Singer Track1 Prototype

An example of the revolutionary Singer Track1 chronograph set a record auction price for the brand yesterday at the Phillips Geneva Watch Auction XI. The Singer Track1 Prototype sold for CHF 52’500 including buyer’s premium.

This was the first major public watch auction of 2020 and despite the global disruption caused by the C-19 pandemic, the result shows the recognition the Geneva-based watch brand has gathered from collectors since it was founded in 2017.

Singer Track1 Prototype

The watch sold at Phillips Geneva Watch Auction XI is of particular interest as it represents an important step in the evolution of Singer as a watch brand and underlines the brand’s established position as a part of the high-watchmaking world.

This prototype embodies the starting point for the final design of the later named Launch Edition

The wider Singer company was born over a decade ago in California and forged its reputation among drivers with beautifully executed, bespoke restorations of air-cooled Porsche 911s for a global group of discerning owners. Singer’s work in the automotive world has been guided by a simple philosophy: A Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.

Three years ago, the same philosophy was applied outside the world of cars for the first time as Singer launched its watchmaking arm, Singer Reimagined.

Singer Track1 Prototype Emirates Edition

As with its automotive endeavours, Singer approached its chosen subject matter as a passion project – the pursuit of a definitive vision for the sports chronograph – paying equal attention to iconic aesthetics and cutting-edge technical performance. The result was the Track1, which went on to win the GPHG Chronograph prize in 2018.

The Singer Philosophy is the pursuit of a definitive vision, whatever the subject matter.

The watch presents a formidable technical specification that seeks to celebrate the beauty and complexity of the chronograph. Breaking with the convention that separates chronograph functions into multiple small registers, Track1 places elapsed time functions front and centre. Three concentric registers record seconds, minutes and hours on the main dial.

Singer Track1 Prototype Emirates Edition

Meanwhile, time of day moves to the two rotating outer discs, read against an indicator on the outer dial. This reimagining of the chronograph is made possible by the revolutionary Agengraph movement, developed in collaboration between Singer and master watchmakers, Agenhor.

The technical brilliance of the movement is highlighted by the iconic case design from celebrated watch designer Marco Borraccino. Clever restacking of the movement allows the full mechanical beauty of the movement to be seen, unobscured by the rotor. Twin pushers control chronograph functions while the dial and hands echo the iconic Porsche 911 tachometer.

Form follows function, with a radical focus on legibility through the centralized display of all the chronograph functions thanks to a revolutionary movement

Singer Track1 Prototype

The First Yet the Last

On June 8th, 2020, Singer Reimagined celebrates its 3rd year anniversary. For this occasion and in collaboration with Phillips Auction House, our brand is presenting a very rare and unique piece of the Singer Track1 to participate to the watch auction from 27th to 28th in Geneva. This piece represents the original style imagined by Marco Borraccino when founding the brand in 2017.

This unique piece embodies the starting point for the final design of the later named Launch Edition. This specific timepiece has been used as a first nest to test the famous AgenGraphe 6361 movement and has incarnated the entire Track1 Collection and the spirit of Singer Reimagined. Slightly different from the marketed model, The Singer Track1 Prototype comes with a never seen before special Grade 5 Titanium open horns case inspired by 60’s and 70’s iconic chronographs. It is paired with a very unique Kaki Green baranil calf strap. We have chosen a 22mm made to measure NATO style bracelet combined with same dimension brushed Grade 5 Titanium rings and pin buckle with polished edges.

The Singer Track1 Launch Edition prototype will be presented during the auction sales with lot number 100. The Limited Edition of 50 pieces of the Launch Edition has been completely sold out. This prototype appears as the last chance for Singer enthusiasts to purchase the “first” last piece of this specific and unique style. Experts like Del West, an industry leader in the field of high-precision machining for both watches and cars, and Fiedler SA, one of the most renowned fabricators of watch hands in the watchmaking industry, have partnered up with Singer Reimagined in the quest to push boundaries and take on new challenges. Working in collaboration. Everything is important.

This Unique Piece Embodies the Starting Point for the Final Design of the Later Named Launch Edition

Singer Track1 Prototype

A Mighty Timepiece

Singer Reimagined distils the essence of iconic stop watches from the 1960’s and 1970’s to reimagine the chronograph, giving birth to a new watch, with history on its side. Form follows function, with a radical focus on legibility through the centralized display of all the chronograph functions thanks to a revolutionary movement. With clean, dynamic lines, the stylish case offers a modern take on classic 1960’s chronograph design. It has a distinctive barrel-shape with a thin, round bezel, softly curved for enhanced ergonomics. 43 mm in diameter; it is crafted from titanium with alternate polished and sunray brushed finishes.

Although their primary function is displaying the time, the raised hour and minute discs are an integral part of the design, re-interpreting the bezels of 1960’s racing chronographs in a whole new dimension. In line with this sporty, motoring inspiration, the Singer Track1 also features a tachymeter scale along the flange. The gently domed chronograph pushers are unusually located on opposite sides of the case to optimize operation – start / stop on the right and reset on the left, just like early dashboard timers. Their profile and surface ensure smooth handling, further enhanced by a special mechanism designed to optimally adjust their stiffness. There is indeed a certain sense of pleasure that comes from feeling the button release under the right amount of finger pressure while hearing the perfect click.

