Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz

Back from the depths of the ocean, and the depths of time, the Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz range is the worthy successor of the first water sports watches designed for women, created by Alpina nearly 60 years ago. But this is no revival, vintage style or backward-looking conservatism; the new Seastrong  Diver Comtesse has well and truly dropped anchor in the 21st century!

Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz

A Real First

The Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz was born out of a fruitful union between the Seastrong Diver collections and the feminine yet sporty chic Comtesse range, whose ladies’ models already feature in the Maison’s Alpiner collection. Their union has given rise to these brand new diving watches exclusively for women.

Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz

For Women Who Dive

Designed to be used by those for whom the seas and oceans represent ground for exploration, the Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz is made for diving. It therefore has all the requisite features: guaranteed 300 m water resistance, graduated unidirectional bezel, screw-down caseback and crown and broad luminescent hands to ensure one’s immersion time in the depths is easy to see.

Alpina Seastrong Diver Comtesse

The Alpina Signature

The new Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz may be sporty at heart, but it has its glamorous side too. Alpina is offering four different variations, three steel or rubber straps and, even more excitingly, mother-of-pearl dials (blue or white) revealing iridescent reflections reminiscent of the surface of the ocean. Each piece displays its Alpina DNA through the Maison’s iconic red triangle on the seconds hand counterbalance, as well as at 12 o’clock on the unidirectional bezel and on the dial. On the caseback, you’ll find an engraving specific to Alpina diving watches, incorporating Alpine peaks and the trident of the deep sea.

The AL-240 quartz calibre will ensure the watch keeps perfectly accurate time (for nearly four years) and also shows the date, revealed through a window at 3 o’clock. As discreet as it is resilient and versatile, the new Seastrong Diver Comtesse Quartz features an impressively slim 34 mm steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic

For almost 140 years, the Swiss watch manufacturer Alpina has been intimately linked to nature, the great outdoors and their respectful exploration. In 2020, the Maison unveils its new Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic line, worthy heir to this commitment and made from plastic waste. Technological innovation, craftsmanship and an ecological manifesto are the driving forces behind these five models launched to support the World Ocean Day (on June 8th, 2020). On this occasion, the Brand goes even further by announcing its partnership with the start-up Gyre Watch, which is responsible for sourcing the recycled material, and with Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non-governmental organisation which has become a reference in the fight for the preservation of the ocean and its users.

Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic

A composite case made from fishing nets

If humanity is caught in a climatic whirlwind that is difficult to slow down, the same is true of the ocean, where between 8 and 10 million of tones of plastic waste are dumped every year. Where does it go? Mainly into ocean gyres; vast vortices formed by different sea currents and distributed across the globe. They toss our plastic waste, propelling it over huge areas and into the abyss.

Now, Alpina is harnessing the power of these gyres in a new and actively engaged range within the Seastrong collection. Its name? Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic. For the first time in the history of the Maison, the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic range features a case comprised of 70% plastic debris derived from fishing nets collected in the Indian Ocean. To ensure its durability, it has been strengthened with 30% fibreglass.

Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic

This line as well as its name draw their inspiration from the encounter between Alpina and the watch journalist Bernard Werk, in the Netherlands, three years ago. Personally involved in the preservation of the oceans, he created the concept as well as the name “GYRE”, in reference to these giant circular ocean currents – and consisting in reusing the ghost fishing nets from the Indian Ocean. In order to protect an environment dear to Alpina as well as to GYRE-founders Bernard Werk and Jorrit Niels – and leave a sustainable footprint – the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic line is the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Gyre Watch and the Maison.

It is also the first time that this eco-responsible blend has complied with EU REACH legislation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). Its aim is to control the use of chemical substances in order to improve the protection of human health and the environment, while promoting a high level of innovation – objectives perfectly expressed by the new Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic range.

Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic

A creation in ocean-inspired colours

The Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic range now comprises five variations, including: three men’s models (44 mm) and two ladies’s models (36 mm). They share three dial finishes evoking the reflections of the sea, in blue shades, turquoise and dyed mother-of-pearl, complete with luminescent hands. The seconds hand is finished with the famous triangle from the Alpina logo, which also features as an index hour marker at 12 o’clock.

