The new experience of Time – more intuitive, more functional, more playful, purer.

The dial is often referred to as “the face of the watch”. RESSENCE has made this image a reality with a unique horological complication that at every moment visually expresses the course of time.


RESSENCE, an acronym serving as a maxim establishing the brand’s mission statement: the Renaissance of the Essential, a return to the primary source when astronomers scrutinized the movement of the stars to unravel the mysteries of time.

In conceiving his first horological creation, industrial designer Benoît Mintiens considered what it might look like if the mechanical watch was a 21st century invention based on today’s cognitive technologies and sciences. In response he opted for a holistic approach, placing the end user at the heart of his work. He becomes the ultimate criterion for evaluating an approach designed to express the course of time in the most intuitive way possible with an ergonomic focus at the service of the function.


The vector is Haute Horlogerie which like a Red Line crosses five centuries of history. However, RESSENCE reverses the traditional mode of thought. RESSENCE watches are designed from the outside to the inside. Although strikingly innovative, the technologies implemented are relegated behind the scenes. What is more important is the user experience on looking at a watch that seems to project the temporal indications onto the glass. Its mono-surface dial is composed of discs and rings adjusted to the micron.

Exit the physical hands. They are replaced by graphical lines in order to reproduce the angles through which we are accustomed to reading the time. All RESSENCE watches share the same inimitable DNA. The main dial, as well as the auxiliary dials, revolve continuously, behaving like moons around a planet. This means that the face of the watch changes continuously – which is the essence of Time.

Quality and excellence are imperative for the success of this approach.

A RESSENCE watch is the result of years of research and development. Each watch is subjected to an internal certification procedure (R500H) – 500 hours of rigorous examinations and tests applying 6 crucial criteria.

Thanks to its freedom to think differently, RESSENCE has already gained international recognition. Awards include: Horological Revelation Award at the 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) and Design Star at the Watchstars Awards 2015. In 2016, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) certified RESSENCE as one of the 64 brands in the world belonging within the perimeter of Haute Horlogerie.

Shock Absorber

The magnetic transmission from the base movement to the ROCS ensures that in the event of a significant lateral shock, the micro magnets located on either side of the membrane can momentarily decouple. To compensate for this phenomenon, on its TYPE 5, RESSENCE has introduced a hydraulic shock absorber. It is a small disk that is an integral part of the ROCS 5 the underside of which has blades. Equipped with a gear ratio 1/40, it starts to turn very quickly in the event of a shock and acts like a turbine. The oil is sucked in and can only escape by the microscopic space left between the discs. The whole ROCS is then slowed, which prevents it from being disconnected from the base movement. The shock absorber is manifested visually by the rapid rotation of the runner disc integrated in the dial.

Without any real consequence in normal use, a brief decoupling of the mechanism is not conceivable on a diving watch for the obvious safety reason of the need to indicate to the wearer the precise duration of the time spent under water.