three months before the Monaco Yacht Show opening, find out about the leading yachting that will exhibit at this year’s show.


This September, the 2019 MYS will curate the exhibition of 580 companies from the most reputable superyacht builders, award winning yacht designers, luxury suppliers, influential brokerage houses to the most sought-after water toys, prestige cars, helicopter and private jet manufacturers.

Experience the Monaco Yacht Show the way you wish by requesting for your pass.

Monaco Yacht Show 2019

From Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th September 2019, the Monaco Yacht Show will again welcome the international yachting world to the Principality of Monaco, offering a total immersion in the fascinating universe of luxury yachting.

By opening to visitors in the late morning and extending opening times into the early evening, the organizers of the Monaco Yacht Show seek to offer schedules that correspond better to the visiting times preferred by private clients who can benefit fully and with greater tranquility from the social program accompanying the show.

Every year the Principality of Monaco is decked out in the MYS colors and lives to the frenzied rhythms of the events to which the social elite of yachting and their clients are invited. Private parties, cocktails, gala dinners, business meetings, and press conferences are organized around the Monaco Yacht Show, along with the succession of superyacht visits.

The new opening times, chosen after consultation with major yachting companies, should ease the relentless intensity of the fours days of the show and create a more pleasant experience both for visitors interested in chartering or purchasing a yacht and for exhibitors.

The MYS will thus be open to the public from 11 am to 7.30 pm (it will close at 7 pm on the Saturday), while exhibitors and the media will have access earlier in the morning. Exhibitors can devote their mornings to meeting their colleagues in the exhibition tents, holding their press conferences or organizing their day’s work in peace and quiet before welcoming visitors.

On Saturday, September 25th at 7 pm the 125 superyachts will mark the end of the show with a foghorn concert that will echo around Port Hercules and fade away in the open sea off Monaco to announce the forthcoming 30th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2020.

Dates: 29th Monaco Yacht Show September 25th – 28th, 2019
Port Hercules, Monaco

Opening times:
Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th, Friday 27th September: 11 am – 7.30 pm
Saturday 28th September: 11 am – 7 pm.

Access for exhibitors from 8 am every day.

Access for media (conditional on possession of press badge and an invitation to a press event):
Wednesday 25th September: from 11 am
Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th September: from 8.30 am