RJ Spider-Man Event NYC

Swiss watchmaker RJ dropped its new ARRAW Spider-Man collection in the United States on Friday, October 18, at Watches of Switzerland Soho. The technically innovative collection, created in partnership with Disney and MARVEL, includes the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon and the new skeletonized ARRAW Spider-Man mechanical timepiece, each fully integrating the essence of the MARVEL superhero down to every component.

In an appearance endorsed by MARVEL, RJ CEO and Creative Director Marco Tedeschi was joined by the web-slinger himself to officially launch the collection in New York City.


Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ:

“Eighteen months since establishing RJ Studio, we are proud to launch two innovative in-house movements inspired by Spider-Man here in New York City at Watches of Switzerland in Soho. These new calibers affirm RJ’s mission to create innovative Haute Horlogerie watches that challenge traditional notions of what high end watchmaking is and to partner with like-minded innovators.”

ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon

Spider-Man, captured in a tourbillon: the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon

Since joining RJ in 2018 and leading a complete rebranding for the Swiss watchmaker, Marco Tedeschi has also, for the first time, created an in-house manufacture with the launch of the RJ Studio. The ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon marks the brand’s exclusive tourbillon movement, the RJ-7000, designed and produced in-house by RJ Studio. The movement is also RJ’s first complication to be produced entirely in-house.

The ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon features a fully coaxial construction, with a peripheral display of the hours and the minutes. This central tourbillon has been engineered by RJ Studio to increase the power reserve to 150 hours (more than six days).

In order to maintain perfect symmetry, the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon case has no crown.  Winding of the barrel’s mainspring is done by lifting a hoop found on the case back, then turning it like a key, a faster winding method than a traditional crown provides. To set the time, a concealed push button under the strap at 6 o’clock must be pressed while turning the hoop in either direction.

The case back is finished using a high-tech cartridge engraving technique. The letters are polished and stand out from the surface of the micro-blasted back. Four sapphire crystals on the case back allow maximum visibility of the movement.

Made in a 45 mm case punctuated by RJ BUMPERS™ in rubber, the ARRAW Spider-Man tourbillon is available in two versions, the first in a black carbon and red fiberglass composite, and the second made entirely of black carbon. Each version is limited only to 10 pieces.


RJ-3005: A mechanical spider web

In addition to these innovative tourbillon watches, RJ also highlighted the openworked mechanical ARRAW Spider-Man watches in New York. For this 100-piece limited series, RJ applied their innovative watchmaking vision to create a  unique openworked model that celebrates Spider-Man by integrating his visual cues from his universe, including a skeleton movement shaped like a spider web, a red lacquered spider as the small second, and a highly durable black carbon case. The timepiece comes paired with a high-tech black polyamide strap imprinted with the Spider icon, designed to emulate the famed web-slinger’s stealth suit.

MARVEL Studios chose RJ to create Haute Horlogerie watches inspired by the amazing Spider-Man. The second MARVEL collaboration timepiece created by RJ, the new ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon, channels Spider-Man’s iconic style through every component, down to its plates, bridges, and gear. The launch also marks RJ’s first movement manufactured completely in-house. In a first for the Swiss watchmaker, the highly innovative Spider-Man inspired central tourbillon movement was developed and produced wholly in-house at the new RJ Studio in Eysin, located on the shores of Lake Geneva.

The young RJ Studio team represents a new wave of watchmaking focused on developing and manufacturing timepieces notable as much for their technical originality as their unparalleled aesthetics and cultural relevance. These avant-garde watches excite the interest of comics and superhero fans as well as watch enthusiasts.

Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ comments: “It was a pleasure for us to work closely with the team at MARVEL Studios, who has put its trust in our hands for the creation and development of our first complicated watch designed in honor of Spider-Man.

For the first time, a character and his universe inspired us not only in the aesthetics, but also in the technicality of the movement. And it is no coincidence that we have chosen a tourbillon: light, rapid and ethereal. Its increased power reserve of more than six days makes a fitting tribute to Spider-Man’s own endurance and performance.”

