The main hero of the 2016 Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon series is the set of brilliant, shining gemstones. In this newest offering of the said collection, the luxury watch brand has decided to put the emphasis on the glittering precious stones in a three-set collection. Avid fans of the iconic Excalibur will surely be captivated by the new models; it still reflects the collection's signature characteristics, such as the imposing round case accentuated with a fluted bezel and stand-out triple lugs. The Dauphine hands are still present, sweeping the face to give the same distinctive feeling of telling time. A flying tourbillon is embedded into this Spider version that still evokes a unique flavor, thanks to Roger Dubuis' celebrated skill in producing contemporary skeleton watches.

This time, the manufacture adds more luster to its reputation and pioneering innovation with a world's first. The new interpretation of its much-loved skeleton is embellished with colored stones, creating an interesting vibrancy in something that is usually dark and austere.

This groundbreaking achievement was first evident in Roger Dubuis' 2015 launch which is now protected by a patent called Soft Stones in the Sky, which took about 2 years of conceptualizing and developing. It symbolizes the manufacture's deep affection for unlikely materials; the gems adorn an elastic and technical material, giving it a much more lavish effect. Perfect mastery is required to produce the exact placement and thickness. This challenge was overcome by setting the gems into the rubber molding placed upon the bezel with a technique derived from plastic deformation.

From here, a beautiful timepiece was engineered with 60-baguette cut night black spinels, red rubies or blue sapphires, each radiating with exemplary sophistication and grace. The stones were offset by a black DLC titanium, with is quite a strong contrast between the silvery elements. It also adds depth to the dimensional flavor of the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon.

Perhaps it is not too much to call it flamboyant; the new model is crafted into 8-piece limited series, each shining with its own hue and a bit of distinction on its feature elements, such as the bezel, crown, hand tips and small seconds counter. The three variations all possess a gem-embellished rubber construction with a black rubber strap, adding a touch of urban excellence to this amazing accessory.

In this visually delightful trilogy, Roger Dubuis introduces the Spider to the Star, where meticulous and inventive work was applied to the skeleton of a haunting arachnid as it spins its web, creating more delicate patterns upon the ticking gears. Visibility, sculptural aesthetics and the deluxe charm of transparency made the Spider collection of superlative quality.