Anders Mol, Christian Sørum & Stephane Waser

Anders Mol & Christian Sørum: An Incomparable Team of Talented Volleyball Players

Maurice Lacroix is exceptionally proud to welcome beach volleyball players, number one of the world, Anders Mol and Christian Sørum (team Beach Volley Vikings) to the brand’s circle of friends. The two Norwegian athletes have just joined a team of talented and passionate people from all over the world.

Why beach volleyball? The sport is far more than a job for Anders Mol and Christian Sørum since fate seems to have led the pair to this career path. In fact, Ander’s mother played volleyball at the Atlanta Olympic Games when the sport was first incorporated within the inter national organisation, while his father played for the national team and was also a trainer.

As for Christian, his parents were keen amateur players who met on the courts… so what could be more natural for them than to take up the sport? At only 22 and 23 years old (and with almost 4 metres in height between them), the pair have already travelled the world and excelled in their discipline with an impressive track record to date: Five gold medals and one silver medal in 2018. Seven gold medals in 2019, as well as one silver and two bronze.

The Beach Volley Vikings Team

“Anders and Christian have impressed us with their maturity, dedication and undeniable talent. They are two extremely humble young men who are leading their careers without putting a foot wrong. They perfectly represent the values of Maurice Lacroix. We will be joining them in all of their challenges to come. And we’re already looking for ward to it!” explains Stéphane Waser, Managing Director.

The players themselves are extremely proud of this collaboration: “We love the slogan ‘Your Time is Now!’ as it’s really in keeping with our own mindsets. “We live in the present moment and each day is a new sporting challenge for us.” During team Beach Volley Vikings visit to the Manufacture in Saignelégier, the teammates were struck by the watchmaking process.

“We’d never had the chance to discover how timepieces were made until now, and it’s a real work of art which requires extreme precision. Such work takes on an even greater significance when you get to wear a Maurice Lacroix watch on your wrist! We also really recognise ourselves within the brand which provides high-quality designer pieces for a reasonable price. It’s important for us to know that we and our loved ones can purchase a beautiful Swiss-made watch without spending a fortune!”

Great Challenges

The season has only just begun for the champions. The first official tournament will be in Doha early March and after they will attend 20 events attend them in 2020 from Mexico to China via Germany… Before the Olympic games in Tokyo. These challenges don’t appear to phase the young athletes: “Victory is our watchword. 2019 was an extraordinary year for us and we’re not planning on stopping there.

Our goal? Winning gold at the Olympic games, of course!” This career goal is accompanied by another which is even more personal for Anders and Christian: “We also want to continue to popularise this wonderful sport around the world! If we manage to encourage more athletes, as well as children to be as passionate as we are, that will make our victory even greater!” The Maurice Lacroix brand looks forward to joining the truly inspiring sporting duo throughout their endeavours!

Masterpiece Moonphase Retrograde

Twenty years after the launch of the first Maurice Lacroix model featuring a retrograde display, the Jura-based brand continues to embrace contemporary, elegant watchmaking imbued with traditional know-how. The intricately designed Moonphase Retrograde provides a wonderful introduction to the world of complications, a characteristic shared with other members of the Masterpiece collection.

Inside its steel case, a new combination of complications are united together: a retrograde day, a retrograde date and a moon phase indication. For the first time, these three indications have been combined with a snailed blue or silver-grey Clou de Paris dial. The Moonphase Retrograde encompasses the precision, innovation and high perceived value for which Maurice Lacroix is known. This model perpetuates the brand’s reputation for making watches which are fairly priced.

Historical Ties

This new addition to the Masterpiece collection marks the return of one of Maurice Lacroix’s specialities. Indeed, retrograde displays have been part of the company’s DNA since 1999. At this time, the Masterpiece collection was already part of the company’s catalogue. The rationale for the collection was to showcase the brand’s know-how. It called upon traditional skills such as skeletonization and knowledge of complications that were uncommon at the time. Maurice Lacroix used retrograde displays to reinforce its brand personality. From the outset, the brand developed specific display modules for functions. It demonstrated visionary thinking founded on technical innovation without ever losing sight of the lifestyles of its clients. This gave rise to the Maurice Lacroix Calendrier Rétrograde at the turn of the 21st century.

Masterpiece Moonphase Retrograde


Twenty years later, the Masterpiece Moonphase Retrograde continues the brand’s tradition of using non-circular displays. The day, at 2 o’clock, and the date, at 10 o’clock, are both indicated by hands which arc through 150°. At the end of their journey, they instantly and simultaneously return to their point of origin, using a system of springs and cams, to start the following week and month. The small seconds at 6 o’clock also serves as a backdrop for the moon phase display.

Beneath these functions, the ML 190 calibre ensures the smooth operation of the Moonphase Retrograde. The exclusive automatic movement is large and tried-and-tested, delivering proven reliability. Maurice Lacroix has incorporated a complication module, designed in-house, that encompasses a retrograde day, a retrograde date and a moon phase. The calibre also incorporates impressive finishing, consistent with Maurice Lacroix’s quality standards and matching the high standards of the dial and case.

