It is an impossible feat turned into achievable, a dream come true. Probably among, if not, the most luxurious pieces in Richard Mille’s line of watches is the Felipe Massa Sapphire Tourbillion Split Seconds Competition Chronograph. The long name makes up for its exciting concept: a perfect sapphire case luxury timepiece packed with a powerful movement and its brand’s signature style. Richard Mille did not hold back in this venture; the company devoted a thousand hours for the creation of each watch in this line, and its efforts paid off—big time.

Sapphire, among the hardest elements on earth, is known to be scratch-resistant, as well as a delicate visual. Crafting a case out of this gem is nothing short of a genius; the brittle material of sapphire needs an artisan’s hand to create angles, curves and cuts before the dramatic complication is installed. Richard Mille conducted three months of testing and research to create a single piece of this lightweight, robust case. The result is made fortified with additional Nitril O-rings and 20 spline screws in grade 5 titanium.

Equal to its stunning exterior is Felipe Massa Sapphire’s inner engineering. The chronograph watch is powered by Calibre RM CC1, a movement which waters down the unnecessary complications to make use of the basic yet essential operations. The chronograph is accessed through its 10 o’clock and 8 o’clock pushers, specifically triggering start and stop functions.

In addition to its hours, minutes and seconds mechanism is its split-seconds capability. It eliminates the initial leap of the chronograph seconds hands, which in turn, reduces the watch’s energy consumption by half. A pusher found at the 4 o’clock position of the watch triggers the start and stop function of the split-seconds hand.

•    Calibre RM CC1 Manual winding tourbillon movement
•    Hours, minutes, seconds, split seconds function
•    70-hour Power Reserve
•    50-metre Water Resistance
•    6-hour revolution fast rotating barrel
•    Function indicators
•    Grade 5 titanium base plate
•    Anti-reflective sapphire crystal case

Due to the overwhelming labour and materials used in this series of the timepiece, there will only be five pieces of Felipe Massa Sapphire available on the market.

The Richard Mille Felipe Massa Sapphire retails at  $1’650’000