Thank you for your kind invitation, Mr. Siegenthaler, and for providing us the privilege to see firsthand the grand opening of your new factory. Mr. Siegenthaler, can you please introduce us to the world of “MB-Microtec”, “Trigalight” and “Traser Swiss H3 Watches”?



First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in “MB-Microtec” and for being present today, at the inauguration of our new state of the art production facility. As you can witness yourself, we are genuinely committed to the vision of our success for the future.

We are proud of our exceptional product offering and our ability to deliver consistently to our key markets. 2019 will be an essential year for “MB-Microtec”, as we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary.”MB-Microtec” was founded in 1969 created by Oskar Thüler It was also in that year when, with substantial investments, the sales of our signature product “Trigalight” took off. We were able to further develop our technology and to keep delivering the highest standards to date.

What is “trigalight” you may ask?

“Trigalight” is a self-illumination technology with the world’s smallest tritium light sources (GTLS). “trigalight” are glass pipes made of hermetically sealed elements that provide illumination for decades without the need for external power supplies such as electricity, battery or any solar energy. We are even able to manufacture what we call “hairlights”, which have the smallest achievable diameter of 0.3 mm. The inside of the capillaries is coated with a thin layer of colored illuminant and filled with tritium. With our unique and pioneering technology, we developed a successful watch brand that has reached global recognition and that is known today by the name “Traser”. No other brand has achieved to successfully replicate our technology. That is why we have strategically decided to supply our technology to over 50 of our direct competitors in the watchmaking industry.

“Traser” timepieces are manufactured and assembled by our teams here in Switzerland in our brand-new production facility. We only use high Swiss quality movements for our timepieces and we have dedicated engineers developing our watches, guaranteeing the robustness and reliability required in our rigorous manufacturing process. We have been able to capitalize throughout the years on our watchmaking know-how. We were commissioned in the ’90s by the United States Army during the “Desert Storm Operation” to produce the very first self-illuminated military watch used in the battlefield.

I have an interesting anecdote about “MB-Microtec”, which I am happy to share with you and your audience. Only a few people know that it was with MB-Microtec’s early funding and also our capacity that Luminox was able to produce its first 100’000 watches.

If you ask us today about “Traser” brand’s DNA, I can say we are focused on outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers as well as the tactical community.



In your words what has been the most significant achievement and success in your life?



The most significant success in my life is my family!

On the professional side, I can say that “MB-Microtec” has been the biggest success professionally. You see, I started working for “MB-Microtec” as the COO eight years ago.

Back then, I was responsible for operations, production, purchasing, infrastructure and IT. I vividly remember the company at that time had a great heart and a good core, but it was run like a company from the ’80s. My first job was to calculate the needed investment for a new building, which we find ourselves today. I remember having to create five pre-projects, leading heated discussions with the board and owners. This was in 2014, the same year I took over the responsibility as CEO of the whole company.

In 2015, a difficult time in MB-Microtec’s history with short-time work and a decline in revenues, we decided to invest 23 million Swiss francs in a production facility in Switzerland. At the time this was a tough call to make because most other companies were moving their production facility out of the country due to shocks and the rising value of the Swiss franc. I remember having sleepless nights but with the boards’ support and our dedicated employees we invested in ourselves and we overcame this tough time together with success. As soon as we had cleared the investment, everything changed. From our employees’ increase in productivity and motivation to our customers’ satisfaction. Since then we have an increase in our sales and the business is running better than ever. I think with the right people and a firm believing in the future we were able to overcome our challenges.

“MB-Microtec” has been my most significant professional achievement to date.



Thank you for your precious time Mr. Siegenthaler and wish you all the success for the future.



Thank you for allowing me to take part in this interview.