An Enhanced Classic

This latest Masterpiece reinterprets traditional aesthetics, embracing a contemporary perspective and encompassing Maurice Lacroix’s unique design language. The 43mm case is formed of polished and chamfered surfaces and features recessed sections to produce a slimmer profile. It incorporates the collection’s distinctive knurled crown. The dial reintroduces the small Roman numerals used by Maurice Lacroix in the 1990s, which in this instance sit atop a circular satin-brushed hour track.

The day and date sectors feature different patterns, depending on the dial colour selected. The silver-grey dial features a Clou de Paris finish, which is repeated on the small seconds display. The remaining surfaces are bead-blasted, creating a matt effect beneath the blued hands. The blue dial version is endowed with snailed retrograde sectors, paired with Côtes de Genève motif on the remaining areas of the dial. Rhodium-finished indexes, markings and hands punctuate the rest of the dial. The purity, attention to detail and multiple patterns and textures bestow the Masterpiece Moonphase Retrograde with a sumptuous and noble appearance.

Without compromising on quality, Maurice Lacroix has once again produced an impressive performance-to-price ratio. Indeed, with its elegant appearance and sophisticated specification, the Masterpiece Moonphase Retrograde offers much for comparatively little. The blend of design, value and contemporary style is the signature of Maurice Lacroix.

Sarah Forster

The dynamic Sarah Forster is joining Maurice Lacroix‘s circle of friends of the brand!

She excels in defence for the Swiss national ice hockey team, taking part in an endurance sport requires limitless energy. The dynamic Sarah Forster, who has an impressive record of triumphs, is joining Maurice Lacroix’s circle of friends of the brand.

Sarah Forster

Before lacing up her own skates, she caught the hockey bug while watching her dad on the ice. 26-year-old Sarah Forster is one of the women who excels and stands out in ice hockey, a sport mainly considered to be for men. “During my training I quickly found myself in a men’s team,” explains the Swiss defender. “It’s a very physical sport where everything moves very fast. Women have to make a name for ourselves, we’re not yet recognised as professionals but we’re guided by our passion!” This determination impressed Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix. “Sarah is a fighter! Through her commitment and passion, she has demonstrated a modern and open perspective on the world. You need to be brave and bold to accomplish what she’ s doing.

At Maurice Lacroix we value talents like hers and we support them in attaining their goals.” For Sarah, collaborating with Maurice Lacroix was an obvious choice. “I was lucky to have worked for the brand in the past and discovered the different stages of watch design. The watchmakers’ know-how and the innovation used to design exclusive timepieces make me even prouder to wear my AIKON 35 mm!” When she visited the factor y, she was impressed by the AIKON collection’s evolution. “I was over whelmed by the diversity of styles available for this design, which I had the chance to see at its launch. The brand designs high-quality pieces at affordable prices. As such, it’s aimed at regular people, featuring models that they’ll want to keep for a long time!”


A quick trip to Saignelégier to see the sportswoman who splits her time between Switzerland… and Sweden! “I live in Sweden between August and March where I’ve been playing for the Brynäs IF club for two seasons in Europe’s best league for women’s hockey. I also juggle this with the Swiss national team, with which I will play multiple tournaments in 2019-2020.” Bronze medalist in the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi and having also taken part in the 2018 PyeongChang spars, her objectives are very clear: play with the Swiss team in her seventh world championship which takes place in April 2020 in Canada, and if everything goes well, go onto a third round in the Beijing Olympic Games in 2022. Enthusiastic faced with this busy schedule, Sarah, who trains with her AIKON 35 mm on her wrist every day, enjoys the impetus her partnership with Maurice Lacroix gives her to excel in future challenges: “It gives me even more strength and confidence to take them on!” she concludes. Maurice Lacroix shares this passion and is already looking forward to sharing stories of the athlete’s victories!

Sarah Forster: #YOURTIMEISNOW !

Aikon Mercury X Only Watch 2019

For its participation in the new edition of Only Watch, Maurice Lacroix has revisited the AIKON Mercury. At once mysterious and spectacular, this watch featuring patented technology intrigues with its possibility of stopping time… This unique Only Watch model is now available for the first time in titanium case. It will be put up for auction by Christie’s on 9 November at the Hotel des Bergues in Geneva in aid of the Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies.


At first glance, the AIKON Mercury appears to be a normal watch, with central hours and minutes and small seconds at the six o’clock position. With the slightest tilt, however, the hour and minute hands spin freely, abandoning their chronometric duties. Hold the AIKON Mercury upright, and the hands fall back and give correct time.

Aikon Mercury X Only Watch 2019

Lens Position: 6702

This is the secret of the AIKON Mercury. Like time, it slips away when you’re not paying attention. Like time, it reasserts itself when you need it.
The patented mechanism behind this innovative display took 3 years to develop and perfect in the manufacture facilities of Maurice Lacroix in Saignelégier.

The AIKON Mercury combines an unprecedented “free hand” system that works with natural forces of gravity to read and display time from a double snailcam mechanism hidden beneath the dial. One snail cam is associated with the display of hours, making one complete rotation every 12 hours, while the other is associated with the display of minutes and rotates once every 60 minutes.

