Pierce Brosnan discovered Speake-Marin watchmaking brand for the first time on the set of a film, “The Survivor”, released in 2015. Pierce Brosnan played the part of a London watchmaker and needed some advice from a fine watchmaking brand with British roots to help him in his role. 

Pierce Brosnan, who described himself as a “lover of watches”, and Speake-Marin brand realised that they both share the same values: elegance, simplicity and independence. 

“When Speake-Marin asked me to be an ambassador for their work, it was a simple answer.” Pierce Brosnan 

Since then, Pierce Brosnan and Speake-Marin keep drawing inspiration from each other. 

The last photo shooting with the star took place in London in October 2017. Speake-Marin chose for this new campaign to work with the talented Marco Grob, who is well-known for portrait and people photography. 

For these new shots, Speake-Marin had the objective to rejuvenate its brand image with younger and more impertinent clichés. Elegance meets impertinence and twists the codes with a Pierce Brosnan more casual, and impetuous in his attitude.