Joey King

Joey King wore Harry Winston to the 77th Annual Golden Globe® Awards.

Joey King – Nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Wearing Harry Winston’s Sparkling Cluster Collection

  • Sparkling Cluster Diamond Drop Earrings, 4.34 carats, set in platinum
  • Voila Round Brilliant Diamond Band Ring, 0.74 carats, set in platinum
  • Channel Set Diamond Band Ring, 1.29 carats, set in platinum
  • Princess-Cut Diamond Band Ring, 2.49 carats, set in platinum
  • Round Brilliant and Baguette Diamond Band Ring, 2.1 carats, set in platinum
Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz wore Harry Winston to the 77th Annual Golden Globe® Awards.

Rachel Weisz – Presenter

Wearing Harry Winston’s New Fifth Avenue Crossover Diamond Necklace, featuring 211 Diamonds, weighing a total of 75.64 carats

  • Fancy Shape and Baguette Cut Diamond Necklace, 75.64 carats, set in platinum
Harry Winston Ring Valentine's Day Gift Guide

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Harry Winston presents the perfect gift guide, featuring jewelry that embodies the spirit and romance of the occasion.   

Named in honor of the estate that launched the Winston legacy, the BELLE ENGAGEMENT RING is a shining symbol of a timeless tradition. A round brilliant center stone is set with antique charm to create a jewel that celebrates your past, present and future.

Harry Winston Ring

Beyond the gates, everlasting love awaits. Inspired by the rosette motif that adorns the entrance to Harry Winston salons worldwide, the WINSTON GATES COLLECTION is a dazzling expression of possibility. The symbolic jewels are available in platinum, yellow- or rose gold.

Harry Winston

From the Winston Garden, comes the sweetest bouquet. The FORGET ME NOT COLLECTION features an exquisite medley of round brilliant, pear-shaped and marquise-cut stones that together reveal a flower in full bloom. Add a romantic flare with pink and blue sapphire accents or opt for classic sophistication with an all-diamond variation.

Harry Winston

Love and be loved with confections of unparalleled perfection. WINSTON CANDY by HARRY WINSTON features fancy-colored center stones paired with a combination of diamonds and vibrant gems in complementing shades. Bringing a sweet perspective to signature Winston Design, these rings are a sight of pure delight.

Harry Winston

This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020, the House of Harry Winston celebrates LILY CLUSTER IN ROSE GOLD. Crafted with brilliant diamonds, the ethereal, yet dimensional design allows for a timeless expression of style, no matter the occasion.

Harry Winston Lily Cluster Rose Gold

Helen Mirren wore harry winston jewelry

Helen Mirren wore Harry Winston to the 77th Annual Golden Globe® Awards

Helen Mirren – Nominee for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Wearing more than $4 million worth of Harry Winston Diamonds jewelry

  • Cascading Diamond Drop Necklace, 73.55 carats, set in platinum
  • Secret Cluster Diamond Earrings with Ruby Drops, 9.01 carats, set in 18k yellow gold and platinum
  • Secret Cluster Diamond Bracelet, 35.42 carats, set in platinum
Zoey Deutch Wore Harry Winston

Zoey Deutch Wore Harry Winston to the 77th Annual Golden Globe® Awards.

Zoey Deutch

Wearing more than 110 Carats of Harry Winston Diamonds and Sapphires

  • A 58.69 Carat Sapphire Cabochon Pendant Necklace with 22.93 Carats of Diamonds, set in platinum
  • Sapphire and Diamond Flower Earrings, 23.02 carats, set in platinum
  • Winston Cluster Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 4.68 carats, set in platinum
  • Crossover Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 2.46 carats, set in platinum
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez wore Harry Winston

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez wore Harry Winston ( to the 77th Annual Golden Globe® Awards.

