There are moments when we want now to last forever. At other times, soon can’t come fast enough. The SOONOW timepiece by HYT has the answer. Its intriguing and captivating presentation of time’s flow is a constant reminder that every second counts. Because these moments are what add together to equal lives – ours.


“Now or never” is so yesterday. HYT defines the present as an energizing cliffhanger, never as a precariously suspended moment of gratification or information on demand. The meaning of time is the content we give it, every single step of the way. SOONOW showcases this dynamic view of the now as a mobile pivotal point between the path traveled so far, and what could potentially lie ahead. Immediacy becomes an open door. The past empowers the present; then they build the future together. Always.

Visualizing this flow is a patented fluidic module that works in perfect harmony with an exclusive mechanical movement, in an apparently unconventional union. Two partially visible, multi-layer bellows inject energy into the system to initiate the representation of time’s transience via two contrasting liquids.

Documenting elapsed time is a see-through fluid that alludes to the clarity and wisdom that experience contributes. The inviting prospects of the immediate future are forecast by either bright green or blue liquid. This encourages us to make something of our time in these times. If we focus on time’s flow, now could well last forever.


SOONOW by HYT is a joint creation of art and science. Meticulous calculation meets a multi-dimensional depiction of the human skull, a creative inspiration that has extended from Aztec artifacts to contemporary painting and sculpture. A total of 313 18-karat gold pins make up the contoured masterpiece on this watch’s titanium dial. They simultaneously salute and wink at horological tradition and high-tech innovation. Their diametric opposite is perforation. Close to one thousand tiny holes punctuate the design of SOONOW. Mathematics and esthetics emerge as strong partners, spelling out the numbers of each hour via precision drilling, with the exact center of each word facilitating on-the-dot timing accuracy.


A watch with a mechanism capable of defying gravity is indisputably authentic in its drive for individuality. The design language of SOONOW is committed to using three-dimensionality and thought-provoking detail to add new perspectives to watchmaking – and time-telling. In its entirety, this watch is a celebration of the uniqueness that has come to define true luxury.

Since time lends itself to being contemplated from different individual viewpoints, HYT is determined its timepieces should do the same. Sitting fluidly on the wrist, the two SOONOW 25-strong limited editions adopt an architectural approach to depicting the passage of time with a droplet domed shape, sinuous lines and multi-layered, transparent structure.

The skull-shaped capillary, with its handcrafted bends and angles, represents an endless, rewarding quest for technical innovation. Hourly milestones appear to float above its outline. The skull’s facial expressions give their all to keep life’s transience front of mind. A pupil mirroring the power reserve level peers out from a disc sitting behind one eye socket. The other eye focuses on the passing of the watch’s briefest recorded unit, completing a full rotation in 60 seconds. Here the words “SOON” and “NOW” remind us that time is precious in a way that no iris could. If the dial’s protagonist could wink, he or she probably would. But the smile is on the wearer.


The SOONOW story by HYT makes sense of time by allowing its flow to flourish. Only thoughts and actions separate now from soon – ours.

HYT H1 Cigar: Opening A New World for Cigar & Watch Aficionados

It is true that in the world of high fashion, the more exclusive it is, the more it is deemed more valuable and luxurious. Catering to this notion of exclusivity as the indicator of luxury, HYT has come up with the first customized timepiece—the H1 Cigar. But for HYT’s CEO Vincent Perriard, it’s not just about exclusivity but even more so a matter of pushing the boundaries of innovation, saying, “All our creations are unique. And now they will be even more so.”

With the debut of this timepiece, HYT is taking a step further towards originality and creativity, honoring the customer by letting them choose an alchemy that truly appeals to them. The brand is also staying true to what the message they intend to convey with each timepiece: it is where emotion meets technology—making the HYT watch a genuinely rare and unique object.

Perhaps this is what real luxury is all about. Providing customers with a commemorative timepiece, that’s as personal as it gets, integrating elements with their emotional weight. True enough, you can never put a price on such a one-of-a-kind piece that’s intimately linked to the wearer.

Given this vision, HYT is not just merely a creating a new product but is rather opening up a whole new world for their customers through these customized timepieces. And with the H1 Cigar, aficionados will surely find it fascinating to have their favored cigar incorporated into this sophisticatedly contemporary watch. Say, for example, a customer chooses to adorn the watch with delicate Rodolfo Vitola cigar leaves. HYT would then combine such elements with “polyepoxide” resin, which would then convert it to the surrounding frame for the casing.

Of course with HYT’s continuous pursuit of innovation, it doesn’t stop with just cigars. The possibilities have become endless regarding the personal elements that can be infused into this timepiece. The actual mechanism behind this model shouldn’t also be disregarded with its mechanical hand-wound mechanism, known to be of particular HYT caliber. The titanium bronze material alongside the Brown Alligator leather strap also leads to a hint of vintage influence, making this timepiece a classic addition to stylish everyday ensembles.

The HYT H1 Cigar retails approximately at $52,500


HYT (THE HYDRO-MECHANICAL HOROLOGISTS) can be very proud of its achievements to date.

The independent Luxury Swiss watch brand can boast some impressive milestones in their repertoire for 2016 and can celebrate it’s determination and believes with real pride for their work. HYT is a highly disruptive player in an ever competitive world of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. Present this year at the SIHH in Geneva, Switzerland ( Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) more precisely in the FHH (Fondation De La Haute Horlogerie ) dedicated “CARRÉ DES HORLOGERS” showcasing two brand new timepieces, the “H1 ICEBERG 2” and The “H2 Tradition”. 