Completing the look are three two-tone NATO style straps made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, Alpina is offering a black vegetable leather strap comprised of recycled apple waste with every men’s model.

Each model is powered by the AL-525 automatic movement featuring three hands and the date, housed in a black composite case (70% PA6, 30% fibreglass) and presenting a unidirectional bezel that recalls the nautical pedigree of the Seastrong collection. Each piece is certified water-resistant to 300 m.

Alpina Seastrong Diver

A limited and committed edition

These timepieces will be made in strictly limited series of 1,883 pieces each, in reference to the year that Alpina was created. They will be presented in an exclusive and eco-friendly gift set comprising an inner box of FSC Mix paper housing a case made entirely from recycled plastic (ABS) with lining made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET). Completing this gift set will be a single leaflet (guarantee and certificate of authenticity) printed on FSC Recycled paper.

To reduce its ecological footprint further still, Alpina has also opted for a paperless user manual, accessible via a QR code. The latter will direct buyers to a dedicated site presenting the concept behind their watch and its materials, as well as the instruction and maintenance manual.

Supporting a global cause

Lastly, the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic range embraces an ecological manifesto: Alpina has decided to launch these five new models to support the World Oceans Day (designated by the UN, on June 8th, 2020). The aim is to draw the attention of the international community to this event, which brings together all the initiatives aimed at cleaning up and protecting our oceans in a lasting way.

Founded in 1883 by a collective of leading Swiss independent watchmakers known as the ‘Alpinists’, Alpina has been intimately linked to nature, the great outdoors and responsible exploration for nearly 140 years. The Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic range is a worthy heir to this commitment.

AlpinerX Alive

AlpinerX Alive: Alpina’s First Smartwatch for Urban Sports Aficionados

Stylish, connected and charitable! The successor to the first Swiss connected sports watch comes with new features and technology and will be available for personalization until June 2nd, thanks to an interactive configurator offering 1’500 possible custom designs.  One can expect integrated heart rate monitoring, an integrated GPS, a new high-resolution digital screen… and a personal trainer! For every AlpinerX Alive watch sold, 25 euros will be donated to the non-profit Wings For Life Foundation, supporting research into finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Alpina launched the AlpinerX Smart Outdoors on Kickstarter in 2018. This innovative initiative brought the sporting community together and allowed everyone to get involved in designing their own timepiece with 11,000 potential configurations. The result? Three thousand individually designed watches delivered and four best-selling designs used to make up the AlpinerX Smart Outdoors collection. The epitome of ‘Swiss Made’!

It’s Alive!

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter: the AlpinerX Alive. Ahead of its official launch, Alpina decided to make the new model, complete with new expertise, available for presale online. Given the global circumstances, this option gave the opportunity to stay home and purchase a timepiece in anticipation of a sport routine bouncing back post-crisis.

AlpinerX Soldier

From March 28th until April 30th, Alpina offered its community members the chance to custom design their own AlpinerX Alive using an online configurator allowing for over 1,500 possible designs and available on the website dedicated to the AlpinerX Alive. As a reward for their creativity, each model created this way was eligible for a 50% discount on the final retail price.

Yesterday, the AlpinerX Alive and its online configurator was officially launched. The Maison’s expanding community of “Alpinists” are able to customise their watches until June 2nd, choosing from a range of colours and materials depending on how sporty or classic the look they want to achieve. The first 700 watches ordered will benefit from a 50% discount on the sale price. Beyond that, the promotional offer will gradually decrease as the number of watches purchased increases.

Comprised of six models, the official AlpinerX Alive collection from Alpina will be in store from August. The configurations available until June 2nd being exclusive to the configurator means that these timepieces will feature unique combinations.

AlpinerX Alive

An Avalanche of New Features

The new AlpinerX Alive represents a real qualitative improvement in the world of connected sports watches. More than an evolution, this is a brand new smartwatch offering for sporty urbanites. Alpina has developed new features to support them in everyday professional life, as well as their well-being and sporting activities.

The new AlpinerX Alive is characterised by the complete integration of new features. The first is heart rate monitoring, thanks to an integrated sensor developed by Philips. The heart rate is now measured straight from the user’s wrist, using cutting-edge technology.