Jennifer Lopez – Nominee for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture

Wearing more than 145 Carats of Phenomenal Harry Winston Colombian Emeralds and Diamonds

  • Colombian Emerald and Diamond Necklace, 76.36 carats, set in 18k yellow gold and platinum
Harry Winston’s extraordinary necklace

With 21 Colombian emeralds and 58 diamonds, Harry Winston’s extraordinary necklace is a true testament to its superior gemstone quality and refined craftsmanship.  Each of the cushion-cut emeralds, which are phenomenally matched in color and in perfect graduation, delicately mingle with diagonally-set pear-shaped diamonds in this one-of-a-kind creation that appears to delicately float on the wearer’s skin. The fluid, streamlined design allows the brilliant luminescence of diamonds and precious emeralds to fully shine through with mesmerizing movement and life.

  • Cushion-Cut Colombian Emerald and Diamond Earrings, 7.93 carats, set in 18k yellow gold and platinum
  • Vintage 1959 Diamond Bracelet, 57.30 carats, set in platinum
  • Central Park Diamond and Emerald Ring, 3.79 carats, set in 18k yellow gold and platinum
Premier Chinese New Year Automatic 36mm

Harry Winston celebrates the Chinese Year of the Rat with an exquisite rose gold Premier timepiece. Set against a vibrant red mother-of-pearl background, the artful silhouette of a rat comes to life through China’s time-honored paper cutting tradition. Limited to just eight pieces, the Premier Chinese New Year Automatic 36mm promises to bring great luck to a fortunate few.

Symbolic Chinese animals and auspicious colors

In 2020, the Chinese Zodiac celebrates the Year of the Rat, the first animal in the 12-year cycle and a symbol of wealth, abundance, intelligence, success and vitality. In China, the color red represents luck, happiness and joy and is believed to ward off evil. Gold is another color laden with symbolism, and, when paired with red, epitomizes the apogee of good fortune.

Premier Chinese New Year Automatic 36mm

Chinese paper cutting reinterpreted by Harry Winston

Paper cutting (jianzhi), one of the oldest and most popular art forms in China, emerged during the Tang Dynasty as a way to decorate walls, lanterns, doors and windows and celebrate festivals, including the New Year. Using scissors or a knife, thin folded sheets of paper are cut to create a subtle balance of negative and positive space. Traditional subjects include flowers, mythical animals, good luck Chinese characters and the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Inspired by the delicate art of Chinese paper cutting, artists at Harry Winston explored this practice with precious gold and, in place of red paper, incorporated an intense red beaded mother-of-pearl background. The rat’s contours and surrounding scenery are created from one piece of 18-karat rose gold, an incredible feat, given the elaborate openwork patterns depicted on the dial.

Classic Harry Winston Cluster

“Clustering,” or grouping together varying diamond cuts, is a House tradition and finds its place on the dial of the Premier Chinese New Year Automatic 36mm. Eight marquise-cut diamonds frame a round brilliant diamond center stone to create a three-dimensional bloom and accentuate the rat’s body. The red beaded mother-of-pearl background together with rose gold open work and diamond accents create an illusion of incredible depth and volume.

Diamonds serve as indexes on the excentered hours and minutes counter, with seven brilliant-cut diamond hour markers, noticeably larger at 3 and 9 o’clock, and also as decorative jewels that highlight the gold openwork on the top half of the dial. The generous emerald-cut diamond at 12 o’clock is a direct reference to Mr. Winston’s favorite diamond cut and indicates the presence of a mechanical automatic movement. Unlike paper cut figures that will inevitably wilt over time, the lustrous red dial and its precious gold and diamond features will shine eternally.

Premier Chinese New Year Automatic 36mm

A Premier case and a high-end automatic movement

A sophisticated Premier case in 18-karat rose gold set with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds – including the truncated diamonds on the crown and tips of the lugs – houses this exceptional work of art. On the reverse side, a sapphire crystal reveals the Swiss-made mechanical automatic movement. Fitted with a flat silicon balance spring to ensure lasting precision, the movement offers a robust power reserve of 68 hours and is in a water-resistant case, up to 30 meters. The rose gold skeletonized rotor, Côtes de Genève decoration, rhodium-plated parts and circular graining on the movement can be admired on the case back, along with the engraved limited edition number.