RJ-7000: in-house central tourbillon

With its first in-house central tourbillon, RJ set out to achieve a remarkably long power reserve which necessarily requires an oversized barrel. The barrel was placed at the center of the movement to accommodate its substantial width, spanning almost the entire dial. This clever design enabled the movement to generate a power reserve of 150 hours (more than six days).

The sizeable barrel naturally meant that the tourbillon cage had to be placed above it, at the center of the movement and on the same axis. This unique construction provides a fantastic view of the regulator.

A new coaxial display

The hours and minutes are displayed in a unique peripheral format, made possible by a planetary gear system that orbits 360° around the tourbillon. The movement’s construction is entirely and uniquely coaxial. A 12-factor gear ratio allows the planetary minutes system to empower the progression of the hours.


Adding to this innovation, the hour and minute display system is fixed on two very wide and high-precision ball bearings in order to optimize the movement’s efficiency as much as possible.

The hands have been shaped to mimic the legs of the Spider icon.

Light, enduring, precise: a tourbillon dedicated to Spider-Man.

The grade 5 titanium tourbillon cage and the going train wheels feature an openwork design shaped like a spider web, emphasizing lightness and leaving only the necessary material. Affixed on the main plate, the black eyes of the Spider-Man mask stand out thanks to their distinctive contrast finishing.

Two ARRAW Spider-Man variations

Made in a 45 mm case adorned with the RJ BUMPERS™ in rubber, the ARRAW Spider-Man tourbillon is available in two materials with each version limited to only 10 pieces.

The first, in red, is crafted in a high-performance composite that combines superposed layers of black carbon and red fiberglass. The material is incredibly light and also offers a finely textured matte surface.

The second variation is made entirely of carbon in stealth black. Its shimmering grey and anthracite tone imparts the piece with a strong yet sleek look, perfectly suited to Spider-Man.

A perfectly symmetrical case with a unique winding mechanism

In order to maintain perfect symmetry, the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon case has no crown. Winding of the barrel’s mainspring is done by lifting a hoop found on the case back then turning it like a key.  This mechanism enables faster winding than with a traditional crown. To set the time, the wearer presses a concealed push button under the strap at 6 o’clock while turning the hoop in either direction.

The case back features a cartridge engraving technique. The letters are polished and stand out from the micro-blasted back surface. Four sapphire crystals on the case back allow maximum visibility of the movement.

An interchangeable strap

The strap of the ARRAW Spider-Man tourbillon is made of black polyamide and recalls the texture of the superhero’s suit. It is embellished with the Spider icon which has been thermoformed on the bracelet in-between the lugs and reinforced with a black rubber inlay for optimal durability and comfort.

The ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon is equipped with the interchangeable ARRAW strap system, allowing the strap to be released with a simple ‘click’ by pressing simultaneously on the two lug screws. On the clasp, a lever releases the strap from the deployment buckle, no tools required.

A webbed watch box

For the first time the ARRAW watch box, characterized by its round shape and the iconic four RJ BUMPERS™, has been customized with Spider-Man’s attributes.

Made of black wood, the watch box resembles a spider thanks to the eight spider legs fixed to the side. Spider-Man’s web and logo are also engraved on the lid.

Inside the box, the watch appears captured in a spider web made of steel. This part is removeable, making the watch box easy to repurpose as desired.

Each collaboration represents an opportunity for RJ to reinterpret Haute Horlogerie and to push back its limits. The essence of legendary characters can be found in these watches, from the aesthetic to the very components of the movement. Offering an opportunity to discover Haute Horlogerie under a new light at every turn, RJ is not done surprising.


RJ Watches has underlined its status as the pre-eminent creator of unique watch collaborations by joining forces once more with one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment.

For its latest creations, RJ is channelling its dark side with the launch of two DC Comics Villains watches that are inspired by two of Batman’s biggest enemies: The Joker and Two-Face.


