Expo 2020 Dubai unveils the Women’s Pavilion with Cartier

A better world is a world where all human beings can thrive. A more tolerant, caring, harmonious world. Where women and girls can share their vision and achieve their dreams. A world where they can thrive.


Expo 2020 Dubai unveils the Women’s Pavilion in collaboration with Cartier, reaffirming a shared commitment to closing the gender gap.

Cartier Sixième Sens

The New Collection Sixième Sens Par Cartier

Illustrates the Soulfulness Particular to High Jewellery, an Expression of Art with the Power to Move Like No Other.

An Art Form with Unique Emotional Power. Caught Between Surprise and Wonder, the Gaze Is Captured, Absorbed and Lost in the Fascinating Depths of Thousand‑Year‑Old Stones, Awakening the Most Vivid of Emotions.

With a stylised feline interpretation, organic textures and shards of coloured light, shimmering gems electrify while stones in flavoursome hues of ripe fruits summon up scents of distant paradises.

Using trompe-l’oeil and graphic patterns, optical illusions and the power of evocation, compositions play with earthly gravity in radiant transfigurations of reality. Quivering in the light, jewels come to life upon contact with the skin.

By challenging our perceptions, this collection leads us into a world of sensory stimulation, as each sense comes alive including the sixth sense: a staggering feeling of emotion that touches the heart.

How do you add to the beauty of an 8.20 carat ruby? How do you enhance that which is already exceptional? Behind the architecture of this ring is a tiered construction that allows a 4.01 carat rose-cut diamond to be inserted directly below the magnificent stone that sits at the top. When the light hits the diamond after first passing through the ruby, its rich red hue is intensified.

The structure integrates groups of triangular diamonds while maintaining the ring’s airy appearance. Along with tiny ruby balls, diamonds surround the central stone, arranged with subtle openings to allow them to catch the light, illuminating the ruby.

The Contrasts Between the Different Sizes of Stones and Different Hues Are Amplified by a Setting Designed to Be as Inconspicuous as Possible.

Diamonds, Onyx and Rock Crystal Form a Hypnotic Checkerboard on a Necklace That Seems to Be Alive With Perpetual Movement.

The purity of the motif is also its strength. The stones appear to multiply ad infinitum an optical illusion that is made all the more striking by the relief of the piece as each element is mounted at a different level.

Movement, rhythm, and all spatial and temporal references are lost in a precious mosaic of gemstones. The blurring of perspective is complemented by a play of materials and light between mirror-polished metal and graphic black onyx.

As always with Cartier, particular attention has been paid to the back of the piece, which reveals the exact reverse of the front.

At its centre lies a 21.51-carat sapphire cabochon, with an intense blue hue which seems to glow from within. Around it, five parentheses of radiant diamonds and emeralds reflect the light, fanning out like the surface of a lake. Black lacquer creates shadow effects to reinforce the impression of movement, supported by the original width of the ring, which spans three fingers, with slightly mobile tips.

As an ultimate refinement, the motif can be detached and worn as a brooch.

Created at the very beginning of the 20th century, this combination of sapphires and emeralds, named the “peacock motif” by Louis Cartier, is part of the Maison’s emblematic colour palette.

The Udyana Necklace

A colour combination emblematic of the style of the Maison since the 1920s, Tutti Frutti brings the Udyana necklace alive.

Created in the High Jewellery ateliers of the Maison, this one-of-a-kind piece takes its name from the Sanskrit word for garden. It celebrates nature at its most luxuriant and colourful, through a profusion of motifs and precious stones including sapphires, rubies and engraved emeralds. For Cartier, the necklace not only represents a continuation of expertise, but also the Maison’s tradition for transformable jewellery that can be worn in multiple ways.

Cartier Udyana Necklace

The Udyana Necklace and Its Exceptional Central Stone

The Udyana necklace forms a rich canopy of ribbed emerald balls studded with rubies and topped with an impressive 67.7-carat engraved ruby pendant from Mozambique.

In addition to its impressive weight, the stone is a fascinating pinkish red colour with a touch of orange. Its uniqueness lies in the hexagonal shape which provides an ideal space for the carved floral motif. This engraving is entirely carried out by hand, using a technique developed by the Mughals in the 17th century.

Cartier Sixieme Sens

The choice of stones lies at the heart of the creative process for the Udyana necklace, as for every piece of Cartier high jewellery, in a tribute to their beauty, as well as to the beauty of nature.

When it comes to selecting coloured stones, a quest for excellence dictates Cartier’s choices each time. The jeweller is looking for an extra something that will allow for a dialogue between the stone and the creator. What story does it tell; where does it come from; what does this emerald cut into a ribbed ball, this sapphire or this flowered ruby evoke? The stones inspire Cartier, which in turn offers them an appropriate setting for their beauty.

