GMT Sport

Augmented ergonomics, Assertive profile

Already in 2015, the GMT Black paved the way for the GMT Sport. Building on this foundation, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have invented and now present the result, a lightweight and ultra-strong, profiled titanium case with ovoid bezel and integrated lugs to showcase the new movement. Water-resistant to 100 meters, the new GMT Sport stands out as their most sport-oriented timepiece to date.

The movement was constructed from scratch – from the suspended arched bridge for the hours and minutes display, to the unique showcase of the Tourbillon 24 Secondes and the universal time display with three dimensional globe. Another truly assertive Greubel Forsey – and a revolution: the successful alliance between ergonomics, technicity and architecture.

Strong and truly original case geometry

The completely new and original titanium case, firmly positions this new GMT in a “sports” league of its own. In their creation of this timepiece, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have pushed back the limits of ergonomics and wrist comfort. They have invented a totally new case form, perfectly round from above, while revealing the accentuated arched and ovoid shape from other angles. The aerodynamics of this timepiece 4 patents are reinforced by its integrated lugs and strap resulting in distinct functional forms that perfectly fit any wrist.

The sweeping satin-finished bezel with Greubel Forsey’s values relief engraved on its outer bevel follows this unique case shape. The curved profile of the 45 mm diameter case and ovoid sapphire crystal provides the perfect showcase for an entirely new movement architecture with an arched bridge and inclined gear train.

mens GMT Sport

Suspended three-dimensional displays

The display side of the GMT Sport presents classic Greubel Forsey architecture, an open, orchestrated theatre between suspended bridges, semi-apparent wheels and floating dials in three dimensions. In keeping with the sporting vocation of this timepiece, the focus is on legibility and efficiency. The hours and minutes are displayed by concentric open-worked hands whose curved profile follows the curvature of the case and movement. Mounted on the suspended arch center bridge with black treated openings, the gear train literally follows the curve of the bridge, overlooking the globe to drive the hour and minute hands.

Ensuring excellent visibility in the dark, the triangular tips of the arrow-shaped hands and the markers on the minute-hour-ring are enhanced with luminescent coating. An auxiliary dial between 10 and 11 o’clock combines the small seconds on a large rotating disc and the second time zone display with a hand. These two coaxial displays with red triangular indexes underline this timepiece’s technicity. The 72-hour chronometric power reserve (ensured by two coaxial barrels in series) is indicated on a sector at 3 o’clock with its openwork hand and highlighted red triangle.

Housed underneath the arched bridge, the power reserve differential is subtly engraved with Greubel Forsey’s values. Whether they are visible on the dial side or concealed in the case-back side, each of the 435 components of this hand-wound movement, including titanium plates and bridges, respect the most demanding criteria of the Greubel Forsey Atelier and the teams utmost concern for the finest workmanship.

The Tourbillon 24 Secondes, the source of exceptional precision

The 24 Seconds Tourbillon is showcased at 1 o’clock secured by its distinctive and highly polished tourbillon bridge with black finished openings. This third Fundamental Invention by Greubel Forsey in the field of the tourbillon (after the Double Tourbillon 30° and the Quadruple Tourbillon) stands out with its cage inclined at 25 ° completing one full rotation in 24 seconds. The faster speed combined with the inventive cage inclination, significantly improves chronometric performance in a single-tourbillon system, with minimal movement height.

This exclusive and patented configuration counters the disturbances induced on the movement by earth’s gravity, especially in stable positions. The rotating tourbillon cage housing the regulating organ has 88 components, for a weight of 0.38 grams – a feat made possible in particular by light-alloy pillars and titanium bridges.

GMT Sport

A terrestrial globe showing universal time

Precision and reliability summarise Greubel Forsey’s ground-breaking GMT mechanism, presented for the first time in 2011, with the GMT Black presented in 2015. In this double-patented mechanism, the second time zone indication on the auxiliary dial between 10 and 11 o’clock is combined with a universal time display to intuitively read the current time anywhere in the world.

The remarkable innovation and striking spectacle of the terrestrial rotating globe – seen from above the North Pole – performs each complete anticlockwise turn on its axis in 24 hours. It’s surrounded by a sapphire crystal ring with 24-hour divisions; where the wearer can read local time for all longitudes, including the day / night indicator (light zone / dark zone). On the caseback side of the GMT Sport, outer and central rings complete the sapphire cities disc to give UTC Universal and Summer Time for 24 cities in major time zones.

