Dewitt Watches

Dragging, sliding, and now, toboggan-shaped: the creative hours of the DeWitt Manufacture are showcased on a new model, the highly original and playful Academia Slide. Directly inspired by Jérôme De Witt’s passion for cars, it bears witness to the creative vitality of what remains one of the very last manufactures in Geneva to be 100% independent and family-run.

Observation, inspiration, a new timepiece: continuing its creative journey, the DeWitt manufacture presents an
original, unusual, playful new creation: the Academia Slide.

Its story began with Jérôme De Witt’s desire to display the time differently. While the manufacture has fully demonstrated its skill with traditional high-end timepieces, the Academia collection also lends itself to particularly bold creative exercises. The Slide is the latest illustration of this approach. Made entirely from titanium, this 49 mm piece was originally inspired by children’s toboggans. It presents a progressive, effortless slide from top to bottom thanks to an intuitive use of gravity.

The Academia Slide applies this basic physical principle to watchmaking in a ground-breaking way. Every hour is
inscribed on a brass plate that slides along a track, guiding it to a horizontal position. It is this horizontal display
alone that shows the current hour. Next, the two central hands indicate the minutes and seconds.

This simple, intuitive design is also highly energy efficient. The hour plates slide in a natural, fluid manner. They are all interconnected: as soon as an hour arrives at the flat position, its plate begins its return to a vertical position and the next plate begins its descent. This continuous progression of the hours, which never freeze even for a second, symbolises the elusive, ephemeral nature of time.

The unusual star-shaped dial is a direct result of Jérôme DeWitt’s passion for mechanics. The creative soul of the
manufacture and passionate collector of historic automotive developments was inspired here by the legendary rotary engines central to vintage cars and aeroplanes from the early 20th century.

These engines ran extremely smoothly thanks to their considerable inertia, a property that is fully exploited in the Academia Slide. They were also more compact and lightweight than other systems. Again, the Academia Slide takes full advantage of this, offering a simpler (and therefore more reliable) watch construction of just 276 components, scarcely more than a traditional three-hand manufacture movement.


Reference – DW 0101
Movement – Automatic
Diameter – 39.6 mm
Functions – 3D Hours/minutes/seconds
Power reserve – 42 hours
Vibrations – 28,800 vph
Balance – Annular
Spiral – Flat
Escapement – Swiss Lever
Jewelling  – 22
Number of components – 276

Case – Academia S
Material – Titanium
Diameter – 49.2 mm
Total thickness – 15.3 mm
Crown – Titanium
Case back – Titanium
Distance between lugs – 23 mm

Dial – Circular-grained flat faces/Polished angle/Transferred graduated minutes scale
Hands –

Wristband – Titanium
Buckle – Folding

Water-resistance – 30 metres

érôme de Witt

During this year’s SIHH 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland, we had the great honour to be able to interview Jérôme de Witt, CEO of DeWitt Watches. He kindly talked to us about this year’s new release for DeWitt Watches.

Interviewed by Pascal Grenacher

Jérôme de Witt the descendant of King Jerome of Westphalia, the brother of the Emperor Napoleon 1st has been the designer of the company’s unique destiny since 2003.

In 2005, DeWitt wins the Prize for Innovation at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève thanks to its favourite piece, the Academia Force Constante. Sales take off and the turnover reaches after a couple of years CHF 36 million.

However, in 2009, all independent brands are facing hard times. Consequently, the Haute Horlogerie undertakes some changes, particularly in the area of distribution.

Driven by his boundless passion for mechanics, his amazing imagination and through his exploration of mechanics from the big to the infinitely small, Jérôme de Witt, (who also restores vintage cars), continues to invent new horological creations collaborating with his engineers.

2012 though marks a new twist in the destiny of the company with the founder’s wife Viviane de Witt taking over the reins of the company and being appointed CEO. She skilfully gives new momentum to the micro Manufacture based on a full transparent approach. Viviane de Witt claims: “It is above all a human journey. I am constantly working on preserving the exceptional know-how of our Master watchmakers and dial makers, along with their priceless craftsmanship.”