Each of them must meet the highest standards of excellence and quality set by the Maison’s experts. It’s a duty and a responsibility, both social and environmental, pioneered by Cartier as an early adopter of responsible commitment in terms of sourcing coloured stones.

Cartier Udyana Necklace

The Udyana Necklace: A Question of Savoir-Faire

Harmony of composition and the naturalness of the branches and buds was a priority for the workshops that created the Udyana necklace.

Cartier Sixieme Sens

The challenge began with the design, and how to associate the cut and engraved stones.

Each stone then required a jeweller to make a bezel to size by hand, for insertion into the veins of the leaves.

The leaves themselves were linked by a tree of diamond-set stems, each of which is different, to maximise the naturalness of the whole.

Added to this jewellery prowess, is the complexity inherent in any transformable piece, designed to be worn in several different ways. A pendant to be worn alone, a brooch, and necklace all in one, the piece is designed to be changed as desired without any visible engineering, whilst the whole remains secure.

The pendant can be detached and fixed on a chain, while the main necklace can be worn as is, and the back pendant can be worn as a brooch.

Cartier Logo

Cartier announces the laureates of the 2021 edition of the Cartier Women’s Initiative

The names of the 8 laureates of the Cartier Women’s Initiative were announced today during a digital ceremony, which concluded three days of virtual gathering on the theme of “the Ripple Effect”. For its 2021 edition, the Cartier Women’s Initiative program aims to explore how to create and sustain the ripple effect ignited by these women changemakers, thus paving the way for a better world for future generations.

Hosted by Cyrille Vigneron, Cartier President and CEO, the virtual gathering brought together a diverse group of global thinkers and doers ranging from prominent leaders such as entrepreneur and author Jacqueline Novogratz, award-winning journalist, author, and founder of Shriver Media and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Maria Shriver or scholar Nassim Nicholas Taleb to friends of Cartier such as actor, producer and change agent Yara Shahidi, to collectively discuss the challenges of our time and to shine a light on the opportunities they provide to foster antifragility, build new alliances and uplift women impact entrepreneurs.

The 8 laureates were selected by an independent international jury committee amongst 876 applicants from over 142 countries. The winners of the 2021 edition all share an unwavering commitment to generating positive change in the world by answering to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of promoting good health & well-being, reducing inequalities and encouraging climate actions as well as responsible consumption and production.

“For the past fifteen years, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has celebrated women impact entrepreneurs. It has long been our belief that to thrive, they need an enabling environment, a supportive ecosystem and an empowering culture. During the Virtual Gathering, like-minded individuals and organizations from all horizons have joined us to explore how we can collectively uplift these outstanding change-makers. We look to the future with confidence by their side, as we witness them building up a tide of change, thus making the world a better place for generations to come.”

  • Cyrille Vigneron, President and CEO of Cartier International
Pasha de Cartier Community

The PASHA Watch Saga

A watch originating in the archives and dating back to 1943, with its powerful lines, grid, Arabic numerals, crown cover and clous carré, it became the inspiration for the Pasha watch over forty years later.

Launched in 1985, its name pays tribute to the Pasha of Marrakesh, a lover of fine watchmaking and lifelong customer of Louis Cartier. Extraordinary diameter, chained crown and entirely in yellow gold: it will very quickly become a heritage piece. Its extroverted design is utterly in tune with the hedonism of the time. Bring joy to yourself, show off your happiness and be seen! It crystallises the success of an entire generation.

Waterproof Wristwatch with Protective Grille

Soon, women will be stealing it from men for the power it exudes. It appears on the covers of women’s magazines who photograph it directly on shirt cuffs. Ultra-contemporary and ultravisible, it has become the standout watch of popular fashion editors. Women adopt this powerful signature that meets their desire for liberation. They achieve success and want it to be known.

That’s why the Pasha de Cartier has been an iconic watch since its creation. For this reason, it has inspired a host of Cartier variations: from the Pasha C, the first to introduce steel in 1995 to the Pasha 32, precious and officially feminine (1998), and from the Pasha 42 with its greater dimensions (2005) to the Miss Pasha in 2009, introducing a mini version, joyous and colourful.

Style, strength of character, energy, pulse – the Pasha watch has always appealed to those who think big. A broad world view which echoes the positive conception of today’s entirely new generation of successful talent.

The Come-Back of PASHA

In 2020, Cartier brought the iconic Pasha watch back to life by inaugurating new, unique and diverse creative projects that set them apart from previous generations.

