Michele Starvaggi

During this year’s Baselworld 2019, our beloved watchmakers have taken us into many new directions and as always have made their mission to surprise us, by showcasing their latest technological developments and exciting new novelties.

The Interview

Our next interview is with Michele Starvaggi, Global Head of Marketing and Sales at Traser® Swiss H3 watches. He took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about this year’s world record-breaking achievements there new concept watch the “T1000“. Michele Starvaggi is an International marketing and sales professional with more than 25 years of experience building premium, global brands. Michele Starvaggi is an expert in launching new products, developing people, organisations, and driving sustainable sales growth and profitability.

The new traser “T1000.”

The new “T1000” concept watch is a unique piece, developed in celebrations of the 50th anniversary of MB-Microtec, the parent company of Traser® swiss H3 watches. The new traser “T1000” glows with an intensity of over 1000 micro-lumens, fitted with no fewer than 318 trigalight pipes. The light output was measured and certified by the Federal Office of Metrology (METAS) and the “T1000” concept watch was certified the worlds brightest self-illuminated watch in the world. This timepiece shines 50 times more than any conventional timepiece and with it is patented H3 technology.

These “Trigalights” are tiny glass tubes coated with zinc sulphide and filled with tritium that will shine with unchanged intensity for at least ten years without an external energy supply such as a battery or sunlight, guaranteeing constant readability of the time, even at night and in challenging light conditions.


Interview of “Michele Starvaggi” by “Pascal Grenacher”
This article was written by “Alberic Virchaux”