This disc distinguishes those time zones applying summer time (on a light background) from those that do not (on a dark background). Reviewing the ergonomics, the GMT’s functions use two pushers located on the left side of the case; one to select the second time zone and the other for synchronising the local time with the globe. The titanium and rubber crown also ensures optimum setting.

In a sports league of its own

Created in a limited edition of 11 pieces, the GMT Sport with the key Greubel Forsey values in relief on the bezel has a black or blue rubber strap. A titanium folding clasp reinforces the comfort and ergonomics of this Greubel Forsey timepiece. The GMT Sport, an architectural performance with augmented ergonomics, signed Greubel Forsey.

Hand Made 1

The summit of true hand-watchmaking

With 95% of this timepiece – including the hairspring – made using only hand-operated tools, one single timepiece requiring an extraordinary 6,000 hours work (equal to three years man-hours), Hand Made 1 by Greubel Forsey takes traditional watchmaking to a new unprecedented summit. Never before has a hand-made timepiece exhibited such a high level of workmanship and precision. This timepiece, unique in the history of watchmaking, is the fruit of a technical and human endeavour of epic proportions, enlisting extraordinary talents and setting the course for the future.

Before the Industrial Revolution and the advent of mass production, watch components had to be made one by one requiring very specific skills, tools and completely hand-operated machines. Today, with industrialisation, excellence in hand craftsmanship has virtually disappeared and these skills are not even taught in schools. Throughout their training and careers, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have amassed extensive experience of hand craftsmanship, both in prototypes or replacement parts for restoration.

Deeply attached to these ancestral skills at the core of such a rich irreplaceable watchmaking heritage, the Naissance d’une Montre 1 adventure with Time Æon Foundation and their determination to pass on their know-how to future generations, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have now gone to unprecedented lengths by creating Hand Made 1, the first incarnation of this out-and-out approach.

Hand Made 1

Hand Made 1, a landmark in the history of watchmaking

Greubel Forsey unveils the result of this unprecedented watchmaking approach:

Hand Made 1 – an hours/minutes/seconds timepiece with a tourbillon. This creation took an uncharted course because simply replicating an existing calibre by hand was out of the question. The Hand Made 1 has been entirely created from scratch. The movement construction, traditional machining and hand-finishing specialists reflected at length on each of the 272 movement components and 36 case parts, understanding and concentrating on what the hand-made approach allows and how to get the very best out of it. The same questions were asked at every stage: “How can we design this part to be able to make it using traditional tools or machines such a jig borer or lathe? And which shape can we give it so the artisans’ intelligent hands can ensure extraordinary precision and the finest craftsmanship?”

The Hand Made 1 therefore demanded a total overhaul of the creative process, involving the people who would make and decorate each component from the very beginning. This project’s daring was only matched by the creativity and inventiveness required to find new technical solutions. Some parts of the movement were redesigned in order to simplify them. Meanwhile for other mechanisms such as the tourbillon, the number of components had to be increased to allow each part to be made by hand. The timepiece’s relatively modest dimensions (43.5 mm in diameter and 13.5 mm thick) further heightened the difficulty of this task.

Hand Made 1

Hand Made beauty

In this unique endeavour of Greubel Forsey’s handmade craftsmanship, each component tells a tale. It has its own development process and journey that makes it unique, undergoing long hours of cutting from the raw material guided only by the eye and the human hand. The technical and aesthetic perfection of this Hand Made 1 timepiece is immediately visible and in true Greubel Forsey style, it attributes equal importance to the invisible beauty of all the parts concealed inside the case.

The journey begins with the regulating organ, entirely produced by hand in Greubel Forsey’s workshops, including the balance spring, fashioned from an alloy in the Atelier. The balance spring is then rolled in a hand operated rolling mill (without computer assistance), a process that is certainly an endangered know how – only a few balance springs can be made at a time – whereas in contemporary industrial production, hundreds or thousands are automatically produced at once. The balance wheel is also entirely hand-made with an extraordinary standard of precision and finish.

The escape wheel, with its 20 individually-cut teeth, each with four surfaces that are later ground, is a true tour de force. Meanwhile the machining and finishes of the escape lever alone require a month and a half of work.

Hand Made 1

The hand making of the tourbillon carriage – with its 69 components weighing a total of 0.521 g – represented another sizeable challenge, as it is not possible to replicate the same geometry of a CNC machine on a traditional jig borer. An increased number of parts are consequently required to form this exquisite, almost airborne mechanism.

