Swiss luxury watchmaker unveils a world's first; in collaboration with the North Thin Ply Technology, Richard Mille debuts two new formidable elements in the new era of watchmaking. The Gold Quartz-TPT® and Gold NTPT carbon both contains an exclusive marriage of either quartz or carbon with gold leaf, something which is now present in two of Richard Mille's latest models for women, the RM 07-01 and the RM 037. There is, perhaps, no better time in launching an innovation than with a new watch.

The NTPT technology is seen first in 2016, in Richard Mille's duet of feminine watches. In order to mark this occasion, exclusive versions of the new material have been released, of course, in a visually satisfying form. These watches have been the product of a goal in which both Richard Mille and NTPT has shared: to become the absolute pioneers in each of their respective niches. Both companies, driven with fiery passion, have discovered a harmonious relationship that complements each other when it comes to the emergence of new technology and ideas. The two women's watches, then, is a tangible form of such partnership.

It must be said that the NTPT Carbon and Gold Quartz-TPT® became a spark to that joint adventure. In this project, Richard Mille rediscovered a new way to utilize such materials. Commonly used for cases and mainplates, the NTPT have enabled the brand to obtain a surprisingly fast-paced progress especially in terms of shock resistance and endurance. The physical properties of these materials can be dubbed as extreme, making it a difficult to machine. Thus, the two companies have spent a lot of hours in finding new programs and tools in order to adapt to carbon and quartz.

Now, two new watches are adorned with these incredible materials, charming enthusiasts with their visually discernible shape. It is Richard Mille's wish to present these materials, initially intended for its male demographic, to the female customers, whose numbers have grown due to the brand's captivating watches. In this venture, the Swiss watch brand and NTPT joined forces in order to expand the possible combinations of materials in a special woman's collection.

In this latest interpretation, Richard Mille stays true to its own craft. Layers of quartz-TPT® or NTPT carbon come together at a 45° angle, with a beautiful alternation of gold leaf layers which are skillfully crafted for less than 10 microns thick. Gold, a regal and noble element, can be a tricky material to be used with carbon and quartz, yet the makers successfully fused it with the new element in order to produce a beautiful case. The entire look is accentuated with a 5N red gold caseband with smoothened pillars, and a dial set embellished with hundreds of diamonds and a black onyx or a mother of pearl center.