Speed Tale Behind the scenes — RICHARD MILLE

‘Speed Tale’, directed by Guillaume Mille , is a tribute to one of his favourite music videos – Jamiroquai’s ‘Cosmic Girl’, it transcends the forms, the style and the fashion from his childhood.
This film is inherently nostalgic – whilst being at the same time modern and filmed using today’s technology. The 90’s have a certain madness and unbridled creativity that can be found in some of the shots, like the accelerations and telescopic zooms.

The parallel between the RM 40-01 and the Speedtail gave him an opportunity to breathe new life into the hackneyed wrist shot with irony that is absolutely self-aware, nostalgic in its concept, but completely up to date in its implementation.
Our head of photography, Pierre Edelmann as well as the Northstar crew were all the better able to relate Guillaume’s vision as they share a similar nostalgia for the period.

Watch the ‘Speed Tale’ film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTRcPh1kl_s

See more at https://www.richardmille.com/collections/rm-40-01-automatic-tourbillon-mclaren-speedtail

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