Silicon Valley Jewelers’ “Unlock the Value of Your Treasures” Campaign offers free video evaluations to buy jewelry, pre-owned watches, and precious collectibles direct from consumers, helping them quickly generate liquidity in time of crisis

Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry has long maintained a buying division to help its San Francisco Bay area clients liquidate their jewelry as needed. With its retail boutique shuttered for the time being, and given the economic toll that Covid-19 has already taken on Silicon Valley and beyond, the independently owned luxury jewelry house has unveiled a new remote buying program designed to help their clients whether these challenging times. The company’s leading gemologists and experts will now offer free video evaluations of clients’ pre-owned jewelry, watches, loose gemstones, and precious metal goods, making offers on select items and same-day payment for any offers accepted.

With each digitally-driven acquisition, the Silvers hope to help people unlock the value of their treasures and free up liquidity using assets they already possess: items sourced from their own jewelry boxes and china cabinets. Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry buys a wide variety of precious goods that extend well beyond their high-quality boutique offerings, including but not limited to jewelry (contemporary, antique, and signed pieces), loose color and diamond gemstones, pre-owned wristwatches, and other rare precious metal like fine silver flatware, hollowware, antique coins, and more, no matter the age of condition.


The digital buying and e-evaluation program is designed to ensure that each complimentary assessment is efficient, secure, and discrete, taking only a few steps to complete:

  1. The client schedules a video evaluation with Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry via their website, com/pages/sell-your-jewelry, or by email – to assess their individual piece or entire collection.
  2. Following the initial video chat, the client may be invited to send their item(s) into the secured Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry offices in Redwood City, with pre-paid, insured shipment materials and instructions provided.
  3. Their team will conduct a secondary hands-on evaluation on camera with all necessary sanitation and security precautions taken throughout the process.
  4. Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry may make an offer to acquire the piece(s). Customers have the option to accept the offer for immediate payment, or they may also choose to trade the piece in towards a purchase or custom design. Until they make their decision, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry stores their piece in their secured vaults.
  5. Upon acceptance of the offer, a check or money transfer is sent to the client on the same or next business day. Clients are free to decline the offer and the piece will be sent back by pre-paid, insured shipment.
Stephen Silver and Jared Silver

“Buying pieces was already a part of our day-to-day workflow and house expertise, so it only made sense under the current circumstances to evolve from site-based private appointments to digital evaluations.  No other firms can offer the in-house expertise, the access, and the industry network. That’s why we can make the most competitive offers and how we can ensure they get the highest return on their pieces with the most competitive offers,” said Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry President Jared Silver.

The Silvers are proud to help support their community near and far with the new remote buying service, but the program also helps underwrite the Silvers’ continued operations in the face of the unprecedented challenges facing small businesses of all kinds.

“These acquisitions help us to circumvent some of the supply chain issues facing the industry right now, given the restrictions on global travel and delayed shipments. We rely on these goods to help supplement our inventory and support our custom jewelry design services.”