Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

Precious gemstones are synonymous with Harry Winston, and so are precious art forms, like the spectacular mosaic glass setting on the dials of these four gold Premier Precious Micromosaic models. An inimitable luxury made by hand in Ravenna, Italy, the vibrant patterns on the dial are highlighted with quintessential Harry Winston diamonds in an artistic marriage that is destined to shine for a lifetime.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

The Italian art of micromosaics revisited

The latest chapter in Harry Winston’s unique Métiers d’Art saga takes place in Italy, in the historic city of Ravenna, known worldwide for its mosaics.

An ancient art, mosaics are made from small pieces of colored glass, ceramic, stone or other materials known collectively as tesserae. The tesserae are then applied on an adhesive surface to create a design. Widely used in Ancient Greece and Rome, the art of mosaic flourished under the Byzantine Empire. Ravenna, the capital city of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, and then Byzantine Italy through the 8th century, took the art of mosaic to unprecedented levels, creating masterpieces for the local walls and ceilings of the early Christian monuments.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

Finding new and original ways to animate timepiece dials is a true passion at Harry Winston, whose designers turned to the impressive art of glass micromosaic for their newest Premier timepiece. The four unique models feature timeless handcrafted dials that juxtapose bold color palettes with contrasting fragments of translucent and opaque glass, to create geometric designs that are fascinating and unique.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

To start, artisans in Ravenna select colored glass blocks that, when mixed in the right proportions, create the perfect color. To make the mixing possible, they heat the glass until it is soft and malleable. Once the desired color is obtained, they work the material to form a very specific shape that lends itself to stretching into long, thin rods or threads. The glass is then left to cool, cut into small pieces and arranged on the gold base of the dial with the aid of tweezers. This fully handcrafted process is repeated for each desired color and shape. Finally, the surface is sealed in an oven and polished until it gleams like precious stones.

Geometry in glass and diamonds

The Premier Precious Micromosaic timepiece is presented in both 18-karat white and 18-karat rose gold cases, and each dial composition is limited to just 30 pieces. All of the models flaunt vibrant colors and abstract geometric designs, but the dials with red and turquoise tones have a discreet floral motif in the upper left-hand area of the dial. Looking closely, triangular-shaped compartments, punctuated with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds, house an even smaller setting of glass rhomboids and triangles. The larger triangles on the dial are defined by thin strips of colored glass, functioning like the individual cells used in cloisonné enameling.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

The rose gold model of the Premier Precious Micromosaic, with a brown, tan and white dial, and its sister, the white gold version with a blue and white dial, display a combination of geometric glass shapes and colors. Once again, tiny triangles and rhomboids in different colors are arranged in a dynamic, abstract arrangement and embellished with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds set in V-shaped patterns that flutter across the dial. These unique, inimitable works of art are protected under a sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating, guarding their beauty against the effects of time and light.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

The perfect showcase for a work of art

Since its debut in 1989, Harry Winston’s Premier collection has been the designated timepiece to showcase various artistic forms. Instantly recognizable by its distinctive diamond-set lugs at 12 and 6 o’clock that replicate the shape of the arched entrance to Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon, the luxurious gold case of the Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm is set with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

A mechanical automatic heart

The Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm is powered by a high-end Swiss mechanical automatic movement with an 18-karat rose gold skeletonized rotor and refined hand finishes, all of which can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back. Equipped with the latest technology in the form of a flat silicon balance spring, this movement is destined to keep impeccable time on par with the everlasting beauty of the dial.

All four models of the Premier Precious Micromosaic are limited editions of 30 pieces. The pearly alligator leather strap designed to match the color scheme of the dial is attached to the wrist with a gold ardillon buckle set with 17 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Like a majestic ship on the horizon, the new Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm navigates the oceans of time with power and precision. The timepiece deck is animated with a sophisticated double retrograde complication and a splash of diamonds that celebrates Mr. Harry Winston, the legendary ‘King of Diamonds’.

A vessel for complications

In 1989, when Harry Winston first entered the world of fine watchmaking, the House integrated its founder’s love for superlative stones and sophisticated jewelry design into the intricate and highly technological domain of timepieces.

Housed in luxurious round gold cases with a distinctive contemporary design, the Ocean Collection is the designated showcase for some of the most respected mechanical complications in watchmaking. The new Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm bears two of Harry Winston’s hallmark complications – excentered hours and minutes and a double retrograde display. As with all timepieces in the Ocean Collection, two arches, inspired by the grand arched doorway leading to Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon, embrace the crown. And, in celebration of Mr. Winston’s lifelong passion for diamonds, a total of 367 brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the timepiece with light and sophistication.

Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm


An ocean of light

The dial of the Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm mimics the curves and contours of the white gold case, with sweeping arcs and circles that dance to the light of 127 brilliant-cut diamonds. Set against an opalescent white mother-of-pearl dial, the excentered hours and minutes counter on the upper half of the dial is encircled by three rings of brilliant-cut diamonds. The two retrograde counters on the lower half of the dial – indicating the seconds and the day of the week – are also housed in semi-circular counters, with diamond borders and embellished with a wavy guilloché design, like tide marks in the sand.

To create the allusion of depth and volume, the principal counters are slightly elevated above the small diamond-set triangle, drawing the eye towards the circular date window. Equal parts beautiful and functional, the hands are treated with a luminescent coating that glows in the dark, the date window features a magnifying glass and the timepiece is water-resistant to depths of 100 meters.

With the iconic emerald-shaped Harry Winston logo crowning the scenery at 12 o’clock, the words ‘Swiss Made’ and ‘Automatic’ adorn the outermost part of the dial – a reminder of the complications that drive this timepiece.

Complications below deck

The retrograde seconds function traces the arc from zero to thirty, and then jumps back in a counter-clockwise motion to zero. The days of the week counter advances every 24 hours and performs its sweeping jump on Sunday at midnight.

To ensure that the various functions are precise, the Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm timepiece is equipped with a first-class Swiss automatic movement, with the latest silicon technology. There are many advantages of using silicon in the balance spring. It is lighter than metal, impervious to magnetic fields and corrosion, shock- resilient, flexible and less prone to deformation. This avant-garde material will ensure years of impeccable service and optimize the overall isochronism of the movement.

Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm

Visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, the movement and the 18-karat white gold rotor are beautifully hand-finished and decorated with circular Côtes de Genève motifs, rhodium plating and circular graining – an exclusive feature of Harry Winston timepieces.

The Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm is presented on an elegant alligator strap in a new shade of blue. Fastened to the wrist with an 18-karat white gold ardillon buckle set with 44 diamonds, an 18-karat white gold folding clasp has been integrated for added comfort and security.

Meticulous and poetic, angular and smooth, powerful and comfortable, Project Z13 is steeped in paradoxes. This is a timepiece with an architectural structure that is expertly orchestrated to simultaneously project an impression of asymmetry and order. Featuring a moon phase display and a retrograde date, a first for the collection, its supporting structures rely on the aesthetic language of mechanics. Still made of ZaliumTM with a high-mech spirit, Project Z13 continues on its radical path, confirming that Harry Winston’s ZaliumTM timepieces can continue to surprise and transform.

Project Z13 reaffirms the fundamental design principles behind the Project Z collection with precision and force. While architectural structure is one of the founding features of the collection, it reaches new heights with this timepiece. Supported by transverse arms, two reading elements occupy the top and bottom of Project Z13. At twelve o’clock, the traditional openworked dial, with its excentered hours and minutes, stands out as a bold design element in the collection. At six o’clock, the House of Harry Winston presents a moon phase display for the very first time in this collection committed to ZaliumTM. Isolated to better stand out, this feature appears to be suspended and independent thanks to its graphic design.

The moon

The image selected for the moon is an aesthetic hallmark of the House and an affirmation of its symbols. In order to make the first moon phase display in the Project Z collection as unique as possible, the House opted for its Shuriken symbol, a star that has been part of the Project Z design vocabulary from the very beginning. And to round out this interpretation of Harry Winston‘s exclusive moon, the design is not circular, but dodecagonal in form. Its 12 facets hug the cutout of the moon cover, the fixed section that reveals the display of the moon’s crescents. Through this design, the moon display reflects the dual nature of Project Z13: a timepiece as smooth as it is meticulous.

Project Z13

The HW3202 caliber also has a retrograde date, a display feature that is used repeatedly in the collection. Its wide range occupies the entire lower half of the dial.


In addition to these functional areas, which are intended to provide information at a glance, the HW3202 caliber is visible through the large openings afforded by the supporting structures of the dial. This reveals the caliber in all its splendor, enabling the finishes of the timepiece to be admired down to the smallest detail, including the radial Cotes de Geneves motif.


A central theme in the Project Z collection, the materials used in Project Z13 take center stage. First, the 42.2 mm case is made entirely of ZaliumTM, the light and powerful signature Harry Winston alloy, whose initial provided the name for the collection. In addition, for the first time this Project Z timepiece also uses carbon elements. The four arms that hold the moon cover and the outer section of the chapter ring are fitted with carbon fiber inserts.

The shade of blue

This blue, a symbol of the House of Harry Winston, is frequently highlighted in Project Z. For the thirteenth edition, this color is present on the hands, the background of the starry moon disc, the date area, the Harry Winston emerald located at twelve o’clock and the elements surrounding the excentered dial. Finally, it is also found in the top-stitching of the black rubber-and-calfskin strap. This particular blue is lively and vibrant, embodying the energy that is unique to Project Z. Just like its predecessors, Project Z13 is a sporty model. This complicated timepiece is designed for people with an active lifestyle who are also concerned about ergonomics and comfort. In terms of exclusivity, this timepiece is limited to only 300 pieces, a feature that has been common among the Project Z timepieces for thirteen yeas.