The Premier Chinese New Year is limited to just eight pieces, the luckiest number in Chinese numerology, and is presented in a beautiful red box decorated with golden lotus flowers and the celebrated rat. The timepiece comes on a shiny red alligator leather strap to match the dial and is secured to the wrist with a rose gold ardillon buckle set with 17 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Pink Legacy

American jeweller Harry Winston (1896-1978) founded Harry Winston Inc.  in 1932 in New York City. Over the course of his dazzling career, Winston handled some of the world’s most famous diamonds, coloured gemstones and pieces of fine jewellery, earning himself a reputation as ‘The King of Diamonds’.

From the 1950s through to the 1970s, his boutiques were the destination of choice for royalty, Hollywood stars and business moguls alike. Acknowledged as a visionary in the field for his pursuit of excellence, Harry Winston’s combination of passion, discretion, intuition and knowledge was greatly appreciated by his high-profile and discerning clientele.

Jeweller to the Stars

Harry Winston started dressing celebrities as early as 1935, the year that he purchased the 726-carat diamond, The Jonker. Winston took the rough gem on a tour of the USA and had it photographed with famous actresses, including Claudette Colbert and Shirley Temple. The Jonker was subsequently cut into 13 very important stones, numbered I to XIII. The Jonker V (below) was sold at Christie’s in Geneva in 2019 for £3,015,000.

Winston was also the first jeweller to dress a celebrity for an Academy Awards show. In 1944 he loaned diamond jewellery to actress Jennifer Jones, who had been nominated for her role in The Song of Bernadette. Harry Winston jewellery has graced the red carpet ever since.

In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe sang Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, which includes the lyric: ‘Talk to me Harry Winston, tell me all about it.’

The Court of Jewels tour (1949-1953)

While Winston acquired many notable private collections, diamonds and gemstones, perhaps the most recognisable was the Hope Diamond, the largest-known deep blue diamond in the world. Winston acquired the jewel, which weighed 45.52 carats, in 1949 from the estate of the American socialite Evelyn Walsh McLean.

From 1949 to 1953, Winston toured the gem around the United States as part of his Court of Jewels exhibition, with proceeds benefitting charitable organisations. The tour was a defining moment in the jewellery industry, with Harry Winston presenting famous jewels as an art collection, telling the story of their historic provenance. In 1958 Winston donated the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., where it remains today.

A number of the exceptional gems and jewels from the Court of Jewels  tour are now considered historic pieces, with a majority entering important private collections or museums. These include the Indore Pears that Harry Winston bought from the Maharajah of Indore, and which were sold at Christie’s in November 1987 for $2.7 million.

As well as show-stopping diamonds, the tour made Harry Winston’s name synonymous with coloured gemstones of exceptional quality. One such is the 22.86-carat Burmese ruby featured in the above diamond and ruby ring, which sold at Christie’s in Geneva in 2019 for CHF 7,198,500 — more than double its high estimate.

Cluster design

The concept of the ‘cluster’ or ‘clustering’, now regarded as Harry Winston’s signature technique, was formulated in the 1940s. Comprising pear-shaped and marquise-cut diamonds set with minimal metal and at varying angles, the idea revolutionised jewellery design to create clusters of remarkable brilliance.

One of the most iconic and sought-after Harry Winston ‘cluster’ designs is the ‘Wreath’ necklace, inspired by a holly wreath the jeweller had hung on his front door. He was immediately inspired to recreate the design using different cuts of diamonds.

In a wreath necklace, the stones are held in place by very fine prong settings, which allow the diamonds to appear to float on top of the wearer.

Among the celebrities known to have once owned a ‘Wreath’ necklace is socialite Betsy Bloomingdale. Her necklace, made in 1961, was the pièce de résistance of her collection.

The ‘cluster’ remains a trademark of the firm and a sign of the finest quality of setting, which only a true Harry Winston jewel can possess.