Faithful to the original model but even more sophisticated with its crown featuring a blue spinel or sapphire, interchangeable strap and its multiple possibilities of personalisation, the Pasha de Cartier watch for the 2020s is classic yet contemporary and remains as edgy as ever.

Steel or gold cases, new 30mm or 41mm sizes, Pasha stands out as a cult watch for a new generation made of both men & women. Yet, with an idea to resonate the spirit of the collection, the new references display a bolder design, displaying Cartier enriched know-how with chronographs, steel skeleton, diamond-set panthère skeleton or serti-vibrant dials.

The PASHA Community

As a celebration of the rebirth of the cult watch, the Maison unveiled in 2020 a new campaign highlighting a community of unique personalities who are changing the codes of success by forging exceptional and diverse paths of creativity. With this campaign, Cartier recalls the unique ability of these creators to transcend preconceived ideas and forge new, exceptional paths towards achievement. The Maison entrusted the articulation of this vision to New York fashion photographer Craig Mc Dean, with images centered around the new Pasha ambassadors Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang.

Cartier Rivières

Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent composes olfactory creations in the Maison’s signature style, delivering her instinctive and free-spirited vision of perfume where nature plays a central and visceral role.

With Rivières de Cartier, a collection of eaux fraîches, she captures the life and raw beauty of water, a source of olfactory reflection. When we speak about water in perfumery, we don’t discuss its molecular dimensions nor its potential for inspiration but rather the way in which it can enhance a fragrance. And the water itself, what does it add to it? What can we learn from it? Mathilde Laurent knows that water was humankind’s first mirror, a mirror that purifies and guides us towards self-awareness and life and which is often known to flow like a river.

For her, river water is a fragrance. It carries with it the scent of each and every element that it encounters: organic or mineral, leaves, flowers, roots, fruits, rocks. Each fragrant molecule fuses with H2O, leaving behind a colorful olfactory cocktail.

Insouciance, Allégresse, Luxuriance, three rivers, three strong emotions as fresh as natural springs, a hymn to life.

Rivières de Cartier

Rivières de Cartier Allégresse

Beautiful and joyful, this river exudes sensuality with the appearance of tuberose. It blossoms vibrantly from foliage to foliage, petit-grain and bergamot, and is sprinkled with fresh notes of blackcurrant buds.

Cartier Rivières Allégresse

Rivières de Cartier Insouciance

Free and sweet, this gentle river sparkles with radiant light. It cascades from flower to flower, irises and violets, and glistens beneath the cool shade of fruit trees.

Cartier Rivières Insouciance

Rivières de Cartier Luxuriance

Rich and abundant, this river is bursting with nature, fern, mastic, oak, rosemary and wild herbs. A source of wild botanical freshness with geranium enhances its primitive energy.

Cartier Rivières Luxuriance

These three perfumes pay homage to nature and its rivers, ecosystems that Cartier is passionate about respecting. By designing three refillable bottles whose pastellized glass is made lighter, Cartier is consciously limiting its carbon footprint. With the same environmental objective in mind, Cartier’s cardboard packaging, obtained from sustainably managed forests, is made from one single piece of material and is now smaller in size.

Pasha de Cartier 41mm Chronograph

A New Functionality

Made to measure records, the new Cartier chronograph boosts the Pasha watch’s power and visibility. A strong approach that further enhances the watch’s design, accentuated by the presence of a rotating bezel and two push-pieces. Faithful to the historic version of the first Pasha chronographs, these two buttons, set with a cabochon, have kept the original design’s volume. A choice of both style and excess that is perfectly in line with the Pasha de Cartier spirit. “The chronograph interpretation differs from a simple display to offer a daring aesthetic alternative. This latest addition to the Pasha family thus revives the myth in a new light.” Marie-Laure Cérède, Director of Design for Watchmaking at Cartier.

Pasha de Cartier 41mm Chronograph

This new chronograph version is equipped with a 1904-CH MC Cartier Manufacture movement and a sapphire case back. In steel or gold, all these versions can be interchanged thanks to an adaptation of the Cartier-developed QuickSwitch system. This invisible mechanism blends into an architecture located under the case and is activated by a single push. The metal bracelet can also be adjusted to the nearest link, without the need for tools, thanks to the SmartLink system.

Pasha de Cartier 41mm

Diamond Watches

Reptilis Watch

An evening watch that belongs to the great tradition of diamond evening jewellery and stands out for its elegance, mastery of design, and fiery stones.