The new collaboration builds on the global success of recent RJ creations like the Skylab Batman watch to deliver new watches that are based upon further iconic characters from the world of DC Entertainment.

Each watch will be produced in a limited edition of only 100 pieces and both The Joker and Two-Face versions will be the first collaborations to be presented in RJ’s all-new ARRAW watch case, the base for our signature collection. The Joker will be a self-winding chronograph and the Two-Face watch has a manual winding movement in striking skeleton format.


“It is a statement of confidence in RJ’s place in both popular culture and watchmaking that Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have collaborated with us to bring their most infamous villains to life as rare, limited edition collectors’ watches. The villains of the DC Comics universe have always appealed to audiences around the world for their evil brilliance and ability to shock and thrill in equal measure. We believe that our first two DC Comics Villains watches will be a fitting tribute to their spirit of anarchy and disruption.”



Batman’s original nemesis The Joker has been the arch enemy of Gotham City’s crimefighter since the very first edition of the DC comic in 1940. A criminal mastermind with a warped and sadistic sense of humour, he is the very antithesis of the Dark Knight, in both looks and attitude.

The new RJ Joker watch is inspired by this cunning criminal and perfectly reproduces the aesthetic of the comic strip villain. Design cues from his flamboyant character appear throughout the watch, from his lethal razor-tipped playing cards to his striking facial make-up.

“The Joker watch is the perfect example of an RJ collaboration,” says Marco Tedeschi. “Like every RJ creation it is first and foremost a statement in horology, combining Swiss Made craftsmanship with the latest RJ ARRAW designs. It is also a bold statement in creativity and pop culture, taking its inspiration from one of DC Comics’ most flamboyant villains to create a watch that possesses the same flair and character.”


The Joker chronograph is presented in a circular satin-brushed 45mm titanium version of RJ’s new ARRAW case. Noticeable for its four iconic rubber bumpers, beautifully shaped lugs and arrow-shaped hands, the ARRAW watch case is crowned by a titanium bezel that is laser engraved with an intentionally chaotic Joker motif.

Beneath the anti-reflective sapphire glass, each Joker dial in the 100-piece limited edition is individually hand-painted, meaning no two Joker watches will have the exact same make-up. The watch dial itself is a stylistic interpretation of the Joker’s own face, with a finish that is intricately airbrushed to evoke the make-up of the Gotham villain: two black eyes sit at the centre of the dial which fades to white at the edges to reflect the Joker’s striking skin tones.

The ARRAW hands on the Joker watch are also uniquely stylised with playing card ‘Aces’ at their tips. The same ‘Aces’ are used as dial markers while the chronograph’s second hand is finished in Joker Purple with a stylised ‘J’ at its base.


The reverse of the titanium case features a bold laser-engraved portrait of the Joker himself, and each watch in the edition is individually numbered as a ‘One of 100 Limited Edition’.

Every RJ Joker watch comes with three interchangeable straps. Colourful alligator skin versions in bright green or purple with contrast stitching match the Joker’s hair and clothing and can be easily swapped by simply pressing the Batman logo release screw on the watch lugs. Each leather strap is lined in hard-wearing rubber, while a third full-rubber black strap is also provided. Each strap is fastened using a titanium deployment buckle clasp.

As part of the collectors’ edition, each watch will be presented with an exclusive deck of Joker playing cards.


The new RJ Two-Face watch is a remarkable interpretation of the complex and conflicted villain who, as Gotham City’s district attorney, used to be one of Batman’s biggest allies. How did the most clean-cut lawyer in Gotham City become one of Batman’s most dangerous enemies? The answer lies in a classic struggle between good versus evil as District Attorney Harvey Dent seeks to bring down mobsters Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone. 

During their trial Maroni attacks Dent with sulphuric acid, horribly disfiguring the attorney and eventually driving him insane from his injuries. With his face split in two like his personality, Dent becomes obsessed with the concepts of duality, chance and good versus evil. In that moment Two-Face is born.

