For the first time in its history, H. Moser & Cie. has created a perpetual calendar with two windows displaying the date and month. The aim of this development is to offer optimal legibility in the brand’s sportiest line: Pioneer. The Pioneer Perpetual Calendar MD features a steel case water-resistant to 120 metres, enabling it to display the time under any conditions, whether on land or underwater. A practical, wearable perpetual calendar for everyday heroes.


In 2015, H. Moser & Cie. launched the Pioneer collection. This contemporary collection, imbued with a pioneering, adventurous spirit, was the obvious choice to accommodate the brand’s new perpetual calendar with dual window display. A stylish creation with two large windows to display the date and month and two discs featuring the Flash Calendar function, which changes instantly when necessary. The date can be set at any time of the day, forwards or backwards, with no risk to the movement.


The Pioneer Perpetual Calendar MD is an innovation par excellence, available in two models with bold colours: the first features the Funky Blue dial with traditional indexes and markers; the second is dressed in a brand new colour – Burgundy – and stripped of almost all indications except for the dots that mark the hours. An offset small second sits at 6 o’clock, and a power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock, along with the leap year cycle indicator, which is concealed on the movement side. The leaf-shaped hands are partially skeletonised and filled with Superluminova®, as are the hour marker dots on the flange.


At the heart of the Pioneer Perpetual Calendar MD beats a new Manufacture calibre. A complex marvel of ingenuity, the HMC 808 hand-wound movement offers a comfortable power reserve of at least seven days thanks to its double barrel.

The Pioneer Perpetual Calendar MD finds H. Moser & Cie. daring to push the limits of fine mechanical watchmaking ever further, always aware of the brand’s need to continue innovating and reinventing itself.

The unmistakeable H. Moser & Cie. style of irreverent Haute Horlogerie.

Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition_

Pioneer by name, Pioneer by nature, the Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition is a watch with wanderlust. Sapphire to the wrist, oceanic Funky Blue fumé to the sky, its technical specifications make it a worldly travel companion. Packed like a pro in a slick yet sturdy case of jet black DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) steel, this adventurous beauty is ‘gearing up’ to accompany real-life Pioneers around the world for a whole year.

A very special launch for a very special watch:

The Pioneer Tour For the launch of one of their boldest watches yet, H. Moser & Cie. has gone a little bit wild. To understand the marvel that is the Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition, they want real pioneers to experience it. There’s no replacement for the thrill of putting this beauty on the wrist. So, this month, H. Moser & Cie. is lending the Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition to lucky guardians, who will accompany it on an adventure around the globe for one year – with no route planned whatsoever. Because a real adventure demands that spontaneous bit of magic.

Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition_

One year. One epic odyssey. Countless destinations.

H. Moser & Cie. will start the adventure by lending the Pioneer to a friend and fellow watch-lover. And from then on, the rest is up to chance. The friend will hand it over to someone of their choice, after which it will be passed from watchlover to watchlover… destination (and connoisseur) unknown. Each person will keep the watch for a week, photographing the Pioneer on their wrist against a captivating view of their location, and sharing them with the world. And then the Pioneer will be set free to roam once again never resting long in one place, always on the road (or in the air…or underwater…). The community will be able to track the journey of the Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition on a dedicated landing page, as well as on Instagram @moserwatches under the hashtag #PioneerTour. Subscribers will receive H. Moser & Cie. newsletters with a recap of all the Pioneers’ adventures, and insider information about watchmaking and special product features.

Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition_

A closer look at the Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition

H. Moser & Cie. has encased their all-terrain model, the Pioneer, with a layer of DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) in pitch black. Under the domed sapphire crystal sits an iconic Moser fumé dial in stunning Funky Blue – a first for the Pioneer collection. The hour markers and hands, in luminescent Superluminova®, glimmer like stars in the night sky. But looks aren’t everything. Behind its midnight-hued exterior, the Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition boasts an HMC 200 movement – an in-house caliber with a Straumann® Hairspring, beating at 21,600 vibrations per hour. Equipped with a bi-directional pawl winding system, and a power reserve of more than three days, this newest member of the Pioneer family is ready for everyday adventures or world-wide odysseys. Water resistant up to 120 metres with a versatile black rubber strap, it’s even fit to sail the seven seas.

Pioneer Centre Seconds Funky Blue Black Edition_

Follow the journey: •

@moserwatches / #pioneertour

Endeavour Perpetual Moon
Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept

H. Moser & Cie. is proud to join the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by participating for the third time in the Charity Auction organised by the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy through the Only Watch campaign. To mark the occasion, the Schaffhausen-based Manufacture has created a unique piece, in a poetic tribute to the lunar body: the Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Only Watch. The dial on this model is made from Vantablack®, a super-black coating that holds the world record as the darkest man-made substance. It is composed of carbon nanotubes that are vertically aligned next to each other and is capable of absorbing 99.965% of light. Fascinating and mysterious, the Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Only Watch reinterprets the moon phase in an understated and resolutely modern way, highlighting the beauty of the moon in an ode to its purity.

Endeavour Perpetual Moon

On November 9th, 2019, Geneva will host the eighth Only Watch charity auction, with proceeds donated to research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. H. Moser & Cie. wanted to support this campaign once more with the donation of a unique piece, the Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Only Watch. Symbolising life, the perpetual and constantly renewed cycle of the lunar body in all its beauty and poetry, this creation pays tribute to the moon in a large window at 6 o’clock. Surrounding it is only space, as the Endeavour Perpetual Moon Only Watch is part of H. Moser & Cie.’s Concept series, without logo or indices. The dial, made from Vantablack®, accentuates this impression, giving the sensation of looking into a real black hole at its centre out of which the moon shines.