Another new feature of the AlpinerX Alive is its integrated GPS: it is now possible to track the user’s run or walk – along with the heart rate – using the app.

For the first time, these features will be displayed on a whole new high-resolution AMOLED touch screen. Thanks to an analogue and digital interface, the AlpinerX experience is more intuitive, faster and more interactive, irrespective of the exercise conditions. The watch is now equipped with a rechargeable battery, offering users up to seven days of battery life.

AlpinerX Alive

Like a Personal Trainer on the Wrist

And that’s not all! The AlpinerX Alive offers further features, including; measuring breathing, VO2 max and hydration, all essential constituents of well-being and sporting activity.

To help tailor exercises to the day and to the user’s physical condition, the AlpinerX Alive has also been enhanced with weather information and a Dynamic Coach. The customised virtual assistant offers a range of exercises related to the user’s performance, sleep and data analysis, making recommendations to improve daily life and sports performance. That is then gathered, analysed and summarised within the Alpina Smartwatch app, which is free to download for iOS and Android. These new features are in addition to the perpetual calendar, GMT, chronograph, sleep and activity tracker and personalised notifications.

Engineered for Daily Life

 The 45 mm case for the new AlpinerX Alive is available in two variations: navy blue fibreglass (995 CHF) or stainless steel (1295 CHF). The option to combine one’s choice of strap, hands and dial makes this the perfect everyday watch for urban sports aficionados and athletes. The AlpinerX community will be able to interact with the dedicated AlpinerX Alive website in order to share feedback, likes, preferences and ask questions to the Geneva manufacture as part of another brand-new interactive experience for the Maison and members of its community.

AlpinerX Alive

Connected and Charitable

With this launch, Alpina has elected to support a cause close to its heart; spinal cord research, led by the non-profit Wings for Life Foundation, co-created by Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull. Every AlpinerX Alive purchased between 3 May and 2 June will see 25 euros donated to Wings for Life with a view to helping victims of spinal cord injury – most of whom have become handicapped – to regain all or at least some of their movement.

Alpina is also involved with the global race known as the Wings for Life Run, designed to raise funds for the eponymous foundation. Since 2014, the race has been held on the first weekend in May in many countries around the world simultaneously. The 2020 edition may have been cancelled, but Alpina is still showing its support for the race by making a donation and remains its official sponsor.

Alpiner Quartz GMT

Alpina Enhances Its Alpiner Quartz with the GMT Function

The existing range, launched in 2019, has been updated to include three new models, each featuring a GMT function in the form of a central hand alongside the hour, minutes, seconds and date displays. With two choices of dial colour and bracelet, the Alpiner Quartz GMT is available to purchase from 895 euros.

An Established Pedigree

In 1933, exactly 50 years after Alpina was founded, the fledgling Swiss company launched its now legendary design, the “Block Uhr”. With its anti-magnetic, anti-shock and water-resistant qualities and stainless steel case, it was more than a simple watch. Indeed, it established the basic principles of the sports watch. The Alpina 4 collection, created in 1938, incorporated elements that are now globally recognised, some 80 years on, as the essential features of an “outdoor” watch.

Alpiner Quartz GMT

Alpiner Quartz GMT, the Heir Apparent

The latest Alpiner Quartz GMT follows in the footsteps of its sporting predecessors. Its quartz technology gives it almost 4 years of precision time-keeping and also ensures that Alpina’s authentic Swiss-made timepieces are highly affordable without sacrificing the technology or finishes for which the brand is famous. Prices start at 895 euros.

The introduction of these three new models with GMT function further enhances the value of the Alpiner Quartz collection. Moreover, it allows travel enthusiasts to keep a close eye on the time at home; essential when contacting friends and family, arranging meetings across different time zones or simply readjusting your biological clock at the end of a long journey.

Alpiner Quartz GMT

Rugged and Handsome!

Like all authentic sports watches, the new Alpiner Quartz GMT has a firm focus on legibility and performance. The large central red pointer keeps track of the domestic time by means of the 24-hour increments engraved on the bezel. The pointer can be moved forwards or backwards, allowing you to adjust to local time in just a few seconds.

The Alpiner Quartz GMT’s colour-coded bezel provides a simple and intuitive way to distinguish between day and night, removing the need for a separate day/night display which would impair the clean lines of the dial.

