Hamilton Festive Season

Snow is falling in the city, the lights are on, and so is the search for the ideal gift! This holiday season share one of life’s most valuable gifts – time – with a special person in your life. Full of character and meaning, a Hamilton timepiece will be cherished for many years to come.

What is a better holiday gift to receive than the gift that keeps on giving? Show your loved ones you know what makes them tick with a Hamilton timepiece that suits their personality. We’re sure one of these unique watches will receive a smile even during the coldest months of the year. Discover the perfect gift for the most special people on your list, including the weekend explorer, creative executive, successful businessperson, or unconventional artist.

For style seekers with an eye for authentic good looks, the Intra-Matic Auto Chrono has a reverse panda dial with a colorful twist and vintage vibes guaranteed to hit the mark. Sporty, yet classic, the 1960s-inspired piece isn’t just a pretty face but also includes the exclusive H-31 automatic chronograph movement with 60-hour power reserve.

Men of action and adventure can look forward to weekend adventures with the original soldier’s watch. Tested by the best, the Khaki Field Mechanical is built to last.

Hamilton Festive Season

A watch ready for non-stop flight is a great choice for dynamic urban aviators. The Khaki X-Wind Day Date Auto has 80 hours of power reserve thanks to an exclusive H-30 Swiss-made automatic movement. Outside of the cockpit, the striking blue dial will inspire your next adventure in the sky.

Our Spirit of Liberty Auto also benefits from an extended power reserve of 80 hours. This gives creative thinkers the freedom they need to explore new ideas without time limits! The champagne dial and bottle green calf leather strap add classic elements to a watch that celebrates liberty.

With a pearled white-silver dial, Art Deco case, and ruby red calf leather strap the Boulton never goes out of style. Its distinctive case shape make it a perfect match for that special someone with a signature look.

Hamilton Festive Season

Quality craftsmanship is at the core of the Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto. Balancing tradition and innovation, it suits a contemporary wearer with traditional tastes. This is the watch for the person who dresses for success every day.

And last, but never least, for the person so individual you don’t know where to start. How about our iconic Ventura? Unconventional, daring and a genuine mid-century modern marvel, this full black version definitely delivers. The sleek mono-color piece may look subtle, but is a stunning addition to any wardrobe.

This holiday season, give your loved ones a Hamilton and create memories that will last a lifetime. And now with the shopping done, enjoy the snow!

Sylvain Dolla

In love with the Silver Screen

In today’s world of light-speed communication, one thing prevails and seems to be more popular than ever. Storytelling!

Who better to inspire, thrill and capture our imagination than the craftsmen in Hollywood? Hollywood is and will always be the heart of the movie industry. For over a century now, the endless talents that have performed on the Silver Screen still capture our imagination and dramatise our favourite tales and stories for children and seniors alike.

Even in the fine art of Swiss Watchmaking, the delightful craft of Storytelling is a crucial ingredient for making watches come alive. One brand, in particular, has been mastering this specific skill for more than 80 years.

500 movies later!

Hamilton Watch, the most American of watch brands, has a deep and rich history with Hollywood. Since 1932, the Hamilton watch has appeared in over 500 movies; with each timepiece reflecting the brand’s close relationship with Hollywood.

Hamilton Watch boasts an exclusive array of talents, as they have collaborated with the legendary director Stanley Kubrick for whom they created a custom watch and clock for his epic movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Also, there is the iconic Ventura that was first brought to the attention of a wider audience when it appeared on the wrist of Elvis Presley in 1961. It was that particular timepiece which became the perfect choice for Agent J in Men in Black.


Hamilton watches

More recently, the smash hit Interstellar, the motion picture, had called in the experts of Hamilton Watch to create a unique timepiece that would help advance the plot by connecting a father and his daughter across time and space. The watch initially had no official name, but it was affectionately nicknamed “The Murph” by its fans after the actress Mackenzie Foy, who portrayed the character in the movie.


Hamilton watches

Interview with Sylvain Dolla – CEO of Hamilton Watch

Setting the theme that is “Storytelling” and talking about the rich collaborative history between Hamilton Watch and Hollywood. 

Sylvain Dolla

The WATCHESPEDIA team was kindly invited this year by none other than Sylvain Dolla, CEO of Hamilton Watch for an exclusive interview at the Hamilton Watch headquarters in Bienne, Switzerland. Mr. Dolla has been at the helm of this iconic watch brand since 2011 and shared with us his deep passion and enthusiasm for the brand. Mr. Dolla talked about the brand’s 2019 novelties, the “impact of Digital”, “Key Markets” and also his definition of success.


Press play below to watch the full-length interview with Sylvain Dolla – CEO of Hamilton Watch.

An exciting new partnership with Schott NYC

We were appreciative to get an exclusive look into the brand new collaboration between Hamilton Watch and Schott NYC.