Like a precious brocade, the diamond-paved chevrons weave into each other, edged with princess-cut diamonds. Like precious scales, these mobile elements snake around the wrist like a flexible, hinged ribbon. At the centre, a rectangular dial accentuated by four diamond hour markers. Light bursts forth, reflects and resonates all over.

A supremely precious piece that offers a new reptilian interpretation and invites you to discover the sensuality of this animal in movement, undulating in a white flash.

Cartier Reptilis Watch

Rosary Watch

A watch to blur the lines and run counter-current to the rules of watchmaking and jewellery. A piece of jewellery that reveals the time, or an evening watch, the boundaries are fading.

Geometric elegance with the richness of random paving all the way to the heart of the dial. Everything is treated graphically; the refined design is pushed to the extreme between round and square. The tempo of its forms is born from the rhythmic succession of curved discs, paved and set with a small black square, evoking an Art Deco influence. At 12 o’clock lies a singular hour marker, also a black square.

This creative liberty is intrinsically linked to a respect for the Maison’s values. This is why Cartier has long been committed to continuous improvement, to guarantee responsible procurement and to taking steps to develop best practices in the industry. In 2005, as an echo of its pioneering spirit, the Maison co-founded the Responsible Jewellery Council, which endeavours to abide by responsible practices starting at the mines and continuing all the way to point of sale.

Cartier Rosary Watch

Panthère Songeuse

The Panthère Songeuse Watch

Making its emblematic animal the guardian of its precious hours is the approach that Cartier has taken this year, presenting a new interpretation of the feline through three exceptional timepieces. Designers, artisans… when it comes to this incarnation, jewellery and watchmaking speak the same language. Since 1914 when it first appeared on a wristwatch in the form of a spotted coat of diamonds and onyx, now, more than ever, the feline is THE Cartier signature.

A jewellery watch or a piece of jewellery that displays the time? These pieces summon Cartier’s savoir-faire with three versions, all treated in a realistic manner: the jewellery craftsmanship of two diamond-paved watches and champlevé enamelling for the third. This artisanal enamelling technique is among the many areas of expertise of the Maison des Métiers d’Art in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Since 2014, the Maison des Métiers d’Art has been implementing Cartier’s commitments to the development and continuity of expertise and skills. In this exceptional space, a true melting pot for the creation of rare practices applied to watchmaking, Cartier’s long-term work continues in bringing about the unexpected. Here, traditional artisans meet; here, rare, almost extinct trades regain energy and creative impetus; here, ancestral know-how becomes a driving force for innovation.

Panthère Songeuse Watch

Research and Exploration of Volumes

From design to gold work and setting, all of these stages have only one objective – bringing the panther to life. It isn’t about imitating or exactly reproducing the animal, instead it’s about offering a new take on the richness of this source of inspiration. Together, designers and jewellers define the notions of accurate lines and elegance. Moving from design to reality presents a challenge. It is about capturing the essence of the panther to then transcribe it in the most accurate way possible while ensuring it matches the Maison’s vocabulary.

Eyes, ears, nose, paws, musculature, and limb structure: each detail is treated as precisely as possible. To give the right dimension and layout to this new appearance of the feline, a round, ample and generous dial has been developed. The diamonds, which are rigorously selected according to Cartier criteria, are hand-set one at a time on the dial. The random paving of stones of different cuts brings out the beauty of the material and the interplay of light.

Cartier Panthère Songeuse Watch

Art and Craftsmanship

Emerald eyes, sapphire or black lacquer spots, two versions pay tribute to the delicate exercise of transposing the art of jewellery to the scale of watchmaking. A third creation showcases an artisanal technique that is dear to Cartier: champlevé enamel and the rich diversity of its chromatic range. The techniques required for this skill, mastered by the craftsmen of the Maison des Métiers d’Art, are carried out with the greatest concentration. The enamel powder is deposited in tiny cavities in the metal.

After the five different colours of enamel are fired, the polisher adds the final touch which enhances the end result – the gradient effect is thus softened. The enamel work requires four days to be completed. Setting the dial and case takes 15 hours and setting the panther motif takes 120 hours. This enamel creation is a limited edition of 30 individually numbered watches.

Panthère Songeuse Watch

“Because Cartier is above all a jeweller, Cartier watches, whether they are for men or women, blur the lines between these two founding professions of the Maison, allowing for the best of both worlds. This is why our creations transcend all categories. They are not just instruments for telling the time, nor are they simply jewellery. They are a third type of object with their own uniqueness. Cartier watches only resemble themselves.”