Project Z13

Kuo Shu-Yau Wears Harry Winston Diamonds To The Taipei Film Festival


KUO SHU-YAU  Nominee, Best Actress


Harry Winston Jewels

  • V-Shape Diamond Necklace, 17.65 carats, set in platinum
  • Tulip Diamond Bracelet, 12.67 carats, set in platinum
  • Winston Cluster Diamond Earrings, 6.42 carats, set in platinum
  • Winston Cluster Diamond Ring, 1.9 carats, set in platinum


The 21st Taipei Film Festival | Chung Shan Hall, Taipei, Taiwan


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev was wearing 29 Harry Winston Carat Diamond Chandelier Earrings at the Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet.

  • Diamond Chandelier Earrings, 32.57 carats, set in platinum
  • Sparkling Cluster Diamond Ring, 2.32 carats, set in platinum
  • Lotus Cluster Diamond Ring, 1.28 carats, set in platinum

Lucy Boynton

Lucy Boynton was wearing Harry Winston’s Iconic Winston Cluster & Forget-Me-Not Collections.

  • Winston Cluster Diamond Earrings, 9.51 carats, set in platinum
  • 4 Forget-Me-Not Sapphire and Diamond Rings, approx. 2.25 carats each, set in platinum

Demi Moore

At the 2019 MET Gala red carpet, DEMI MOORE was wearing the Harry Winston’s Secret Cluster Diamond Necklace with Perfume Bottle.

  • Secret Cluster Diamond Necklace with Perfume Bottle, 20.27 carats, set in platinum

A hand-carved rock crystal vial suspended in a necklace with 469 marquise, pear-shaped, and round brilliant diamonds, set in platinum.

      • Secret Cluster Diamond Earrings, 9.72 carats, set in platinum
      • Secret Cluster Diamond Fashion Ring, 6.57 carats, set in platinum
      • Diamond Crossover Ring, 1.75 carats, set in platinum

Jennifer Lopez

Tonight, Harry Winston, the “King of Diamonds,” holds court on the 2019 MET Gala red carpet, dressing stars including: Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Demi Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Lucy Boynton & Nina Dobrev.

JENNIFER LOPEZ was wearing Harry Winston’s “Purple Dragon Necklace” set with a 65.32 Carat Purple Sapphire

  • Purple Sapphire and Diamond Necklace, 129.48 carats, set in platinum
  • A one-of-a-kind 65.32 carat cushion-cut purple sapphire masterfully set in a cluster of round brilliant, pear- and marquise-shaped diamonds and set on an exquisite diamond necklace.
  • Vintage 1972 Diamond Chandelier Earrings, 29.59 carats, set in platinum
  • Secret Cluster Diamond Bracelet, 67.22 carats, set in platinum
  • Secret Cluster Diamond Bracelet, 66.82 carats, set in platinum
  • Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring, 15.99 carats, set in platinum
  • Sunflower Diamond Ring, 2.4 carats, set in platinum

Avenue Classic Aurora

A tribute to the Art Deco style that influenced many of Harry Winston’s early designs, the Avenue Classic Aurora exudes the unparalleled glamor of New York, with sparkling diamonds and colorful sapphires.

Technical Specifications:

Reference – AVEQHM21RR125
Movement – Quartz
Caliber – HW1046
Functions – Hours and minutes, small seconds
Case Material – 18K rose gold
Case Dimensions – 21.4 mm x 36.1 mm
Dial – White mother-of-pearl set with 43 brilliant-cut diamonds
Strap – White pearl alligator leather
Diamond-Cut Setting – Baguette-cut, Brilliant-cut
Gem-Setting – 99 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 3.47 cts), 12 baguette-cut pink sapphires (approx. 0.79 ct)
Water-Resistance (bar) – 3 bar

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan wears Harry Winston jewels to the China Fashion Gala 2019 in New York.

  • Secret Cluster Diamond Earrings, 9.8 carats, set in platinum
  • Sunflower Diamond Necklace, 34.7 carats, set in platinum
  • Sparkling Cluster Diamond Ring, 2.3 carats, set in platinum
  • Sparkling Cluster Diamond Ring, 2.3 carats, set in platinum

Premier Chinese

Harry Winston honors the Chinese Year of the Pig with a commemorative recreation on a luxurious rose gold Premier Automatic 36mm timepiece. Brought to life with precious pearl marquetry, the design elements, including the pig, magnolia flowers and vivid red background, pay tribute to some of China’s richest cultural traditions.