After three years of difficult economic circumstances, DeWitt intends to go back to its roots. As of 2018, the brand will reduce its watch collections, cut down its references to one third and highlight its key models such as the very distinctive design of the famous imperial columns on the side of the watchcase.

In addition comes a new baseline “Mechanical Machine Inventions”, which takes inspiration from the brand’s DNA and its founder’s passion. DeWitt’s first participation to the SIHH in January 2018 will be the perfect launching ramp for the brand’s fresh start.


Interviewed by Alberic Virchaux

The Academia Out of Time model scintillates with gold in celebration of 2017.

After rendering this iconic timepiece in elegant black, blue and white shades of lacquer, the DeWitt Manufacture now presents the Academia Out of Time with its dial lacquered in a chocolate colour tone highlighted by specks of gold.

The Maison has built up the skills and know-how to manufacture our extremely complex dials in- house, perpetuating and advancing traditional artistic crafts, guilloché-work, enamelling and lacquering so all our dials can be entirely crafted by hand.

The mastermind behind this patented invention, Jérôme de Witt, gives us a highly personal interpretation of time with a combination of bold design and a grand watch complication.

Housed in a round 42.5 mm diameter case, the Academia Out of Time watch is driven by an automatic DeWitt calibre indicating the hours, minutes and seconds, and entirely developed, produced and assembled by hand by our master watchmakers at the Meyrin Manufacture in Geneva.

Robust and reliable with its 21,600 vibrations per hour and its 65-hour power reserve, the Out of Time version is equipped with two elaborate complications: a dead-beat seconds hand, which serves as both a regulator and an indicator of the seconds function in the display at 4 o’clock, and a free seconds hand, a DeWitt invention, in the display at 8 o’clock.

These 2 functions represent the opposition between real time, in the form of regulator function of the dead-beat seconds hand that momentarily halts at each second, and virtual time, freely following its wild and endless course.

This unique watch structure is made up of the DW5051 standard manufactured calibre plus additional modules, with a total of 217 components, most of which are made in-house and assembled in DeWitt’s own workshops.

Creating an interplay of contrasting effects through the combination of traditional and innovative materials, the Academia Out of Time’s case is crafted in 18-carat rose gold and black rubber, with a subtle recreation of the famous imperial columns, the distinctive signature of DeWitt watch creations.

Like all DeWitt watch creations, it perfectly meets the very high standard of finishes endorsed by the Manufacture. We also find two small “W” signatures on the crown and on the buckle.

Linked more closely than ever to the exclusive end of the market with the Academia Out of Time model, the DeWitt Manufacture combines unconventional watchmaking expertise with constantly renewed creativity to create this resolutely innovative timepiece.

Open your heart to the Dewitt experience. 

You might just want to have it for yourself. Do understand that when it comes to overcoming and setting the bar very high, you can count on Dewitt. The new Dewitt “Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewellery” encompasses all its know how in one timepiece.

What is a defining moment in the Dewitt experience is when you get the chance to wear and feel this watch on your skin. The Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon houses a 43mm round case with a spectacular 18-carate rose gold. One of the key ingredients and what makes Dewitt watches instantly recognisable is, of course, their imperial columns decorating its flanks.

The interior side of the bezel as a whole is a mesmerizing diamond-polished wall in 18-carat rose gold that surrounds is breathtaking on the above of the skeletonised section with a subtle “W” logo that decorates this article of the timepiece.

The creative work of Dewitt is put to the test when you can find in the case of the Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon 36 baguette cut diamonds and 96 brilliant cut diamonds.

Dewitt’s movement is an age-old movement the DW8028s skeletonised movement gives the wearer of this unique watch a sense that a few strings hold the whole movement together.The tourbillon is manually wounded, and hand assembled in-house at the Dewitt manufacture. 

Passion and exceptions are very high standards for any watchmaker expecting to reach excellence. Dewitt has proven with this watch that it deserves its position as a fantastic creator of experiences.  The Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon by Dewitt is an exceptional timepiece which every luxury watch lover needs to consider having in their collection.