As the first international brand to hold an Official Partnership with China’s aerospace industry, TAG Heuer proudly announces to be Strategic Partner and Official Timekeeper of China’s Lunar Exploration Program.

Through a journey to the moon, TAG Heuer once again visits the galaxy.

Today, TAG Heuer, the Swiss avant-garde watchmaker, was gloriously chosen as Strategic Partner and Official Timekeeper for China’s Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP). Additionally, TAG Heuer is the first international brand to hold an official partnership with China’s aerospace industry! Mr. Leo Poon, TAG Heuer General Manager of Greater China, Mr. Xu Xingli, General Manager at Chang’E Aerospace Technology (Beijing) LLC, gathered in Xichang for this meaningful press conference together with guests and friends from the media, they witnessed the magnificent launch of the satellite. With its avant- garde spirit of #DontCrackUnderPressure, TAG Heuer will continue with its great support for China’s aerospace industry, following its first partnership signed in August 2016 with China’s Mars Exploration Program. The CLEP is now on time with TAG Heuer!

In 2004, the CLEP officially started, deploying with three phases of orbiting, landing and returning. In 2007, China’s first lunar probe Chang’e-1 was successfully launched. Chang’e-1 is the first lunar probe to transmit back the most complete 3-D map of the lunar surface, marking the milestone of China becoming one of the countries with outer space exploration capability. Since the second phase of the CLEP being approved and initiated in 2008, Chang’e-2 and Chang’e-3 lunar probes were successfully launched and completed their mission. The strategic goals of the second phase have been fully achieved.

In 2014, the third phase of the CLEP has officially started. The plan is to implement Chang’e- 5 mission by December in 2017, fulfilling the landing of surface and collection of samples. This does not only mean the third phase of “returning” will be accomplished, it will also achieve a milestone in the history of space activities in China — “Quadruple Success”, including the first automatic collection of samples, the first take-off from lunar surface, the first unmanned space docking from the orbit of moon that is thirty-eight million kilometres away, and the first return of lunar soils in the speed of second cosmic velocity.

By breaking limits and combating challenges, Chinese people in aerospace created a glorious miracle with extraordinary national ethos and powerful exploration spirit on this grand journey. TAG Heuer’s great support for China’s aerospace industry demonstrated the avant-garde spirit of #DontCrackUnderPressure in the best way possible.

 Tranquil as the Moon, Rising as the Sun

  Join Hands in the Vast Space

TAG Heuer is the Swiss avant-garde watchmaker for more than a century. As early as 1962, TAG Heuer became the first Swiss watchmaker in space with American astronaut John Glenn, pilot of the Friendship 7 spacecraft on Mercury-Atlas 6. In 2012, TAG Heuer once again proved its reliability and accuracy by bringing a watch to the International Space Station by SpaceX, and became the partner with S3 (Swiss Space Systems) ZeroG aerospace program after two years.

TAG Heuer’s collaboration with China’s aerospace industry originated in 2016. From its partnership with China’s Mars Exploration Program to kick off its global solicitation for program logo design, to becoming Strategic Partner and Official Timekeeper of the CLEP today, TAG Heuer has shown tremendous dedication and support to the development of China’s aerospace industry and achieving the dreams of Chinese people in aerospace!

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and LVMH Watch Division President said: “TAG Heuer is the first Swiss watchmaker to enter the space, and we are honoured to support the China’s Lunar Exploration Program and China’s aerospace industry. Lunar exploration is one of the grandest goal in the history of human conquering the space. By doing this, we are not only showing full support to the space dream of China but also the space dream of all human beings. We hope that TAG Heuer and the brave Chinese people in aerospace may work shoulder to shoulder to pass on the spirit of #DontCrackUnderPressure. Here, I would like to wish the best and the most extraordinary success for the CLEP.”

The representative of Lunar Exploration and Space Centre of China National Space Administration commented, “We highly appreciate TAG Heuer’s continuous support for the China’s Lunar Exploration Program and China’s aerospace industry! Timekeeping marks a high importance to aerospace. As the first international brand to collaborate with China’s aerospace industry, TAG Heuer does not only have a history in space exploration, it also shares the spirit of exploration with Chinese people in aerospace, that is, to not crack under pressure. Since its initiation, the CLEP has obtained ‘Quadruple Success’ after experiencing all kinds of critical challenges. From now on, our people in aerospace will march forward with TAG Heuer to continuously create new history and new success, and to embrace what is stated in TAG Heuer’s brand spirit #DontCrackUnderPressure.”

A journey in the staring sky to the moon – the spirit of #DontCrackUnderPressure will always be with TAG Heuer and the CLEP to inspire everyone the Chinese dream, space dream and lunar exploration dream!