farnese blue diamond

Bvlgari is proud to add a new chapter to its glittering diamond saga. The Brand will present the new life of an extraordinary historical stone – the Farnese Blue Diamond – and feature it as the special “guest star” of its 2019 Cinemagia High Jewelry collection.

A masterful and very subtle recut has unlocked the potential of this 300-year-old diamond. The original amazing stone has been turned into a unique miracle of nature and workmanship to be set on a contemporary Bvlgari creation.


As its name indicates, the Farnese Blue has been linked to Italy for more than 300 years. The Farnese family is first mentioned in historical records as ruling the ancient city of Orvieto in 980, but their unforgettable saga really begins to intensify at the end of the 15th century when Alessandro Farnese (1468-1549) became pope under the name of Paul III.

Alessandro’s palace (now the French embassy) and his Villa Farnesina, both in Rome, are testimonies to his patronage of the arts. His son, Piero-Luigi, would become the first duke of Parma and the founder of a dynasty. In 1714, the last Farnese princess, Elisabetta, brought additional glory to the history of the family when she married King Philippe V and became Queen of Spain.

Due to a long war of succession, Spanish finances were in a very bad state at the time. In order to provide a suitable dowry for the new queen, all the Spanish colonies were requested to send wedding presents. A fleet of 12 ships sailed at the beginning of 1715 from Cuba, carrying gifts of gold, pearls, diamonds and enormous emeralds.

Unfortunately, the fleet encountered a hurricane in the Gulf of Florida and eleven of the ships were destroyed. Only one reached Sevilla, carrying the magnificent wedding present of the governor of the Philippines Islands: a blue diamond of 6.16 carats.

Elisabetta’s union with King Philippe V of Spain was a very happy one and they had numerous children. However, it seems Queen Elisabetta had a special fondness for her second son, Philippe. In 1748, she managed to obtain for him the dukedoms of Parma and Piacenza, the estates of her Farnese ancestors whose male line was extinct. Philippe sailed for Italy and it is presumably around that time that his mother gave him the blue diamond.

For more than 250 years, the Farnese Blue Diamond was kept as part of the treasure of the Bourbon-Parma family. It was used in two settings: as a jewel on a tie pin and as an ornament on a wide diamond tiara. In 2018, the Farnese Blue Diamond was sold in Geneva by descendants of the Bourbon-Parma family for 6.7 million dollars.

Handcrafted in Rome with love, magnificent high jewelry with the pazzia of the finest films.

Bvlgari unveils Cinemagia, its spellbinding, new high jewelry collection. A celebration of the Italian Maison’s passionate relationship with the silver screen, Cinemagia spotlights the same boundless creativity and visionary expertise at the heart of the finest films.

Fueled by the larger-than-life spirit of the Eternal City, the magnificent Roman High Jeweler once more turns the impossible possible with Cinemagia. Daring, unprecedented color combinations, materials, gemstone cuts and artistry come together in the collection’s dreamlike masterpieces.

Infused with a nearly magical craftsmanship, Cinemagia captures all the wonder of the movies. Prepare to be delighted. Brace for surprise. Dare to dream: an enchanting journey into a world of unparalleled beauty awaits.

The Highlights of the Cinemagia Collection

Artfully fashioning gems into a new height of glamour begins at Bvlgari’s High Jewelry workshop in Rome: Limitless imagination. Immeasurable technical ingenuity. Inexhaustible passion. These Roman values drive a new, daring level of artistry in Cinemagia. Just one majestic statement necklace demands more than 500 hours of work and pushes the boundaries of jewelry design with singular innovations. The result is inestimable: a masterpiece that turns its wearer into a captivating, scene-stealing star.

The Action!  Necklace

Epitomizing the most authentic spirit of Bvlgari’s vision, visionary and bold, the Action!  necklace celebrates 1885’s groundbreaking invention of celluloid roll film, which is evoked through a sinuous and flexible sophisticated construction hiding a spring mechanism. This dynamic, exuberant piece, which required 800 hours to be fully assembled, is crafted from black-silver zirconium, a hyper resistant metal which Bvlgari first introduces in the high jewelry business. Infused with a gentle, soft and supple effect, “Action!” is covered with diamonds, making this necklace a must-have piece on the next red carpet.

Three. two. one. Action!