Aikon Mercury X Only Watch 2019

When the wearer turns his wrist to look at the watch (A), with its movement perpendicular to the ground, gravity acts on two weighted levers, pulling them into contact with the snail cams.
Dictated by the continuous rotating snail cams, the levers then drive the hour and minute hands to indicate the correct time. When the wearer leaves the upright position (B), hands follow a mercurial pattern before falling to gravity. The mechanism still computes in the background, ready to give back the correct time when A is triggered by the position of the wrist.


The launch of the AIKON collection in 2016 was a return to the iconic design codes of Maurice Lacroix in the 1990s, updated for the new millennium. The sophisticated lines of the AIKON incorporated a robust profile with strong angles and sharp interplay between matt and polished surfaces. While the emphasis in existing AIKON automatic models has been on subtle elegance, with their textured guilloche dials, the AIKON Mercury takes a cue from the powerful Masterpiece series and features a transparent sapphire dial showcasing a darkened skeletonised module. The skeleton design that has been a signature feature of Maurice Lacroix since the 1990s has now been updated, with a combination of circular brushing and hollowed, sandblasted bridges towards the centre of the dial giving a strong, contemporary look. Maurice Lacroix is known for thoughtful, attentive design that focuses on detail, and the AIKON Mercury is no different. The distinctive AIKON bezel and the leather strap with integrated M logo are hallmarks of the collection, but the AIKON Mercury, as expected, goes one step further.

Aikon Mercury X Only Watch 2019

The counterweights offer additional visual interest whenever the dauphine hands cross and the M logo counterweight of the hour hand is briefly encircled by the counterweight of the minute hand. This effect, as straightforward as it appears to be, required the Maurice Lacroix development team to undertake numerous stages of calculation, computer simulations and prototyping to ensure that the hands are not only well poised on the dial of the watch, but that their centre of gravity is perfectly situated in order to allow the hands to move easily when the watch is turned away from the upright position.

For this unique piece, the hours and minutes are indicated by hands covered in white Super-LumiNova as well as a blue coating. The rack, the cams and the topstitching on the bracelet all sport this same shade of blue in honour of the colour chosen for this edition of Only Watch 2019.

The name of the AIKON Mercury makes reference to the quicksilver fluidity of time, channelling a dynamic energy that is further reflected with the unpredictable hands. The versatility of the AIKON Mercury lies in its easy transition from urban chic to rugged elegance, in the organic curves of its skeleton design against the classic geometry of its hands and hour markers, in the high-concept time display housed in a contemporary steel case, offered with both black alligator leather strap and 5 rows metal bracelet.

Aikon Mercury X Only Watch 2019

The promise of every timepiece from Maurice Lacroix is that “Your time is now,” and the AIKON Mercury takes this to the next level. Its unique time display mechanism is designed to respond to the wrist motion taken when its wearer raises the watch to read the time. The AIKON Mercury directs itself specifically to the wearer and no one else — your time is now, and it is for you only.


Maurice Lacroix is proud to announce that Team Lausanne 3X3 has joined its friends of the brand. The watch manufacture wants to support the talented basketball team in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“Ambitious, talented, well-connected… it was an easy decision for Maurice Lacroix to link up with the members of Lausanne 3×3, who share our values”, enthused Stéphane Waser, the brand’s Managing Director. “We want to build a relationship with the team long term, while helping the players towards achieving their Olympic medal goal!”


The team is made up of Natan Jurkovitz, Gilles Martin, Marco Lehmann and Westher Molteni; they come from all over Switzerland but are united by one common goal… to qualify for 3×3 basketball at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. The talented Team Lausanne 3X3 already made a name for itself by reaching the finals of the Lausanne leg of the highly respected FIBA 3X3 World Tour in 2017 and qualifying for the world final of the FIBA 3X3 World Tour in Beijing. Team Lausanne 3×3 finished in seventh place at the event, ending the 2017 season with an admirable position in the world top 10.

Looking to the future together

Along with this collaboration, the Maurice Lacroix brand wants to share the achievements of these young champions with the public on social media and via the brand’s website. “We shall be keeping you up to date with how the team get on in Switzerland and internationally, throughout their journey”, confirmed Stéphane Waser.



This year, at Baselworld 2018, we were kindly invited by Stephane Waser, Managing Director at Maurice Lacroix.

Stephane Waser has been working since 2008 with Maurice Lacroix and has repositioned twice the brand and developed the campaign ‘Your Time is Now’ in 2016.

Stephane Waser is a marketing all-rounder with 18 years of experience in strategic and operational roles, with a strong focus on luxury and consumer goods.

Stephane Waser has substantial experience in implementing brand growth activities in international environments, with an unbeaten track record in both global and family-owned businesses.

We discussed, on location, at their booth in Baselworld 2018, the brand’s heritage, the brand’s values, this year’s novelties and more.

If you always wanted to know what it takes to develop and manufacture innovative timepieces and win Red Dot Awards.

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Interviewed by Alberic Virchaux