What are unusual feats of achievement and a well-deserved recognition from collectors and fellow collaborators in the industry, always well essential ingredients of HYT’s success is definitely in their ability and know how, year after year coming up with a new way of mixing mechanical components and fluids in a futuristic and unique dazzling wrist watch? One could dare to say, Avant-garde next to a more conventional and classical, contemporary brands.

Another big achievement for any independent Swiss Luxury watch brand today is to be able to overcome with a dash of daring and to keep at all cost its brand identity. In the last three years of activity, HYT has been able to create three different collections in 69 sales points globally and still keeping its core values.

Seems like to good to be true, but when you are the new kid on the block with the hottest product in town, you are bound to get yourself heard around the world.

In regards to HYT watches, this second important milestone was achieved on the 4th of February 2016. What might you ask?

Since 2014 HYT has been bullish in developing a significant customer base in South East Asia opening a hub in Singapore. HYT has used Singapore as their headquarters! By doing so, they have put in place a sound strategy and an essential advantage to target with Swiss precision their principal markets.

The official HYT’s Boutique at the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur is the perfect environment for this disruptor to express its personality fully. Boasting a state of the art location on the Adorn floor, with a 365 square meters of blank canvas to show itself, we can only expect greatness coming from this new opportunity. 

HYT is sailing on the waves of success and do expect to see much more from this Non-Conformist.

Keep an eye open on this game changer because Baselworld is around to corner and you can only let your mind wonder as to what is coming up next. 

Have you seen their latest release the “H2 Tradition.”  

Click below on the video below and admire why HYT are world famous.



The brand HYT (Hydromechanical Horologists) have done awe-inspiring watches in their past collections, playing with the idea of using two reservoirs with liquid as their means for time-telling. It’s like having a mini science lab on the wrist, but other than coloured fluids are amazing mechanisms and complications that powers up this amazing display. Their pursuit for horological hybrids continues to move forward, and one example is their newest offering: the HYT H1 Iceberg 02.

Following up the strengths of Iceberg 01, the present edition boasts of a seemingly, regular looking watch; it is round, clasped with a white rubber strap, and appears quite harmless—until you take a good glance at it. Reminiscent of the colours of glaciers, water and sky, everything is played out in frosty silver, blue and white. The watch embraces a literally fluid movement lodged around in a tiny, yet complex hydraulic complication. One will see bluish liquid moving its way through the retrograde indicators as a way of telling the current hour, while a smaller dial in grey enamel displays the minutes. There’s a regulator found beneath the 12 o’clock position, and lastly, a small seconds wheel is placed smartly at 9:30.

How is everything made possible? Inside is a unique complication that involves two parallel reservoirs releasing liquid. The first coloured liquid is made of blue tint, pushing the transparent one back to its own bellows upon the indication of the hour. It is a pushing and pulling, in effect, with the colours separated by an almost-invisible meniscus in shape of a crescent.


  • Exclusive HYT calibre mechanical hand-wound movement
  • 4Hz Frequency
  • 65-hour Power Reserve
  • 48.8 mm diameter
  • 100 metre Water Resistance
  • Cambered sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Screw-down sapphire crystal case-back
  • Hand-polished bridges in Côtes de Genève pattern
  • White hour dial with blue indexes and numerals
  • Luminescent minute and hour markers
  • White rubber strap with titanium deployant buckle

The H1 Iceberg 02 is more than a watch; it is a spectacle to behold—such a fine mechanism nestled within such a tiny luxury object! For anyone who loves science and sophistication, this is the perfect timepiece. The Iceberg 02 is composed of 50-limited edition pieces, available for purchase starting March 2016.



Who would have thought that a dynamic, fast-forward Swiss watch brand like HYT would go a step back to focus on the conventional? No one, not even them, but HYT did just that with their release of H2 Tradition. Vincent Perriard, CEO of The Hydro Mechanical Horologists, found himself in the middle of the surprise. “We have always said that we would never create a classic piece,” he shares. “Having said that, this is exactly what we’ve done!”

But there is a reason for this “retro contemporary U-turn.” “Fluid innovation is, and will remain in our DNA,” continues Perriard. “”but this doesn’t prevent us from playing around with the codes of traditional watchmaking. Fun, experimentation, the joy of surprise: after all, that’s what we do best!”

The idea was brought up due to a wanting; it is when HYT decided to create a classic, signature piece, simple enough to preserve the identity of their craftsmanship, as well as beautifully timeless to be worn by different generations. It was a call for a challenge; and the watchmaker returns to its subtle roots to create a harmonious balance between a highly hydraulic-run mechanism nestled inside a perennial design.

H2 Tradition is the merging of two ideals; a 21st century watch powered by the same HYT aesthetics in a beautiful, elegant finish. The brand chose the handsome colours of blue and grey, black Roman Numeral indicators, and sophisticated guilloché finishes.

Two bellows are installed on two sides of 6 o’clock, providing balance between the reservoirs producing the liquid time-teller. One big challenge they had to face is recreating the entire dial to provide room for specific areas as well as movement. With the help of its long-standing partners, APRP, the entire case was overhauled into a sublime, minimalist approach, allowing the beauty of hourly movement and mechanism to seamlessly forge. Because of its fine make, the brand limited this edition to only 50 pieces.


  • Exclusive HYT calibre mechanical manual-winding movement
  • 3Hz Frequency
  • 192-hour Power Reserve
  • Diamond guilloché main plate in rhodium-plated nickel silver
  • White gold and titanium case
  • Domed sapphire crystal
  • 50-metre Water Resistance
  • Lacquered varnished hours and minutes
  • Black indexes with Arabic numerals
  • Patent blue alligator leather strap