“The complexity of Cartier watchmaking is due to its duality. It is being able to express creative freedom while working under technical constraints. This intellectual challenge is exciting. And the challenge is all the greater when aesthetics take precedence over the rest. It means that we must master the technical side, making it feel like second nature so that emotion is able to emerge. This intuitive intelligence has always been evident in our designs. The creative process is the result of a controlled tension between the head and heart, an alchemy from which meaning and identity emanate.”Marie-Laure Cerede, Director of Design for Watchmaking at Cartier

Panthère Songeuse Watch
Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon

With the Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon skeleton watch, Cartier explores a movement conceived and developed by the Maison’s master watchmakers in 2016 after five years of development at the Cartier Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland.

Today, Cartier places it at the centre of an ultra-graphic dial with a grey case back and silver-coloured transferred numerals.

Due to its complex structure, the tourbillon lends itself to a play of geometry and transparency. This fascinating movement presents two major peculiarities that make it a unique tourbillon. First and foremost, the tourbillon carriage has a specific rotation axis situated at the centre of the movement. The design process was therefore totally different in comparison with that of the gear train, from the two barrels of the movement to the minutes and hours display. Secondly, this tourbillon carriage is positioned “above” the movement and not directly integrated into the movement, as is the case with a classic tourbillon. These precise mechanics form the basis of a signature aesthetic that takes its shape from the principles dictated by the Maison’s design vision: clean lines, radical design, and the importance of aesthetics.

The entirely skeleton movement displays oversized Roman numerals, a Cartier signature, acting as bridges. The winding crown is set with an aventurine cabochon matching the colour of the alligator-skin strap.

Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon

Fitted at the heart of the Rotonde Mysterious Double Tourbillon, this double flying organ appears to defy the universal laws of gravity. The magical mechanism of the mysterious double tourbillon stays true to the aesthetic of Cartier mysterious movements inherited from the mystery clocks first created in 1912.

Unlike the classic tourbillon, the flying tourbillon has no upper bridge. It effects a complete rotation in 60 seconds and appears to be floating completely free in space, with no visible connection to any gear train. The illusion becomes even more striking when the same tourbillon carriage performs a second rotation, completing an orbit every five minutes.

To create the illusion of a levitating carriage, the watchmakers at the Cartier Manufacture used a sapphire disc with a space cut out of it, matching the tourbillon’s dimensions to give the most flawless possible effect.

An expression of virtuosity and style that Cartier has been mastering since 2013, when the first calibre of this genre appeared. Today, the watchmakers have moved it to the heart of an entirely skeletonised dial, whose XL Roman numerals structure the space. Stretched around the area left empty for the Mysterious Double Tourbillon, they allow the movement’s raw edges to peek through.

The winding crown is set with a jade cabochon matching the colour of the alligator-skin strap.

Rotonde de Cartier Astromystérieux

The watchmakers at the Cartier Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds are turning the spotlight onto the Astromystérieux in an unprecedented interpretation which combines the Tourbillon with the mysterious, a source of expression for Cartier since 1912.

The design is spectacular, displaying the entire movement floating in weightlessness. This watchmaking accomplishment is made all the more remarkable by the fact that the space dedicated to the hidden gears has been reduced to the bare minimum.

The tourbillon carriage integrates not only the watch’s regulating organ but also the entire wheel train from the barrel to the balance which is all carried by a sapphire disc. The elongated carriage ensures the function of the minute hands and completes one revolution of the dial every hour.

Amplified in this way, the visible trajectory of the movement evokes the path of a celestial object orbiting in space, like a star suspended in the void, with no
apparent connection to the mechanism. Cartier associates one of its most classic watchmaking codes with this complication which is both fixed and mobile at the same time: Roman numerals. The winding crown is set with an aquamarine cabochon matching the colour of the alligator-skin strap.

Tank Cintrée by Cartier

For the occasion of the Tank Cintrée’s 100th birthday, Cartier presents a limited edition of 150 numbered pieces, all sold before the launch, illustrating the success of the new editions of Cartier watchmaking’s signature designs. A very faithful tribute to the original model that marks its entry into the 21st century.

Its simple and curved design, the scope of its vertical case and the elegance of its “eggshell” dial made it destined for aesthetes from the outset. For this new watch, the Tank was elongated and is characterised by the curvature of its case. Comfort and ergonomics, its name comes from its curved shape which allows the watch to mould itself naturally to the wrist.

Cartier Tank Cintrée

While the thickness of its case measures 6.40 mm today, all of its signature aesthetics remain: the “rail track”, Roman numerals, apple-shaped hands, beaded winding crown set with a sapphire cabochon and ardillon buckle bracelet. An aesthetic signature that remains unchanged since its creation in 1921, it is a watchmaking classic that is now equipped with a Manufacture movement with manual winding, the calibre 9780 MC.