Endeavour Perpetual Moon

Within the 5N red gold case of the Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Only Watch beats the HMC 801 hand- wound Manufacture movement, equipped with the interchangeable Moser escapement. This calibre ensures the watch has a minimum 7-day power reserve, with an indicator on the movement side. The moon phase system is an extremely precise display that can be set to within a minute. A perpetual moon, the Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Only Watch is one of the most precise moon phases available, with one day’s deviation every 1027 years.

Endeavour Perpetual Moon

The Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Only Watch will be on display in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show, which takes place between September 25th and 28th, 2019. The Only Watch 2019 collection will then go on tour in Dubai, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and, finally, Geneva, from November 7th to 9th, 2019.

Endeavour Perpetual Moon

The Swiss Mad Watch is unique, symbolic, and irreverent, but most importantly, 100% Swiss and proud of it. With the Swiss Made label for watchmaking revised from January 1st, 2017, to require 60% of components in a watch to be of Swiss origin, H. Moser & Cie. has soundly critiqued the shortcomings of this inadequate label and stands up for true independent Swiss watchmakers. For the Schaffhausen-based Manufacture, whose creations are over 95% Swiss, this label is too lenient, providing no guarantee, creating confusion and encouraging abuses of the system. For these reasons, H. Moser & Cie. has decided to remove the Swiss Made label from all new watches created from 2017 onwards.

Created in Switzerland, by Swiss watchmakers and using Swiss materials: the Swiss Mad Watch has symbolic value, tackling Swiss Made debate head on to reveal the truth behind this label. With this unique watch, H. Moser & Cie. demonstrates the importance and urgency of returning Swiss Made to its former heights. Echoing the absurdity and the ridiculous change to the Swiss Made legislation, H. Moser & Cie.’s satirical comment on the issue highlights an alternative resource, 100% natural and entirely Swiss, one of the most precious Swiss resources that exists: cows. The case of the Swiss Mad Watch is created from real Swiss cheese as a base material, a Vacherin Mont d’Or médaille d’or, added to an innovative composite material, itr2©, then machined and polished with the H. Moser signature finishes. For the strap, Swiss cowhide was the obvious choice. The watch is finished with a red fumé dial and doubled indices at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, subtly reminiscent of the Swiss flag. The result? Stunning, irreverent, astonishing…and completely Swiss!

Disruptive? “Definitely,” responds Edouard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser & Cie. “Our Swiss Mad Watch sends a clear message to the Swiss watchmaking industry, the authorities and watch enthusiasts: the Swiss Made label is meaningless. Worse than this, it gives credibility to the worst abuses in our industry. Our response to this lax and insufficient label is derision. At H. Moser & Cie., we produce watches that are truly Swiss, watches that are steeped in watchmaking tradition and centuries of experience. The quality of these pieces speaks for itself and dispenses with the need for a label. We are no longer “Swiss Made”, but we are Swiss. 100% Swiss, in the case of the Swiss Mad Watch, and over 95% Swiss for all of our other models,” concludes Edouard Meylan.

The Swiss Mad Watch will be presented during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) from January 16th to 20th, 2017. This is the perfect opportunity to admire this unique watch, whose price of 1,081,291, in Swiss Francs of course, references the signing of the Swiss Federal Charter on August 1st, 1291. All proceeds from the sale of this watch will be used to create a fund to support independent Swiss watchmaking suppliers currently suffering under the difficult economic situation and outsourcing to Asia. These are the very artisans who keep traditional Swiss watchmaking alive and who help it to continually evolve.

I would like to talk to you today about the H. Moser & Cie Swiss Alp watch. What I have to say is by no means breaking news, it is more about taking the temperature of the current situation between Smart Watches VS Mechanical Watches, including, a retrospection of where we are in the Swiss watch industry.

At the Salon international de la haute horlogerie in Geneva, Switzerland. I have had the opportunity to get closer to one particular timepiece that really caught my imagination.

The Swiss Alp watch, by H. Moser & Cie, is a remarkable idea and a creative answer to a very important political question……. Smart Watches VS Mechanical Watches….. What I appreciated the most was the unequivocable sense of humour about it. For a young and small company to have the audacity and daring to come up with such a subtle joke and rant against a huge multinational Tech conglomerate, in my opinion, it’s priceless!

Making an important point, about the name “Swiss Made”, internationally known and regarded globally, as a symbol of reliability and quality. The Swiss Alp watch, by H.Moser & Cie, reminds us that Swiss watches have always been about mechanical watchmaking and will always be about mechanical watch making.This, of course, does not mean, that as an industry and country we can’t be pioneers in new technical landscapes.This is why the Swiss Alp watch, by H.Moser & Cie, has in my opinion, shifted the debate and redirected our priorities.

As a Swiss man, I understand that watchmaking, has always been a deeply embedded symbol within our culture, nationally and internationally.  Also serving and rewarding us with wonders time and time again. Ask anyone in Switzerland if they know someone who works or is related to the watchmaking industry and you’re guaranteed to find a positive response.  As part of our cultural DNA, watchmaking is in our blood and the knowledge skills and appreciation of beauty, is passed on from generation to generation.

Today,it seems to be very hard for any entity to publicly be funny, even more for a brand to have a sense of humour. The Swiss Alp watch by H. Moser & Cie in my eyes has achieved exactly that!  This is the good news, H. Moser & Cie shows to the world that they can be technically and creatively competitive. They also bring a well deserved kick to the whole debate flying over the subject of, Smart Watches VS Mechanical Watches.

Think about it ! If a small company like H. Moser & Cie, with their dash of humour, can cause such a stir online to our dear friends, on the other side of the atlantic, imagine what a well established brand could achieve?

Let’s remember what we are excellent at what we do and let’s keep our “Swiss Made” focus clear. We will always be faced with challenges and we will always have the resources and ingenuity to over come them.