Vanguard™ Skeleton

The Vanguard™ Skeleton in its full black version claims its dark immaculate look through the clever appearance of its skeleton body with black bridges and a black titanium case.

The bridges hand-polished to perfection reveal the manufactured movement of the watch in its entirety. Wholly designed and manufactured in-house, the balanced design of the Vanguard™ Skeleton showcase the passion for crafts and art of details characteristic of the Franck Muller manufacture.
The manually wound mechanical movement offers 7 days of power reserve and the open worked bridges have been designed to accentuate the architecture of this piece, which is very strong.

While keeping its very strong DNA, the newly born Vanguard™ skeleton provides a mesmerising view on an in-house crafted mechanical treasure. The bridges hand-chamfered to perfection reveal not only the manufactured movement of the watch but also a second counter at 6 o’clock. The architectural and geometric open worked bridges have been designed for watch lovers to admire the mechanism in its entirety.

Introducing the limited edition Vanguard Encrypto

The Vanguard Encrypto also called “the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch” is a newly launched limited edition.

The Vanguard Encrypto was launched in partnership with cryptocurrency trading platform Regal Assets and bears a Bitcoin logo and a QR code of Bitcoin on its dial.

Vanguard Encrypto

The dial effectively includes a laser-etched QR code for a public wallet address that can be used to deposit Bitcoins and check the balance of the account. To allow this secure process a sealed USB stick is included with the watch to store the private key.

How does this work?

Bitcoin wallets are made up of two parts, a public address and a private address, most people are used to having both addresses in the same electronic device, however experienced early bitcoin adopters use a different method.

The Vanguard Encrypto uses offline generated, non-deterministic TRNGs (True Random Numbers Generated) paper wallet style storage. As mentioned this method for storing bitcoin is quite popular among long term bitcoin holders and early adopters due to its massive security advantage and peace of mind. However rather than relying on slips of papers, users can just scan their dial.

Each timepiece comes as two piece “Deep Cold Storage” set. Users can add their Bitcoin to their wallet or check their balance directly through the dial. The watch’s QR code and cold storage systems were designed in partnership with Regal Assets, a renowned crypto investment company with offices in the US, Canada, the UK and the UAE. Regal Assets made headlines in 2017 by being the first company to receive a government issued license to trade cryptos in its deep cold storage vault, as covered by Bloomberg.

The Vanguard Encrypto is available in Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, Titanium and Carbon. It comes with a hand sewn alligator strap with rubber on the other side of the folding buckle. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds and date at 6 o’clock. The Encrypto, is tastefully designed using the QR code of SatoshiNakamoto’s Genesis Blockaddress, with striking and distinct numerals which complements and blends with the bitcoin logo.

True to our objectives, the Encrypto successfully combined technical innovation, revolutionary design and craftsmanship that represents the finest quality in the Swiss watchmaking industry allowing the wearer of the timepiece to have never before experienced, emotional and personal impact with his creation. While the watch serves not only its purpose of telling time but also acts as a gateway to accessing the millennial gold of this era. It is truly an impressive and remarkable creation.

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The Encrypto can be purchased by bitcoin. For the complete line of Encrypto time pieces and other technical information, go to

The five-day exhibition showcased Franck Muller’s groundbreaking timepieces delivered specially from Switzerland, guests were invited to immerse themselves into the world of Haute Horlogerie by walking through Franck Muller’s historical moments in a gigantic gear wheel-shaped time tunnel. While celebrating its splendid achievements, the latest collection was unveiled to illustrate the watchmaker’s innovative watchmaking.

The exhibition included live watchmaking demonstrations that featured showcase Franck Muller’s unrivalled skills at assembling a movement and exceptional craftsmanship.

The party ended in a high note as Dr. Pollyanna Chu, Chairman of Franck Muller Asia, Mr. Nicholas Chu, Executive Director of Sincere Watch Limited, Mr. Francis Phua, Managing Director of Franck Muller Asia, and Ms. Myolie Wu, Friend of the brand, appeared on stage and toasted with Julian Cheung, Mr. Kingston Chu and Mr. Nicholas Rudaz. The star-studded event saw the glamorous presence of many celebrities, such as Yen Kuok, Eileen Tung, Jeannie Chan, Tony Wong Yuk-long and his fiancée Cass Fong, Jessica Jann, Erica Yuen Mi-ming, Joseph Lam, Andy Wong, Jimmy Tang, David Kung, Kam Kwok-leung, Gloria Lo, Raymond Wong Pak-ming, Mr & Mrs Ricky Chim Kim-lun, and Mr & Mrs Stephen Shiu Junior.

Guests were invited to engage themselves by sharing some great moments of the event through their own Instagram account and upload their photos with hashtag #FM25thHK. They might follow the official account @franckmuller_asia to stay tuned or print the pictures on-site to bring the joyful memories home.