An enduring legacy

Nayla Hayek, the present CEO of Harry Winston, has continued Winston’s legacy, adding one-of-a-kind diamonds to the Winston collection.

Brilliant examples include the Winston Blue, an exceptional 13.22-carat flawless vivid blue diamond; the Winston Pink Legacy, an extraordinary 18.96-carat fancy vivid pink diamond, which was once in the collection of the Oppenheimer family; and the Winston Legacy, a formidable 101.73 carat D flawless pear-shaped diamond.

Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic

Harry Winston presents the Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic, a spellbinding timepiece that celebrates Mr. Winston’s passion for motion and color in fine jewelry. Crafted in luxurious 18-karat white gold, a spellbinding profusion of baguette-cut diamonds and vivid blue sapphires swirls against an iridescent opal background, diffusing color and kinetic energy in all directions.

Royal blue

Blue is a key color in Harry Winston’s universe and recalls the spectacular and rare blue Hope Diamond that the ‘King of Diamonds’ famously acquired in 1949 and ultimately donated to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958. Another hallmark trait of the House is the way in which diamonds are transformed into three-dimensional jewelry sculptures, flowing with movement and light. The Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic taps into these two signature codes and reveals a mesmerizing blue dial with an animated arrangement of precious gemstones that seem to spin under your very eyes.

Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic

A hypnotic vortex of precious stones

The sparkling blue and green background on the dial is crafted from iridescent opal. One of the most chameleonic and captivating gemstones on Earth, opals flash a rainbow of colors that vary according to the light.

Like forces of nature, the dial’s hypnotizing whirlpool pattern comes to life through a series of white gold quadrilaterals that lessen in size as they voyage towards the center. Framed in white gold, the outermost areas of the design are set with 72 baguette-cut diamonds and 72 baguette-cut blue sapphires, while the center features a wreath of 24 princess-cut diamonds. The opals maintain their iridescence, interspersed between the precious gems. The dynamic composition animates the dial with a profound sensation of motion and depth. Taking the theme of motion one step further, a small star crowns the base of the hour and minute hands and rotates in a clockwise direction to indicate that the mechanical automatic movement is running.

Premier case with baguette-cut diamonds

Since its debut in 1989, the Premier collection has been the designated timepiece to showcase various artistic forms. Instantly recognized by the distinctive diamond-set lugs at 12 and 6 o’clock that replicate the shape of the arched entrance to Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon, the luxurious 36 mm 18-karat gold case of the Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic is fully adorned with an abundance of baguette-cut diamonds in an invisible setting. The case and case sides’ gleam with the light of 161 magnificent baguette-cut diamonds, and the lugs are embellished with four truncated brilliant-cut diamonds and a truncated blue sapphire – matching the color scheme of the dial – is nestled in the crown.

A mechanical automatic movement

The Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic Automatic 36mm is powered by a high-end Swiss mechanical automatic movement with an 18-karat rose gold rotor and refined hand finishes, all of which can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back. Equipped with a flat silicon balance spring to ensure superlative precision, the creation has a generous power reserve of 72 hours.

The timepiece is presented with a blue pearl alligator leather strap and is attached to the wrist with an 18-karat white gold ardillon buckle set with 28 baguette-cut diamonds. The Premier Hypnotic Opal Mosaic is a limited edition of only 8 pieces.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

Precious gemstones are synonymous with Harry Winston, and so are precious art forms, like the spectacular mosaic glass setting on the dials of these four gold Premier Precious Micromosaic models. An inimitable luxury made by hand in Ravenna, Italy, the vibrant patterns on the dial are highlighted with quintessential Harry Winston diamonds in an artistic marriage that is destined to shine for a lifetime.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

The Italian art of micromosaics revisited

The latest chapter in Harry Winston’s unique Métiers d’Art saga takes place in Italy, in the historic city of Ravenna, known worldwide for its mosaics.

