The weekend of 17-18 June 2017 was the occasion for hundreds of drivers to leave the grid during the first ever Nürburgring Classic Richard Mille. This exceptional event was also an opportunity to celebrate the 90th anniversary of this legendary track, the most elite and difficult in the world Known as the ‘Nürburg Ring’, this site was the setting for a historic, and historical, gathering. The German circuit, carved out of the Eifel mountain range and inaugurated in 1927, welcomed over 600 cars, including a hundred or so that raced between 1927 and 1939. In a demonstration race on the Grand Prix circuit, the famous Bentley 4 ½ Litres faced-off once more against their arch-rivals, the Bugatti Type 35B and Mercedes-Benz Rennsport. The Queen of this contest was uncontestably the Mercedes Benz compressor belonging to Rudolf Caracciola, the vehicle that won the opening race when the track first opened in 1927.

A variety of exciting events, such as the ‘German Touring Car Classics’, which brought together former drivers from the German DTM, the ‘Historical Touring Car Trophy’ and the ADAC Eifel race punctuated this weekend devoted to mechanical prowess. The Mercedes-Benz Museum also participated, by supplying the keys to its SSK, Raching SS and Type-S to Jochen Mass, Klaus Ludwig and Roland Asch—three German drivers with impressive track records.

Time slots were also scheduled to allow amateur drivers looking for peak sensation a chance to drive on the north loop. At 20.832 kilometres long, this track involves no less than 176 turns, allowing the many spectators who turned out for this first edition of the Nürburgring Classic Richard Mille every opportunity to enjoy the smells and sounds produced by these prestigious machines.

After Le Mans Classic and Chantilly Arts & Élégance Richard Mille, two international events that have become de rigueur in the world of classic automobiles, Richard Mille is pursuing a new collaboration in this area, now in Germany, a market where watchmaking and handsome mechanics are naturally associated.

Don’t miss the 2nd edition of the Nürburgring Classic Richard Mille to be held 22-25 June 2018, an opportunity for all passionate amateurs to revel in the golden age of automobile racing on this ultimate legend of a track.