"Surely no other rival will be able to keep up with DBX707" | DBX707 Media Reviews | Aston Martin

The first journalists have got their hands on the world’s most powerful luxury SUV. Here’s what they had to say:

“Surely no other rival will be able to keep up with it (DBX707), or display such a breadth of abilities.” – Autocar

“Ultimately the DBX707 is a highly polished evolution of the impressive original DBX. Gains have been made where they were needed rather than for the sake of it to grab a viral audience ” – EVO Magazine

“DBX707 excels at the job of being an SUV, something it’s easy to forget when the car’s styling, badge and performance garner most attention. Aston’s engineers deserve credit for packaging a spacious family car with far better visibility ahead and behind than many SUVs, and acres of interior space.” – CAR Magazine

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