Sylvain Dolla

What’s genuinely fascinating about these two brands is that each evokes the authentic American Spirit. Both were chosen by the U.S. Army for their reliability and supplied the best watches and jackets to pilots during World War II, becoming symbols of the 1940s military style.

By focusing on what they do best, Hamilton X Schott have created a real collector’s item for the distinguished gentleman.

Sylvain Dolla

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Schott NYC

The brand new Hamilton Khaki Pilot Schott NYC has a 46 mm case that houses the H-30 automatic day-date movement with 80 hours of power reserve.


Sylvain Dolla

The time is displayed on a khaki green dial with contrasting light green Super-LumiNova® hands and numerals. The importance of readability for pilots cannot be underestimated. With its sharp contrast, Super-LumiNova® offers clarity and legibility at a glance, even in the dark. Schott NYC has specially selected each piece of top-grain, full aniline, lightweight steer hide leather to create the band for the 1,892 limited edition pieces.

In conclusion, Hamilton watch has successfully captured our imagination once again – by collaborating with Schott NYC! Both brands have worked and combined their strengths into creating the “Hamilton Khaki Pilot Schott NYC“, delivering once again the genuine American experience based on authentic and shared values that have been at the core of both brands’ successes.

Interviewed by Pascal Grenacher

Produced by Alberic Virchaux

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Khaki Pilot Schott NYC

When thinking about American spirit two brands come to mind: Hamilton and Schott NYC. Both were chosen by the U.S. Army for their excellence and reliability and supplied the best watches and jackets to pilots during World War II, becoming symbols of the 1940s military style.

Craftsmanship and reliability is how Hamilton made its name by ensuring accuracy in the early days of the railroads, and it’s how Schott NYC gained their reputation as well as their cult following. By focusing on what we both do best, we have created a real collector’s item that stands for quality and American spirit and is bound to become a true American success story.

The 46 mm case of the new Khaki Pilot Schott NYC houses the H-30 automatic day-date movement with 80 hours of power reserve. The time is displayed on a khaki green dial with contrasting light green Super-LumiNova® hands and numerals. The importance of readability for pilots cannot be underestimated. With its strong contrast, Super-LumiNova® offers clarity and readability at a glance – even in the dark.

Khaki Pilot Schott NYC

Schott NYC has specially selected each piece of top grain, full aniline, lightweight steer hide leather to create the band for the 1,892 limited edition pieces. The Federal Standard military color 30099 Earth Brown watchstraps are made from the same leather used for the flight jackets during the war and to this day. The leather band starts life stiff and sturdy and will age naturally to become softer, taking on the shape of the wearer’s wrist. It is exactly how a leather jacket would crease over time to fit its owner’s unique contours.

Each of the 1,892 limited edition pieces – a nod to the year Hamilton was established and Schott NYC’s founder Irving Schott was born – will be presented in a specially created leather case made exclusively by Schott NYC for Hamilton. The case is sewn by hand using traditional techniques at the Schott NYC factory in Union, New Jersey. The folding case is lined with plaid heavy weight brushed cotton and features side entry pockets and a card holder for travel.

Chrono-matic 50

1969 was the year of the first automatic chronograph movement and Hamilton was an integral part of it. The Caliber 11 inspired the designs of dozens of sporty models from 1969 onwards. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of this watchmaking milestone, we are launching the Hamilton Chrono-Matic 50.

Distinctive, daring and definitely an attention-grabber, the Hamilton Chrono-Matic 50 is based on the Chrono-Matic E from the early ‘70s which has since become a highly sought after collector’s piece.

Chrono-matic 50

The early ‘70s was a hotbed of creativity with distinctive and unusual models all trying to harness the power of the pioneering new Caliber 11 movement. Our close involvement in the creation of Caliber 11 left us in a better position to make watches that could accurately showcase the new technology. It was one of the biggest breakthroughs in watchmaking since the launch of the legendary Ventura in 1957.

At a mind-blowing 48 mm, the authentic, ‘70s style stainless steel Hamilton Chrono-Matic 50 case is impressive, imposing and not for the faint hearted.

The Hamilton Chrono-Matic 50 has a date display at 6 o’clock and chronograph counters at 3 and 9 o’clock. The two chronograph pushers are positioned on the right hand side of the case and are marked in red. This bold color accent appears on everything linked to the chronograph – counters, chronograph hand, and inner dial ring – underscoring the dynamism of this stylish, multifunctional timekeeper.

Chrono-matic 50

The H-31 automatic chronograph movement offers an extended power reserve of 60 hours – a modern touch to keep this powerhouse pumping, even when you take some downtime. A quick-change date function acknowledges your need for quick thinking when you are on the go.

Once again, Hamilton achieved a great historical milestone in the area of watchmaking as key partner in the development of the Caliber 11. The strong character Hamilton Chrono-Matic 50 will seduce daring collectors and design aficionados alike.