An ancient art, mosaics are made from small pieces of colored glass, ceramic, stone or other materials known collectively as tesserae. The tesserae are then applied on an adhesive surface to create a design. Widely used in Ancient Greece and Rome, the art of mosaic flourished under the Byzantine Empire. Ravenna, the capital city of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, and then Byzantine Italy through the 8th century, took the art of mosaic to unprecedented levels, creating masterpieces for the local walls and ceilings of the early Christian monuments.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

Finding new and original ways to animate timepiece dials is a true passion at Harry Winston, whose designers turned to the impressive art of glass micromosaic for their newest Premier timepiece. The four unique models feature timeless handcrafted dials that juxtapose bold color palettes with contrasting fragments of translucent and opaque glass, to create geometric designs that are fascinating and unique.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

To start, artisans in Ravenna select colored glass blocks that, when mixed in the right proportions, create the perfect color. To make the mixing possible, they heat the glass until it is soft and malleable. Once the desired color is obtained, they work the material to form a very specific shape that lends itself to stretching into long, thin rods or threads. The glass is then left to cool, cut into small pieces and arranged on the gold base of the dial with the aid of tweezers. This fully handcrafted process is repeated for each desired color and shape. Finally, the surface is sealed in an oven and polished until it gleams like precious stones.

Geometry in glass and diamonds

The Premier Precious Micromosaic timepiece is presented in both 18-karat white and 18-karat rose gold cases, and each dial composition is limited to just 30 pieces. All of the models flaunt vibrant colors and abstract geometric designs, but the dials with red and turquoise tones have a discreet floral motif in the upper left-hand area of the dial. Looking closely, triangular-shaped compartments, punctuated with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds, house an even smaller setting of glass rhomboids and triangles. The larger triangles on the dial are defined by thin strips of colored glass, functioning like the individual cells used in cloisonné enameling.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

The rose gold model of the Premier Precious Micromosaic, with a brown, tan and white dial, and its sister, the white gold version with a blue and white dial, display a combination of geometric glass shapes and colors. Once again, tiny triangles and rhomboids in different colors are arranged in a dynamic, abstract arrangement and embellished with 36 brilliant-cut diamonds set in V-shaped patterns that flutter across the dial. These unique, inimitable works of art are protected under a sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating, guarding their beauty against the effects of time and light.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

The perfect showcase for a work of art

Since its debut in 1989, Harry Winston’s Premier collection has been the designated timepiece to showcase various artistic forms. Instantly recognizable by its distinctive diamond-set lugs at 12 and 6 o’clock that replicate the shape of the arched entrance to Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon, the luxurious gold case of the Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm is set with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm

A mechanical automatic heart

The Premier Precious Micromosaic Automatic 36mm is powered by a high-end Swiss mechanical automatic movement with an 18-karat rose gold skeletonized rotor and refined hand finishes, all of which can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back. Equipped with the latest technology in the form of a flat silicon balance spring, this movement is destined to keep impeccable time on par with the everlasting beauty of the dial.

All four models of the Premier Precious Micromosaic are limited editions of 30 pieces. The pearly alligator leather strap designed to match the color scheme of the dial is attached to the wrist with a gold ardillon buckle set with 17 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The House Of Harry Winston Opens Its New Salon In Shinjuku

The House of Harry Winston, the legendary “King of Diamonds,” and international luxury brand announces the opening of its newest retail salon in Tokyo, Japan. Located in Shinjuku, the 99.99 square meter space will showcase Harry Winston’s exquisite jewelry and timepiece collections, including the finest diamonds and rarest gemstones available today.

“Japan is one of the largest luxury markets in the world, and understanding its evolving consumer landscape so that we can strengthen our presence and exceed demand is very important,” said Nayla Hayek, CEO of Harry Winston, Inc. “As a major commercial center, frequented by trendsetters craving story and quality, Shinjuku stood out as the perfect setting to grow our retail network. With this opening, our ninth in the country and fourth in its capital city, we look forward to sharing Harry Winston’s incredible legacy with new and existing clients from across the globe.