Year of the Pig
The Pig is the twelfth and final animal in the Chinese Zodiac and welcomes its New Year in February 2019. People born in the Year of the Pig are said to be fun-loving, warm-hearted and generous. In Chinese culture, the pig is considered a symbol of wealth.

Every detail of this timepiece pays homage to China’s rich cultural traditions and symbols. The dial’s bright red background recalls the country’s national flag. And magnolia branches, which were a symbol of female beauty and grace in ancient China, offer a touch of femininity.

Painting with mother-of-pearl
Harry Winston demonstrates its mastery of the delicate art of pearl marquetry with this striking red timepiece. Much like enamellers, artists at Harry Winston ‘paint’ different tonalities of mother-of-pearl onto a gold base to set the scene. Fiery red mother-of-pearl offers a dramatic backdrop for the charming pig, shown gazing up at the most dazzling diamonds. Crafted in 18-karat rose gold, the pig’s curly tail, raised snout and charming character come to life.

Fine slivers of mother-of-pearl – red and pink in color – come together to create the delicate magnolia flowers. The color is deepest in the center and gets lighter towards the outermost petals. The free-flowing shape of the flowers and the colorful marquetry together add volume and light, and provide a dynamic contrast to the artistic treatment applied to the gold on the pig’s body.

Another enchanting touch is the bright white diamond marking the pig’s eye. Diamonds play a stellar role in the composition of this timepiece, with eight diamondindexes and a generous emerald-cut diamond – Mr. Winston’s preferred cut – crowning the dial at 12 o’clock.

A precious rose gold case gleaming with diamonds
Launched in 1989, the Premier was the first timepiece collection introduced by the House of Harry Winston and was designed to replicate iconic symbols of the New York jewelry brand.
Emblazoned with the fire of 57 brilliant-cut diamonds, set on a luxurious rose gold case, the lugs recreate the famous arched entrance to Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon. The crown and the tips of the lugs also sparkle with the light of rare diamonds. And the rose gold ardillon buckle is set with an additional 17 brilliant-cut diamonds.
For an elegant and harmonious look, the alligator strap is bright red, perfectly matching the dial.

A sophisticated automatic movement
The emerald-cut diamond on the dial alludes to the fact that the timepiece is equipped with a high-end Swiss-made automatic movement. Fitted with a flat silicon balance spring to ensure precision, the movement offers a robust power reserve of 72 hours.

Finely decorated with circular Côtes de Genève, the movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back, which is engraved with the corresponding limited – edition number – barring number four, which is considered to be an unlucky number in Chinese culture.

Presented in a beautiful red lacquered box decorated with magnolias, this delightful little pig will win over the hearts of very lucky women.





Start your engines, set the date back to the 50’s and on we cruise together on the legendary Route 66.

Let us delve back to a period in American history where Rock ’n’ roll was the sound of the day, where jukeboxes where the coolest thing in town and where you could drive thru your favourite diner while wearing a black leather jacket and be proud of having a Grease-style hair cut. Harry Winston and it is Opus 14 takes you back in time to an era where new freedoms were lived and discovered, and that life in the USA was like the Rockin Robin song.

The Opus 14 by Harry Winston captures this moment perfectly. It is wonderful to note, how Harry Winston was able with this timepiece to achieve with imagination and creativity the Americana spirit and what’s even more fascinating is how the Opus 14 by Harry Winston can gather these iconic moments of history into a charming and dazzling timepiece. The Jukebox reference is blatant in this new Opus 14 model and gives tribute to a significant symbol of its day.

The Opus 14 by Harry Winston is an incredible mechanical innovation that provides its wearer with a subtle and delightful sense of playfulness. The whole design of this timepiece has been created from scratch by two creative geniuses Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin.

The soul of the Opus 14 burns from within with an innovative display using vinyl like shapes and displays on various dials with the symbol 14. The retrograde minutes arc unfolds to a blue tone of the hour markers. What’s fun is the possibility to activate the selector located at nine o’clock on the flank of the case to choose the desired display. 

The jukebox reference is so significant in this Opus 14 by Harry Winston because when pressing the push-piece at four o’clock this will activate a pushing arm the picks the vinyl like the disc and places it on the playing platform. There you will be able to choose what indication you want would it be local time or GMT. When you press the push-piece at again, the pushing arm will store the vinyl like disc back in its case. Remembering that the Opus 14 by Harry Winston is an assembly of 1066 components, and has up to 68 hours of power reserve, built in 18k white gold with a sapphire crystal case back and stylish black alligator strap.

The Opus 14 by Harry Winston as taken us back to the hay days of the Americana spirit. With a twist of retro, dinner meets rock, and a dash of new school meets pop, Harry Winston as been able to create a one of a kind emblem that unites all that was good yesterday and all that is good today and carries on the Opus project with glamour and prestige. 

The Opus 14 by Harry Winston, estimated at 434,600 USD and limited to 50 pieces.