Using watchmaking techniques that are exclusive to RJ, the Two-Face watch uses a skeleton movement and distressed design cues to evoke the twisted physical and mental state of the crazed criminal. The left-hand side of the watch is intentionally clean and structured, while on the right side, the three-layer skeleton movement is exposed to show the inner workings of the watch, as if acid itself had burnt away the outer casing and dial.

“Two-Face is such a complex character that only a watch with an equally split personality can truly do justice to his malice and tricks,” says Marco Tedeschi. “To recreate his scarred face and exposed features has been a fantastic challenge and has forced us to push the envelope of what is possible when the worlds of horology and comic culture collide.”

The Two-Face watch uses a half-exposed manual skeleton movement with 48-hour reserve. Designed by RJ, the movement features chamfered edges and straight angles and sits within a circular satin-brushed 45mm titanium ARRAW case. By using an ARRAW case, the Two-Face watch sports the four iconic rubber bumpers, beautiful lugs and arrow-shaped hands that are core to all ARRAW-based watches.


The Two-Face watch is immediately distinguishable, however, thanks to its distressed outer bezel, in which the laser-engraved titanium bezel and calf leather strap have been intentionally structured along the right-hand side to echo the symmetrical disfiguring of Two-Face himself.

The dial itself, which sits beneath anti-reflective sapphire glass, reflects Two-Face’s personalities. The clean, structured left side carries a laser-engraved coin, which Two-Face famously spins to make life and death decisions and which, on the watch, serves as a turning second hand.

Like the watch itself, the calf leather strap is designed to have a clean and distressed side. Using a process unique to RJ, the right edge of the strap is given both a visual and tactile nature. The strap can be changed by pushing the release buttons in the form of original Batman logos on the case lugs.

The reverse of the titanium case features further laser-engraved distressing and each watch in the edition is individually numbered as a ‘One of 100 Limited Edition’.

As part of the collectors’ edition, each watch will be presented with an exclusive Two-Face coin, specially struck to commemorate the creation of the watch.


RJ, the Geneva-based Swiss watchmaker, proudly presents ARRAW, its first Horology collection, adding to its portfolio of RJ Collaboration and RJ DNA watches. The ARRAW collection which also happens to be the brand’s first core collection is available for both men and women as a range of cutting-edge chronograph watches. It embodies RJ’s passion and commitment to true sophistication and distinctiveness.


RJ design elements originate from four different universes – Marine, Earth, Air and Space. This year, the ARRAW collection is inspired by the Marine universe with every watch possessing anchor-shaped indexes, lugs reminiscent of the screws on a ship and, on the back of the watch, a helix shell engraving.

The ARRAW collection is available in two sizes: 42mm and 45mm cases made from a range of materials including titanium, black ceramic and 5N+ red gold. The sleek case is the base for four iconic bumpers – a key element of RJ’s design DNA – in rubber which match composite elements ornamenting the polished and satin-finished lugs. The case is completed with push-buttons inspired by pistons from a ship’s engine room as well as a screwed-in crown guaranteeing water resistance to a depth of 100 meters.


ARRAW dials are sun-brushed, galvanized and gradient-painted, before being coated with transparent lacquer to provide a true depth to the finishing. The chronograph’s galvanic black counters are integrated into the dial and are surrounded by circular displays that complement the satin-finished and arrow-shaped hands.


The self-winding RJ-2040 chronograph movement displays a ‘30 minutes’ counter at 9 o’clock, a ‘12 hours’ counter and a date aperture at 6 o’clock, and a small second counter at 3 o’clock.


Another hallmark of the ARRAW collection is the interchangeable strap system that allows the strap to be released with a simple ‘click’ by pushing simultaneously on the two lug screws. On the clasp, a lever releases the strap from the deployment buckle without having to resort to any tools. A wide range of interchangeable rubber and alligator straps will be launched with the first models of the collection.


