Moritz Grossmann

Presenting the first model of the newly founded independent Glashütte watch manufactory Moritz Grossmann in 2010, Christine Hutter saw a 125-year-old dream come true. The dream of manufacturing mechanical watches to the highest standards of craftsmanship in the spirit of the visionary and watchmaking genius Moritz Grossmann in Glashütte again.

To mark the occasion, the manufactory’s designers devised a new logo – two straight lines at the bottom and a semicircle segment at the top framing the Moritz Grossmann i/Sa lettering. These lines precisely indicate the shape of the lower edge of the characteristic Grossmann two-thirds plate, typically used by Moritz Grossmann in his pocket watches and which, thanks to recesses in the movement, allow a view of the balanc

To commemorate the revival of the brand and pay tribute to the inventor, visionary and master craftsman Moritz Grossmann, a traditional version of this wristwatch is now being released. The POWER RESERVE Vintage features a historic dial in argenté echoing Moritz Grossmann’s classic pocket watches.

Finely crafted Roman numerals in black and the original logo featuring the ‘M. GROSSMANN’ typography from 1875 grace the dial paying tribute to the master, as he was respectfully called in Glashütte.

Presentation of the POWER RESERVE Vintage with historical Moritz Grossmann logo in London

  • Presentation of the POWER RESERVE Vintage and the new product video as part of the final highlight of the international Moritz Grossmann Roadshow 2019 in London on 11 July
  • Calibre 100.2 with power reserve indicator in blue and white
  • Vintage dial featuring historical original logo lettering of the Grossmann watches of the 19th century
  • Finest, handcrafted hands with a diameter of up to 0.1 mm or 1/20 mm
  • Available in rose gold and white gold
Moritz Grossmann

With the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise, Moritz Grossmann has reached the pre-selection in the ladies’ watch category 2019 at the “Oscar” of the watch industry. With the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise, the independent manufactory is pleased to be represented in the pre-selection of the renowned Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) for the second time in a row with a ladies’ watch. In 2018, the young manufactory had already reached the pre-selection in this category with the TEFNUT Twist Classic.

Christine Hutter, Founder & CEO Moritz Grossmann, is delighted: “With the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise we have responded to the wish of many female watch lovers for a sophisticated movement mechanism. We have been observing this trend for several years now.

The TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise combines beauty, mechanical know-how, craftsmanship and a great deal of passion for the art of watchmaking. We are proud that, after 2018, the jury has again selected a Moritz Grossmann model for the pre-selection in the ladies’ watch category at the Grand Prix in 2019, and we are looking forward to the outcome of the final awards ceremony in Geneva in November 2019. “

Magnificent charisma combined with golden Milanaise bracelet

  • In 2019 Moritz Grossmann is already for the second time in a row in the preselection in the category ladies’ watches at the GPHG
  • Asymmetric case and dial of the TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise set with diamonds
  • Artistic motif of a nocturnal sand dune landscape with a moon shining above it made from the finest mother-of-pearl – each one a unique specimen
  • Designed by Michael Koh, painter, sculptor and one of Singapore’s leading jewellery designers
  • Very fine Milanaise jewelled strap that matches the case in rose gold