Christmas has arrived earlier this 2016; luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer unwraps its present in a form of a watch. A fast forward, edgy timepiece that is other than delicately constructed in a true Swiss watch fashion, contains the intelligence of a modern-day smartwatch.

It was inevitable. The world is slowly changing into a fast-paced realm, and we are invited to stay connected in every day of our lives. Thus, in partnership with two technological moguls, Intel and Google, Tag Heuer produces its well-loved smartwatch, the Tag Heuer Connected, in a decadent, rose gold version. It carries the same exact qualities, functions and features of the original model, with a beautiful twist one will surely love. This luxury watch is a heritage item that benefits from more than 150 years of experience, cultivated by Tag Heuer, cradled in the middle of the Swiss watchmaking industry since the 18th century.

An adjoining of two different worlds: luxury watches with precious metals, intermixed with today’s technology; but how to balance it? Tag Heuer Connected, armed with computing intelligence, optimizes your experience in wearing a fine, luxury timepiece embedded with a plethora of connectivity options, now a human necessity. Inside its 46mm diameter case is a capability to connect to audio streaming, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an access to the best features offered by Android Wear. There is no reason, therefore, to be put off by the change, from luxury to smart, for you can have both in one timepiece.

Tucked inside is a 4GB memory packed with a lithium battery of the latest technology, encouraging you to harness connectivity the whole day. It is also equipped with a small microphone; you can speak via Google Voice control whenever your hands are unable to produce a command. The sapphire crystal, once used for its robust, scratch-resistance property, is actually a touch screen, designated to be used along with the push button found at 3 o’clock. And to further its benefits, Connected is packed with IP67 Certification, meaning, it offers water resistance for daily wear. Recharge it with a contact charger when its battery drops low, and then, you’re good to go.

Technology and luxury. The best of both worlds. This new version takes pride in its gleaming rose gold color, clad in a beautiful leather strap that removes the coldness of the usual smartphones. Opulent and intelligent, it is a watch to look out for, a perfect gift for your loved one or yourself this holiday season.