Designed to capture the elegance and intimacy of a private estate, the new salon reflects a contemporary variation on the traditional Winston style, drawing references from the eloquence and architecture of the brand’s iconic Fifth Avenue Flagship. A color palette of soft taupe and pale grey, serves as the perfect complement to the custom designed lacquer and antique bronze furniture, with pristine marble floors, bespoke chandeliers, and antique accents. Dedicated galleries for high jewelry, bridal, collections and timepieces, created to highlight the breadth of Harry Winston’s exceptional offering, while ensuring clients the highly personalized shopping experience that the House is known for. Private selling rooms provide the ideal environment for a discreet and truly luxurious shopping experience.


Founded in New York City, in 1932, The House of Harry Winston continues to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewelry and high-end watch making. From the acquisition of some of the world’s most famous gemstones, including the Jonker, Hope, Winston Legacy and Winston Blue Diamonds, to adorning Hollywood’s leading ladies on the red carpet, for over eight decades, Harry Winston has been a symbol of the best there is. Headquartered in New York, the company operates retail salons worldwide, in locations including: New York, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Like a majestic ship on the horizon, the new Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm navigates the oceans of time with power and precision. The timepiece deck is animated with a sophisticated double retrograde complication and a splash of diamonds that celebrates Mr. Harry Winston, the legendary ‘King of Diamonds’.

A vessel for complications

In 1989, when Harry Winston first entered the world of fine watchmaking, the House integrated its founder’s love for superlative stones and sophisticated jewelry design into the intricate and highly technological domain of timepieces.

Housed in luxurious round gold cases with a distinctive contemporary design, the Ocean Collection is the designated showcase for some of the most respected mechanical complications in watchmaking. The new Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm bears two of Harry Winston’s hallmark complications – excentered hours and minutes and a double retrograde display. As with all timepieces in the Ocean Collection, two arches, inspired by the grand arched doorway leading to Harry Winston’s Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon, embrace the crown. And, in celebration of Mr. Winston’s lifelong passion for diamonds, a total of 367 brilliant-cut diamonds adorn the timepiece with light and sophistication.

Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm


An ocean of light

The dial of the Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm mimics the curves and contours of the white gold case, with sweeping arcs and circles that dance to the light of 127 brilliant-cut diamonds. Set against an opalescent white mother-of-pearl dial, the excentered hours and minutes counter on the upper half of the dial is encircled by three rings of brilliant-cut diamonds. The two retrograde counters on the lower half of the dial – indicating the seconds and the day of the week – are also housed in semi-circular counters, with diamond borders and embellished with a wavy guilloché design, like tide marks in the sand.

To create the allusion of depth and volume, the principal counters are slightly elevated above the small diamond-set triangle, drawing the eye towards the circular date window. Equal parts beautiful and functional, the hands are treated with a luminescent coating that glows in the dark, the date window features a magnifying glass and the timepiece is water-resistant to depths of 100 meters.

With the iconic emerald-shaped Harry Winston logo crowning the scenery at 12 o’clock, the words ‘Swiss Made’ and ‘Automatic’ adorn the outermost part of the dial – a reminder of the complications that drive this timepiece.

Complications below deck

The retrograde seconds function traces the arc from zero to thirty, and then jumps back in a counter-clockwise motion to zero. The days of the week counter advances every 24 hours and performs its sweeping jump on Sunday at midnight.

To ensure that the various functions are precise, the Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm timepiece is equipped with a first-class Swiss automatic movement, with the latest silicon technology. There are many advantages of using silicon in the balance spring. It is lighter than metal, impervious to magnetic fields and corrosion, shock- resilient, flexible and less prone to deformation. This avant-garde material will ensure years of impeccable service and optimize the overall isochronism of the movement.

Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm

Visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, the movement and the 18-karat white gold rotor are beautifully hand-finished and decorated with circular Côtes de Genève motifs, rhodium plating and circular graining – an exclusive feature of Harry Winston timepieces.

The Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm is presented on an elegant alligator strap in a new shade of blue. Fastened to the wrist with an 18-karat white gold ardillon buckle set with 44 diamonds, an 18-karat white gold folding clasp has been integrated for added comfort and security.