Singer Track1

The crown meanwhile is ergonomically integrated into the case band at 4 o’clock. Its slim shape and deliberate positioning serve to further enhance the importance of the chronograph pushers. To enhance legibility as much as possible, the face of the watch features various finishes to create a sense of depth and contrast. The outer part of the dial is sunray brushed with applied markers, while the seconds-track distinct orange accents. The central part of the dial is snailed and features Arabic numerals in a bespoke font. The contrasting baton-style hands are shaped to perfectly overlap once the chronograph is reset.

In the center, the brushed aluminum central cabochon is reminiscent of Porsche speedometers and it is one of the few elements directly inspired by the ‘911’. The Singer Track1 Prototype is worn on a soft kaki green calf leather Nato strap. It is made by expert crafts – men from selected hides and materials, with the same care and attention to detail that Singer Vehicle Design lavishes on its interiors. The pin buckle is in brushed titanium with polished edges.

Singer Reimagined Singer Track1

The Engine

The AgenGraphe, the caliber powering the Singer Track1 Prototype stands apart from all previous chronograph movements. The result of a decade of development, this groundbreaking piece of mechanical ingenuity is radically different from anything that has come before it, completely redefining fundamental principles that have remained unchanged for decades. The underlying idea that led to the invention of the AgenGraphe was to enhance the legibility of the chronograph – which is usually poor due to the indications being spread out across the dial combined with the use of small counters.

The AgenGraphe brings together all the chronograph functions in the center of the watch, allowing for an easy and intuitive reading of elapsed time. Achieving this required radically new-movement architecture in order to create space centrally for the chronograph mechanism. As a result, the timekeeping functions are built into the periphery. To further enhance legibility, the chronograph incorporates jumping minute and hour indicators. Energy is stored for an entire minute (or hour) before being released precisely when a feeler-spindle working with a snail cam falls, generating an instantaneous increment of a full minute (or hour). When the chronograph is engaged, the constant rotation of the snail cam charges the minutes and hours cam, enabling the operation of the chronograph to remain constant.

Thus, avoiding varying forces affecting the amplitude of the movement, resulting in greater precision. These snail cams, combined with the efficient application of tribological principles, also allow for the resetting of the chronograph. Activating the reset pusher releases the brake on the seconds wheel and lifts the minutes and hours stars’ jumpers and their click wheels to enable the reset to zero. The feeler-spindles, tensioned on the cams by springs, are then free to gently slip back to their “zero” resting positions. This smart architecture avoids the violent reset shocks of traditional chronographs with heart-shaped cam systems.

Singer Track1: The Emirates Edition

On November 2019 Singer Reimagined attends the Dubai Watch Week in order to expand its distribution in the area. For this occasion, the brand launches its new version of the Track1 Collection: The Emirates Edition.

After its participation to the SIAR 2019 Singer Reimagined reaffirms its presence during international watch fairs by participating at the Dubai Watch Week 2019 – the biennial show will be held from 20th to 24th November at the DIFC. To make its presence felt and to develop its distribution into the region, Singer Reimagined extended its offer by adding a new version of the Singer Track1 Collection specially designed for the occasion: The Emirates Edition.

DWW2019: from 20th to 24th November – The Gate DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) Singer Reimagined Founders: Marco Borraccino & Rob Dickinson For its 4th edition the Dubai Watch Week, the biennial appointment for watch lovers opens its doors at the DIFC. Singer Reimagined is glad to take part of this event in the Independent brands zone – a special space dedicated to creative and independent brands.

For a better understanding of local trends and aiming to match collectors and customers’ expectations, Singer Reimagined, in collaboration with its Emirati agent Luxury Solutions Consultants – Founded by Mr. Luc Perramond – are holding two exclusive events:

  • 18th November2019 – Ritz Carlton – Dubai: Exclusively for Dubai Watch Club members a cocktail party is held to present the brand and to introduce the Emirates Edition as a preview.
  • 19th November 2019 – Tomini Classics Showroom – Dubai: A cocktail party for classic cars amateurs and mechanics enthusiasts to share Singer’s spirit and its connection with cars company Singer Vehicle Design + Preview of the Emirates Edition.

The Emirates Edition is a new interpretation of the Singer Reimagined spirit – Keeping a connection with its original DNA in the design, colors and material

Marco Borraccino has achieved a remarkable result by allying luxury and technicity in this new Singer Track1 to share his vision of the DWW2019 theme “Technology and Innovation”.

Singer Track1: The Emirates Edition

Luxury: Technical materials and surprising finishing:

By always seeking surprise, Singer Reimagined chooses matte and sober colors to match them to bright and shiny finishing. Contrast has always been a strength point almost a signature in the Singer design.