All the movement’s components are of course then hand finished true to the finest watchmaking tradition, including the bridges with their polished inner and outer vertical flanks, the unique “Gratté” mainplate, and the wheels with hand polished bevels top and bottom (40 sharp internal angles for a five-spoke wheel). The open dial stands out with its hand-enamelled chapter rings, paired with elegant, finely shaped flame-blued steel hands.

Naturally, the 18k white gold case is also, handmade, thanks to a pantograph mechanical lathe fitted with turning tools, before being patiently satin-finished on the sides and polished on the upper surfaces.

Created as just two or three timepieces per year, the Greubel Forsey Hand Made 1 is destined to become a new watchmaking landmark that unites both past and future.

This new step towards the summit in the finest of craftsmanship is substantiated on the dial at 6 o’clock, where the inscription HAND MADE replaces the usual SWISS MADE.

Stephen Forsey

During this year’s SIHH 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland, we had the great honour to be able to interview Stephen Forsey, Co-Founder Of Greubel Forsey. Mr. Forsey took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about this year’s novelties for the SIHH 2019.

Greubel Forsey GMT Black: For the Ultimate Globetrotter

Putting together the very best of art and science, Greubel Forsey has come up with the GMT Black timepiece—a definite must-have for the ultimate man of the world who’s not afraid to traverse and explore new lands and immerse himself in new experiences.

It’s no coincidence that the GMT Black was designed in such a way resembling an old navigation system, even bearing a partial replica of the globe within the dial as well. While this timepiece may not suit everyone’s taste and preferences, it would certainly stand out amongst the real connoisseurs who can appreciate a horological masterpiece when they see one. And as such, Greubel Forsey dares to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, as well as having that distinctive character with this rare and unique watch.

Encased in quality titanium and treated with vacuum deposited ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon), the dial features a thick black coating provides the timepiece a much greater surface hardness than natural titanium. There’s this remarkable restraint when it comes to the palette of colours used, which aids in bringing out a certain sense of rugged allure. The black coating also provides more focus onto the various dials and indication zones that are strategically placed above and beyond the terrestrial globe as well. Such visually appealing design was meant to evoke the night sky, with twinkling stars in their eternal orbits as they surround the earth.

Greubel Forsey has once again succeeded in manifesting their excellent signature craftsmanship and outstanding ingenuity when it comes to their timepieces. With the GMT Black, the brand has managed to bring about a contemporary watch that caters to the modern man with above average ambitions and dreams—someone who’s not afraid to go for them as well.

Without a doubt, the Greubel Forsey GMT Black is a real gem and collector’s item for the ultimate globetrotter. And the fact that only 22 timepieces will be released worldwide makes this exquisite watch a one-of-a-kind luxury for the daring adventurer. Indeed, it is a timepiece that’s worth being strapped to the wrist of the man taking on one conquest at a time and never stopping until he has successfully navigated his way in the world.

The Greubel Forsey GMT Black currently retails at $565,000



The makers of world-acclaimed tourbillion movements offer a second serving of what is already loved piece of horlogerie. On October 2015, Greubel Forsey was awarded with the “Aiguille d’Or” by the Jury of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve, for their 24 Seconds Vision—a second snatching of the top prize, following their first triumph in 2010.

Now, Greubel Forsey relives the taste of victory with another rendition of their well-favoured timepiece. The Tourbillon 24 Seconds Vision offers a darker charm in black and red gold colours, compared to the white gold and white dial pairing of the initial design. A tasteful, handsome approach to the former minimal aesthetics, the new version presents a richer, deluxe feel, with classic colours to fit any masculine hand.

What is inside the watch? It is powered with the same 24-seconds tourbillon, an exclusive make from a brand known for its exceptional movement. Despite its powerful inner architecture, everything is housed in a compacted case 13.65 mm thick, a bit leaner than some of the brand’s initial offerings. More than just for the aesthetics, the case is made to set the complications in order. The sapphire glass, both in back and front, are split to provide enough room for the tourbillon’s movement, which is inside a translucent bubble.

For anyone looking for a beautifully detailed craftsmanship, this watch is just perfect. The plates and bridges have undergone precise polishing that gives of a perpetual shin, avoiding distortion of shape and size. Everything is placed neatly against another, topped with a frosted plate for wearability.

Hour markers and hands propose an effortlessly charming design; indicative lines are engraved in silvery white, shining brilliantly along with the slim gold hands. The watch can be stylishly strapped on with a black alligator leather bracelet.