Alpiner Quartz GMT

The date display has also moved from 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock, thus ensuring that the Alpiner Quartz GMT retains the aesthetic balance and legibility of its predecessors. By tweaking these elements, the dial now has space for the Alpiner Quartz GMT’s 100-metre water resistance guarantee, a feature which makes the watch ideally suited to nautical and marine activities.

In respect of the casing, the new Alpiner Quartz GMT upholds the Swiss-made quality that has been synonymous with Alpina for more than 135 years. The elegant 42-mm stainless steel case is available in a satin or polished finish with a bevelled body, screw-retained crown, sapphire crystal and a full back engraved with a depiction of the Alps, recalling the company’s origins. There are two different dial options: anthracite grey (with steel bracelet) or navy blue (with perforated leather strap or steel bracelet).

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz watches

The new Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz from Alpina is the latest watch in a long evolution. The Alpina brand, the experts in Alpine-inspired watches, was founded in 1883. Some years later, in the 1920s, it launched its first ladies’ collection, in a move that was way ahead of its time. Unveiled in 1963, the Alpiner Comtesse collection combined the worlds of Alpine sport and the elegant timepieces of yesteryear.

The new Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz now brings this bold union up to date with a decidedly contemporary take on the watch. Firmly anchored in the new millennium, the Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz fuses the strong, elegant lines of its forebears with the very latest in Quartz technology to provide almost four years of absolute precision.

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz

This new quartz collection completes the range of automatic watches which was launched in 2015 and offers proven reliability at an exceptionally affordable price: starting at 695 euros.

Its sporty lines, based on the Avalanche Extreme collection (2011), can now be seen on three steel cases, each with a diameter of 36.5 mm. The first model evokes the Alpine glaciers that provided the inspiration for Alpina – a steel bracelet and bezel and a silver dial, index and hands, with the striking red triangle of Alpina’s logo recalling the summits of its Alpine origins.

Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz

The second model features the famous blue Alpina hue. This colour way, shifting subtly between blue and turquoise depending on the light, has become synonymous with the brand. It covers the bezel and the dial, contrasting perfectly with the white Arabic numerals and ensuring excellent legibility; a factor of paramount importance for sports watches.

The third model is the most radical, with its black bracelet, dial and bezel. The ultimate in chic or covertly sporty? Let each woman decide for herself. As with previous models, the markings on the dial are studded with 8 diamonds.

Perfectly designed for everyday life, the large luminescent hands and the calendar date at 6 o’clock add the finishing touches to the exceptional, subtle beauty of the Alpiner Comtesse Sport Quartz. The engraved steel case with its depiction of Alpine summits guarantees water resistance up to 60 m. Each timepiece is securely finished with a flexible, durable steel bracelet to fit the most delicate or most adventurous of wrists.

AlpinerX – Freeride World Tour Limited Edition

ALPINA Watches’ Partnership with the Freeride World Tour Continues with a New Wave of Ambassadors Joining Its Mountain Team

Alpina Watches is delighted to announce its partnership with the Freeride World Tour has been renewed for the third year running, with three new ambassadors joining its Mountain Team: Juliette Willmann, Victor De le Rue and Hugo Hoff.

Victor De le Rue

“We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with the Freeride World Tour has been renewed for the third year running, with Alpina Watches serving as the official timekeeper for the 2020 season. 2020 is set to be a very special year indeed, as this March marks the 25th anniversary of the Xtreme de Verbier. And to celebrate, we’ll be releasing a limited edition of our AlpinerX. We also have the pleasure of welcoming in new ambassadors to the Mountain Team, some of whom will be attending the FWT. We’d like to wish them the very best of luck ahead of time, and extend these wishes to all the athletes competing in this incredible event!”

– Oliver van Lanschot Hubrecht, Brand Manager at Alpina

Alpina watches

The FWT 2020 will kick off at Hakuba in Japan from 18 to 25 January 2020, continuing on to Kicking Horse in Canada from 6 to 12 February, followed by Andorra’s Ordino Arcalis from 28 February to 4 March, Fieberbrunn in Austria from 7 to 13 March, and finishing off with an anniversary edition of the Xtreme de Verbier grand finale in Switzerland from 28 March to 5 April.