Contrast in the case: Singer plays with light reflection choosing to match absorbing materials to reflecting ones– selecting a black mat ceramic aluminum case and adding ZRN treated finishing that gives a luxurious touch, exalting contrast with materials (ceramic vs ZRN finishing) and with colors (Black vs Gold).

Contrast in the dial: Singer Reimagined decided to pick a very specific kaki green hue – one of its favorite color – for its masculine and sporty look with an elegant and sober touch. The Kaki green background highlights the orange hands of seconds/minutes and hours (signature of the brand). Golden details – the tachymetric flange and hand cabochon – are ubiquitous to exalt the luxurious hint. In addition to that, rotating hours and minutes discs are engraved with ecru SLN graphics to match dial elements.

Technicity: specialized researches & new concepts:

Ceramic- Aluminum: The material of the case is obtained thanks to oxidation with electro-plasma technique that transforms the upper layer of the aluminum into ceramic. This process insures aluminum lightness to the case with resistance and the touch of ceramic. ZRN treatment: Beyond the golden color it gives to titanium, ZRN treatment helps to improve resistance to wear and enhances hardness of the upper layers of the material.

Singer Track1: The Emirates Edition

The Engine Under the Bonnet

The AgenGraphe, the caliber powering the Singer Track1 stands apart from all previous chronograph movements. The result of a decade of development, this groundbreaking piece of mechanical ingenuity completely redefines fundamental principles that have remained unchanged for decades.

The underlying idea that led to the invention of the AgenGraphe was to enhance the legibility of the chronograph – which is usually poor – with
the use of small counters spread out across the dial. Thanks to a radically new architecture, the AgenGraphe brings together all the chronograph functions in the centre of the watch, allowing for an easy and intuitive reading of elapsed time. To further enhance legibility, the chronograph incorporates jumping minute and hour indicators.

To connect the chronograph mechanism to the timekeeping gear train, the AgenGraphe features an innovative clutch mechanism. The coupling is made horizontally which requires less space, yet it is made using friction, just like a vertical clutch. The dial-side rotor (made possible because the hands are on a central axis) leaves an unimpeded view of the movement and its 477 meticulously finished parts.

For this 4th edition of the Dubai Watch Week, Singer Reimagined team will be present to welcome you and to introduce its Singer Track 1 Collection with a novelty specially designed for the occasion.

Marco Borraccino, CEO and Designer of the brand will be attending the event to share his vision of the reimagined chronograph.

Marco Borraccino
Baselworld 2019

This year at Baselworld 2019 we were kindly invited by none other than Marco Borraccino, Founder and Creative Director of Singer Reimagined.

The Interview.

Mr. Borraccino granted us an exclusive interview at Baselworld’s brand new stand titled “THE WATCH INCUBATOR”.

GPHG (Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Genève) 

For the few that still might be unfamiliar with the “Singer Reimagined” brand, it’s important to mention that they were awarded for the exceptional work on the “Singer Track1 Hong Kong Edition”, the coveted prize of “Chronograph Watch Prize” from the prestigious event last year at the GPHG (Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Genève) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The “Singer Track1 Hong Kong Edition”

In Mr Borraccino’s own words “With the Hong Kong Edition, Singer Reimagined Track1 takes a sleek turn. Encased in high-performance ceramic-aluminium, this revolutionary chronograph is presented in a lightweight version clad in black with great orange accents.”

Singer_Track1_HK_Edition_3_4Their’s also more than meets the eye with these exceptional timepieces.
Because of one’s senses and feels the strong car racing sports presence embedded deeply in the brands DNA. It’s not an accident that the “Singer Reimagined” brand was born from the collaboration of three exceptional minds. Rob Dickinson, Founder and Creative Director of Singer Vehicle Design, Italian watch designer Marco Borraccino and master watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. This intrepid trio has together successfully created a state of art product that has been recognised and rewarded.

Singer_Track1_HK_Edition_CobraOne can not underestimate the level of finish and the attention to detail that goes into creating this fantastic timepiece. As Mr Borraccino phrased it so well by saying that “The company was created to reimagine high-watchmaking, combining obsessive attention to detail, unique perspectives and a love for the iconic sports watches of the 1960s and 1970s.”

Singer_Track1_HK_Edition_CUIt only takes a glance at their revolutionary “AgenGraphe” movement to see that the “Singer Track1 Hong Kong Edition” with it’s 477 meticulously hand-finished parts is no ordinary chronograph. With its original architecture, the “AgenGraphe” brings in flawlessly all the chronographs functions in the centre of the watch.

Singer_Track1_HK_Edition_MVTWe can only be impressed and share our enthusiasm for the level of mastery and execution the “Singer Reimagined” brand is capable.

It is offering a revolutionary new product, vetted by its peers in the highly competitive world of Swiss luxury watchmaking.

It only goes to show that with vision, the right people and a burning desire for success, one can transform a simple idea executed to perfection into an award-winning reality.


Interview of “Marco Borraccino” by “Pascal Grenacher”
This article was written by “Alberic Virchaux”