On November 2019 Singer Reimagined attends the Dubai Watch Week in order to expand its distribution in the area. For this occasion, the brand launches its new version of the Track1 Collection: The Emirates Edition.

After its participation to the SIAR 2019 Singer Reimagined reaffirms its presence during international watch fairs by participating at the Dubai Watch Week 2019 – the biennial show will be held from 20th to 24th November at the DIFC. To make its presence felt and to develop its distribution into the region, Singer Reimagined extended its offer by adding a new version of the Singer Track1 Collection specially designed for the occasion: The Emirates Edition.

DWW2019: from 20th to 24th November – The Gate DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) Singer Reimagined Founders: Marco Borraccino & Rob Dickinson For its 4th edition the Dubai Watch Week, the biennial appointment for watch lovers opens its doors at the DIFC. Singer Reimagined is glad to take part of this event in the Independent brands zone – a special space dedicated to creative and independent brands.

For a better understanding of local trends and aiming to match collectors and customers’ expectations, Singer Reimagined, in collaboration with its Emirati agent Luxury Solutions Consultants – Founded by Mr. Luc Perramond – are holding two exclusive events:

  • 18th November2019 – Ritz Carlton – Dubai: Exclusively for Dubai Watch Club members a cocktail party is held to present the brand and to introduce the Emirates Edition as a preview.
  • 19th November 2019 – Tomini Classics Showroom – Dubai: A cocktail party for classic cars amateurs and mechanics enthusiasts to share Singer’s spirit and its connection with cars company Singer Vehicle Design + Preview of the Emirates Edition.

The Emirates Edition is a new interpretation of the Singer Reimagined spirit – Keeping a connection with its original DNA in the design, colors and material

Marco Borraccino has achieved a remarkable result by allying luxury and technicity in this new Singer Track1 to share his vision of the DWW2019 theme “Technology and Innovation”.

Singer Track1: The Emirates Edition

Luxury: Technical materials and surprising finishing:

By always seeking surprise, Singer Reimagined chooses matte and sober colors to match them to bright and shiny finishing. Contrast has always been a strength point almost a signature in the Singer design.

Contrast in the case: Singer plays with light reflection choosing to match absorbing materials to reflecting ones– selecting a black mat ceramic aluminum case and adding ZRN treated finishing that gives a luxurious touch, exalting contrast with materials (ceramic vs ZRN finishing) and with colors (Black vs Gold).

Contrast in the dial: Singer Reimagined decided to pick a very specific kaki green hue – one of its favorite color – for its masculine and sporty look with an elegant and sober touch. The Kaki green background highlights the orange hands of seconds/minutes and hours (signature of the brand). Golden details – the tachymetric flange and hand cabochon – are ubiquitous to exalt the luxurious hint. In addition to that, rotating hours and minutes discs are engraved with ecru SLN graphics to match dial elements.

Technicity: specialized researches & new concepts:

Ceramic- Aluminum: The material of the case is obtained thanks to oxidation with electro-plasma technique that transforms the upper layer of the aluminum into ceramic. This process insures aluminum lightness to the case with resistance and the touch of ceramic. ZRN treatment: Beyond the golden color it gives to titanium, ZRN treatment helps to improve resistance to wear and enhances hardness of the upper layers of the material.

Singer Track1: The Emirates Edition

The Engine Under the Bonnet

The AgenGraphe, the caliber powering the Singer Track1 stands apart from all previous chronograph movements. The result of a decade of development, this groundbreaking piece of mechanical ingenuity completely redefines fundamental principles that have remained unchanged for decades.

The underlying idea that led to the invention of the AgenGraphe was to enhance the legibility of the chronograph – which is usually poor – with
the use of small counters spread out across the dial. Thanks to a radically new architecture, the AgenGraphe brings together all the chronograph functions in the centre of the watch, allowing for an easy and intuitive reading of elapsed time. To further enhance legibility, the chronograph incorporates jumping minute and hour indicators.

To connect the chronograph mechanism to the timekeeping gear train, the AgenGraphe features an innovative clutch mechanism. The coupling is made horizontally which requires less space, yet it is made using friction, just like a vertical clutch. The dial-side rotor (made possible because the hands are on a central axis) leaves an unimpeded view of the movement and its 477 meticulously finished parts.