AlpinerX – Freeride World Tour Limited Edition

In celebration of this partnership, Alpina is proud to present an AlpinerX edition with a very special design, developed in partnership with the Freeride World Tour. To mark the Xtreme de Verbier’s 25th anniversary, just 150 watches will be produced, 25 of which will be released as part of a safety set to include a Black Diamond Safety Beacon.

Designed especially for lovers of the great outdoors, this watch is linked up to the AlpinerX app (available for iPhone and Android) that monitors your heart rate via a belt, measures altitude and pressure, comes equipped with a GPS location tracker and sends data to your watch in real time to help take performance to the next level.

Alpine Watches – Freeride World Tour Limited Edition

This special edition stands out through the official Freeride World Tour logo featured at two o’clock, and will be sold in a sleek case with a commemorative engraved plate numbered one through 150 to mark the Xtreme de Verbier’s 25th anniversary, along with a RECCO helmet rescue reflector.

The timepiece will only be available from select retailers in France, Austria, Canada and Switzerland, in addition to the FWT and Alpina Watches websites.

AlpinerX – Limited Space Edition

Alpina is proud to announce the successful launch of an AlpinerX watch into space, reaching an altitude of 33’793 meters going higher than the planet earth’s highest summit: Mount Everest at 8’848 meters. Once again Alpina pushed its limits and maxed-out the use of the watch’s altimeter function.

Sending the AlpinerX into space

In partnership with “Sent into Space”, a start-up company specialized in Space photography (based in the region of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England), the watch was filmed on its way up into space and finally back to planet Earth after a 3-hour flight. The film offers breathtaking views of the AlpinerX going firstly through the troposphere and then through the various levels of the stratosphere, with planet Earth as a backdrop. The watch was then recovered by “Sent into Space” 60KM away from the launch location.

The first AlpinerX to have gone into space is now visible in the Alpina museum in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.

AlpinerX – Limited Space Edition

AlpinerX – Limited Space Edition

To honour this achievement and mark the 50th anniversary of Man’s first landing on the moon, Alpina created a special edition of 299 pieces in a rich blue color. If the case, bezel, dial and strap of the watch are an homage to space’s infinite deep blue, the silver indexes and hands have been treated with a black luminescent solution glowing in dark environments.
Further enhancing the singularity of the timepiece, the case-back carries a special engraving featuring the moon at the center of Alpina’s famous triangle logo, inspired by the Matterhorn in 1900. Each watch has been hand-assembled in the brand’s workshops in Geneva and is individually numbered.

Michael Goulian designs AlpinerX

To celebrate the last edition of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship which took place in Chiba, Japan on the 7th and 8th of September 2019 Alpina and Michael Goulian launched a new AlpinerX watch limited to just 250 pieces.

Since 2003 the Red Bull Air race has been taking place all around the world, bringing excitement to aviators and racing fans alike with more than 90 races in total.

Michael Goulian designs AlpinerXMichael Goulian designed the watch himself using the AlpinerX configurator from the Kickstarter project, finetuning it to match the new colours of his U.S. based air show plane. You can see a yellow inner ring and a matching strap with the Team 99 logo at 2 o’clock on this one-of-a-kind AlpinerX smartwatch.

The connected timepiece uses advanced measurement functions benefiting from environmental sensors such as the new heart rate monitoring over BLE connection, UV, temperature, altitude, pressure, north direction.

Conceived for outdoor enthusiasts, the watch uses the dedicated Alpina companion application, available for iPhone or Android: it tracks your heart rate while exercising, records and analyses your sleep patterns and notifies missed calls and messages and enables you to easily configure the parameters of your watch. The new companion app has been revisited in order to have an easier overview of all your data via a dedicated dashboard.

Michael Goulian designs AlpinerX

Each function is measured in real time by the watch and streams data to the user’s smartphone to analyze activity and identify areas for improvement while allowing the AlpinerX to receive smartphone notifications on its digital screen.

The AlpinerX has been carefully conceived and designed in our manufacture in Plan-Les-Ouates, Geneva. With its sporty and powerful look, its quality materials and refined details, the AlpinerX makes a strong statement and quite simply, a cool timepiece to wear.

The case is made from glass fiber with a steel back case engraved with the Team 99 logo.