RJ’s CEO, Marco Tedeschi, commented: “I am proud to present ARRAW, RJ’s first core collection. ARRAW watches are a true modernisation of the RJ design philosophy and constitute the foundation for further development as we integrate our own manufacture movements. ARRAW will enable us to bring our DNA and Collaboration concepts to the next level.”

ARRAW watches are now available at official RJ retailers worldwide.

RJ Highlights its ARRAW Space Collection

RJ CEO and Creative Director Marco Tedeschi has embarked on a world tour in celebration of the independent Swiss watchmaker’s space-inspired watch collections, heading from Mexico and Las Vegas to Hong Kong. The latest leg of that tour was Tokyo on June 18, where ’s latest space-inspired watch collections, where Tedeschi was joined by Mrs. Chiaki Mukai, the first Japanese woman to travel into space. Mr. Tedeschi and Mrs. Mukai spoke to the intimate crowd about innovation, creativity, and discovery, a fitting introduction to the independent Swiss watchmaker’s new celestial timepieces: ARRAW 6919 and RJ Star Twist, just in time for the 50th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon.

Currently the Vice President of the Tokyo University of Sciences, Mrs. Mukai appeared with RJ as a member of The Association of Space Explorers (ASE). This non-profit organization is composed of current and former astronauts who, like Mrs. Mukai, have completed at least one orbit of the earth over the course of their career. The partnership between RJ and the ASE began more than ten years ago forged on common grounds of innovation and creativity. Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ, and Michael Lopez-Alegría, President of the Association of Space Explorers, have joined forces on numerous occasions to speak about space, science, and the future of engineering. The ASE continues to support RJ in the brand’s efforts to promote space exploration through the art and science of contemporary watchmaking.

“RJ has always celebrated mankind’s achievements, and I can’t think of any greater accomplishment than the space exploration undertaken by the astronauts of The Association of Space Explorers. We are proud to partner with an organization that reflects our drive to innovate, create, and discover,” remarked RJ CEO and Creative Director Marco Tedeschi.

Following Tedeschi’s ascension to RJ CEO and Creative Director in 2018 and his subsequent establishment of the RJ Studio, the brand’s in-house engineering progressed in rapid time. In less than a year, RJ patented two new manufacture mechanisms which figure prominently in its latest astronomically-inspired watches. Those patents include a gem-set spinning bezel created for the Star Twist and a moon phase movement created for the ARRAW 6919, which displays a three-dimensional moon that rotates a full 360º. The new moon phase movement of the ARRAW 6919 marks a significant step forward in RJ’s evolution as the brand’s first in-house movement.

RJ’s engineering prowess and innovation also extends to material creativity. RJ was able to source material from the legendary Apollo 11 spacecraft for its ARRAW 6919 series, the only watches made with authentic spacecraft material that has gone to the moon and back. RJ encased the Apollo 11 spacecraft pieces within a super light, high-performance composite bezel created specifically for the collection. Available in 100 pieces each, the three ARRAW 6919 models were made to mark the 50th anniversary of man’s first moon landing, and the ASE provides a certificate of authenticity for each watch.

Whether crafted in titanium, ceramic, or red gold+, the 45 mm watches are readily identifiable as ARRAW models thanks to their iconic features, including the iconic rubber RJ Bumpers™ and RJ’s interchangeable strap system which allows the strap to be released with a simple ‘click’ by pushing simultaneously on the two lug screws.

The new Star Twist collection also marks a milestone for RJ as the brand’s first ladies’ collection. The Star Twist’s patented spinning bezels offer a unique “spin” on high horology for the modern woman. When in motion, the whirling gem-set bezels (adorned with sapphires, amethysts, or topaz) create a mesmerizing whirl of color that perfectly accentuates the depth and hue of the Star Twist’s painted dials.