Four little words are all it takes to mobilize an entire movie set, and the epic adventure of Cinemagia naturally begins with action, too. The Action! Necklace celebrates the groundbreaking invention of celluloid in 1885. Known for its cutting-edge daring, Bvlgari marks the event with its own innovation, the introduction of zirconium. An entirely new metal in high jewelry design, zirconium has a striking black-silver sheen that impeccably renders an old piece of film.

Involving more than 800 hours of work by a single goldsmith, the Action! necklace remarkably features the flexibility of film, though it’s encrusted with 32 carats of pavé diamonds. Rulebreaking, visionary, dazzling and entirely surprising, the Action! necklace is quintessential Bvlgari and consummate Cinemagia. The Action! of film whisks the moviegoer to legendary lands, and one of the most fabled is the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. “It’s a place that stands out for its jewel-like brilliance and for the hope it awakens.

For Dorothy and her friends, it is the destination of salvation and happiness,” says Lucia Silvestri, Bvlgari’s Creative Director. The enchanting magic of the metropolis is captured by the Emerald City necklace, featuring a showstopping 21.49-carat emerald. Around the stunning stone, rows of triangular prisms, set with pavé diamonds and emeralds, evoke towers. The sumptuous piece is designed to leave you as awestruck as Dorothy at her first glimpse of the city’s vibrant, green skyline.

Emerald City

Inspired by the magical capital of the Land of Oz of 1939’s American musical fantasy film Wizard of Oz, Emerald City reveals a graphic, 3D diamond, emerald and mother of pearl pave, which enfolds the central 21,49 karat emerald stone, who steals the spotlight with exuberant preciousness – a distinctive feature of Bvlgari’s outstanding creations.

The Roman jewelry house’s savoir-fair with colorful and brilliant gemstones is also fully expressed with Forever Emerald, a geometric necklace dominated by a showstopping 24.31-carat cabochon emerald for a timeless and glamorous indomitable allure.

Lady wearing new silver and onyx jewelry


Bvlgari unveils the new silver and onyx Save the Children pendant to celebrate the
10th anniversary of the partnership and the ambitious goal of $100 M of overall

In 2009, to commemorate its 125th anniversary, Bvlgari celebrated its past by committing to a better
future for the world’s most vulnerable children, starting a joint path with Save the Children, driven
by an audacious dream. Over the last ten years, the powerful vision of the Roman Jeweller and the
100-year-long experience of the NGO, allowed to reach tangible results, helping over 1,5 million
children to make their dreams come true through the power of education.
Now, in 2019, the 10 years of the ambitious partnership are coming together with the
100 years of Save the Children’s foundation for a truly unique joint anniversary.
A century of progress for children, that once more inspired the Roman Jeweller in the launch of a
new pendant – enriching the custom-made Save the Children jewellery collection – and in the
achievement of a new, challenging goal: to round its overall donations to Save the Children to
$100M within a year.

The new pendant in sterling silver and onyx is inspired by the iconic BVLGARI collection,
reimagining one of the Maison’s most distinctive designs. The unmistakable hard stone disk is
encircled by the bold double logo and topped by a precious red ruby from Mozambique, whilst its
back unveils the charity’s emblem with its promising and hopeful message. To be launched in May
2019, the new pendant will be retailed at $770 (€ 750) of which €75 are directly donated to Save
the Children.

The new piece will be the fourth addition to the custom made jewellery collection, which now counts
three silver and black ceramic creations inspired by B.zero1’s design: a ring, a bracelet and a pendant
respectively retailed at $560 (€530), $580 (€560) and $620 (€600), of which €75 go to the

To date, the successful sales of Bvlgari’s Save the Children jewellery collection have helped to raise
almost $90M (€80M) globally, primarily invested to guarantee quality education as an
indispensable premise for development. Other key areas of intervention are youth empowerment,
providing adolescents with the practical skills they need to find a job and earn a living, emergency
response and the fight against poverty through targeted programs in the communities.

Ten years ago, Bvlgari and Save the Children put their strengths together with the dream to achieve
a tangible impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children around the world, directly reaching
over 2,1 million beneficiaries, of which 1,5 million children. Today, drawing inspiration from our
joint past, we keep looking together to the future, in the steadfast belief that education can save
lives: in 10 years of shared vision and a century of progress for children, together we could reach
for the “ambitious” target of $100M of raised funds and millions of dreams that became – and will
keep becoming – true – Bvlgari CEO, Jean-Christophe Babin.