  • 24 seconds tourbillion
  • 72-hours Power Reserve
  • 3Hz Frequency
  • Red gold case
  • Slim gold hands
  • Black polished dial
  • Hand-polished plates and bridges
  • Black alligator leather strap

This is Greubel Forsey offering another chance for ardent timepiece fans to snag their newest trump card. The lush aura of this creation showcases both brilliance in make and movement, produced by one of the best artisans in Swiss watchmaking.



As the name suggests, Signature 1 is the first of its league. Luxury watchmaker Greubel Forsey has long mused with a question on how to indulge with both extreme sophistication and basic simplicity. The six-long journey, comprised of building up watchmakers and setting their creativity on fire, has resulted to a singular timepiece filled with elegance and straightforward design.

Signature 1 is an honest-to-goodness watch. At one glance, you can see a miniature dial and an open space for tourbillions, all wrought up by a large balance wheel. The Geneva stripes beneath the white face delivers a solid, industrial feel, while the colours blue and gold pops out from the black and silvery facade.

Known as a brand playing with mechanism for tourbillions, it is surprising that Greubel Forsey‘s approach returns to unadulterated aesthetics, baring complexities underneath a flawless canvass with pure courage. Stephen Forsey, one-half of the brand’s directors, relays that most luxury watches are now armed with powerful tourbillions, but are still utilizing similar construction. It is with this note that the brand decided to step away from the common and start from scratch.

The three-wound feature of the watch showcases intelligence in understanding placement, as well as a new approach in time telling. At a glance, users can uncover various functions without the need to trigger the pusher. Everything is nestled inside a clear sapphire crystal case and is strapped on with an alligator leather bracelet.


  • Manufacture movement, manually-wound
  • Three-hand feature
  • Exclusively designed Greubel Forsey balance wheel
  • Gold dial
  • Geneva-stripes aesthetic
  • Satin-finished and polished bridges
  • Black alligator leather strap

Greubel Forsey has now reached its first decade, and as a sort of giving-back to its patrons, it launches a cause which aids future watchmakers to embrace the practice of traditional watch making techniques. The cause is silently bred, developing potential artisans and giving them opportunities to showcase their ideas and designs. It is in this way, that the brand can help safeguard the future of such practices over the years.

Didier Cretin, part of the Greubel Forsey team, is the prominent name behind the first of the Signature pieces. This edition has only 33 pieces in gold and platinum versions. The same number is available for additional steel-cased pieces, all available for advance reservations.



Greubel Forsey pushes forward its premium horology piece; a unique item that features an exclusive movement with two oscillators viewable within a half-circle aperture by the dial. Their newest offering: The Double Balancier à Différentiel Constant, is the result of the watchmaker’s meticulous research. It is derived from the original Double Balancier, a limited edition series which first applied a unique construction with multiple tourbillions.

In the first make, the Double Balancier contains a balance wheel with a tilted orientation, reducing the possibilities of errors due to fall. The two balance wheels, other than its appealing clockwork, offers precise timekeeping with its harmonized rotation. But the Différentiel Constant speaks a subtler message; the presents an augmented architecture, taking away the necessary fuss and frills to produce a tasteful, minimalist aesthetic. The irregularly shaped opening was smoothened into a straight finish, swaying one’s focus on the amazing movement the sizable gap offers. Special functions, such as the chronometer, are placed strategically on smart areas on and beneath the half-crescent backdrop.

Layers of plates and bridges swing in three-dimension, showcasing the beauty and genius of the mechanism. The product only conveys Greubel Forsey‘s unique knock in mechanical architecture. It took the watchmaker years to finally unveil their contemporary haute horlogery with double inclined balance, sharply configured to improve precision of the chronometer.

The watch, handsomely fitting a modern man’s wrist, is perfect for avid collectors of Swiss watches with unsurpassed complications. Greubel Forsey for certain, will keep pushing the envelope forward, in developing unique precision luxury pieces for contemporary watch lovers.

Just like in the initial Double Balancier release, expect the brand’s attention to details, with a silvery dial, well-constructed lugs, polished background engraving and an 18 karat white gold case.


  • Manufacture movement
  • 72-hour Power Reserve
  • 3 Hz Frequency
  • Two oscillator features
  • Nickel silver frosted plates and bridges
  • 18 Karat white gold, sapphire crystal case
  • Superluminova tips
  • Black alligator leather strap

Horology lovers will love to hear that this exclusive series is comprised of only 33 pieces–the limited edition virtue of this watch makes it another perfect item for collectors. Greubel Forsey shares that this will be followed by other non-limited versions in the future.