The dial designs of these 39 mm models depict four real, distinct deep space entities: Titanium Blue Spiral Galaxy, Titanium Purple Spiral Galaxy, Titanium Glowing Eye Nebula, and Gold Blue Magellanic Cloud. Each Star Twist colorway is limited to only 100 pieces. In a world first, RJ has rendered these galaxies, nebulas, and clouds in four layers of paint and transparent coating over mother-of-pearl. The lustrous, multi-dimensional effect reinforces the immensity and chromatic range of a vast universe. The mesmerizing dials display central hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as a date aperture at 3 o’clock.

50 years after the first moon landing, RJ latest Space collection truly pays tribute to one of man’s most fascinating adventures.

RJ Arraw Marine Mykonos

RJ has captured the essence of summer life in the Greek isles in a 10-piece limited edition series from the ARRAW Marine collection. These timepieces were inspired by the most iconic symbols of Mykonos, from the blue of the Aegean Sea to the Greek windmills and the mighty rocks that form the Cyclades island.

Each ARRAW Marine Mykonos special edition case, crafted in grade 5 titanium, comes adorned with the signature rubber RJ BumpersTM that define the ARRAW collection. The unique composite bezel combines sand with a high-performance resin created in-house by RJ. The unique sand-infused bezel is secured to the case with a metal grid whose shape alludes to the iconic windmills of Mykonos.

Many stages of dial treatment are required to impart the ARRAW Marine Mykonos with its lustrous Aegean blue effect, first sun-brushed, then galvanized, gradient-painted and then coated with a transparent lacquer. This hue refers both to the color of the sea as well as the legendary blue of Mykonos. The chronograph counters have been rhodium-plated to coordinate with the arrow-shaped, satin-finished hands, so that the limited-editions remain faithful to the ARRAW Marine family.

The RJ-2040 self-winding chronograph movement displays a 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock, a 12-hour counter with a date aperture at 6 o’clock, and a small seconds counter at 3 o’clock. The transparent sapphire crystal case back allows a fascinating look at the oscillating weight, designed to reference the iconic windmills of Mykonos.

The ARRAW Marine Mykonos special edition comes with a blue alligator strap that has been manually patinated to project the same casual ease that characterizes life in the Greek isles. The underside of the strap has been reinforced with a rubber insert for durability and comfort. The special edition timepiece also comes with a black rubber bracelet, ideal for swimming or water sports, comes with the watch as well. Changing out the strap is easily accomplished thanks to the interchangeable strap system. This hallmark of the ARRAW collection allows the
strap to be released and an alternate strap installed with a simple ‘click’.

“The ARRAW Marine collection draws inspiration from the universe of the sea. Naturally, the first limited-edition ARRAW Marine series takes that maritime theme in a creative new direction. We chose to reinterpret the familiar codes of the RJ ARRAW Marine family and infuse the 10-piece series with the exotic appeal of Mykonos, one of the most breathtaking seaside destinations in the world.” said Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director of RJ.

Only 10 ARRAW Marine Mykonos special edition watches will be available throughout the world, sold exclusively in the Kessaris shops in Mykonos and Nammos Beach.

RJ designs and produces recognizable, ambitious, and culturally relevant luxury Swiss watches. RJ ARRAW, the brand’s core collection for men and women, is distinguishable by its RJ Bumpers™ and ingenious interchangeable strap system.

RJ has made its own mark on modern watchmaking with its Collaboration watch series, which draws inspiration from icons of pop culture, from superheroes of DC Comics or Marvel like Batman and Spider-Man, to beloved video game characters like Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders™, or Pac-Man™.

RJ has brought history-making material to the wrist with its DNA Concept watches, using steel from the Titanic, genuine moon dust, or remnants from the Apollo 11 spacecraft which first landed man on the moon.

The brand was founded in 2004 and re-launched in 2018 under the creative direction of CEO Marco Tedeschi. Ever since, RJ proudly manufactures its own in-house movements at the brand’s headquarters, RJ Studio, based out of Geneva, Switzerland.