A new evolution of the Ressence family is the Type 5, a natural heir to the former glories of Type 1 and Type 3, invoking their groundbreaking aesthetics and expressions of keeping time. This new model is the first mechanical watch that promises to be perfectly readable underwater, no matter what angle you look at it. A complete diving watch, it showcases legibility that does not overlook the pleasures of having traditional movement. It is comprised of a signature Ressence timepiece; the Type 5 makes use of advanced materials and designs, utilizing the company's visual aesthetic to manufacture a watch at the edge of today's horological innovation.

It is with pride to say that Type 5 is meant to meet the paramount ISO 6425 standards; this model is able to withstand the harshest conditions, yet still composed of a modern visual charm, very much characteristic of Ressence. Benoît Mintiens, designer and founder of the brand, discloses, "With the Type 5, I feel we've closed a virtuous circle, combining technological refinement, industrial design and fine watchmaking." This new piece, he adds, is ideal for the gentleman diver, making it possible to be worn when he's underwater or around the town.

The inspiration for Type 5 is no doubt the nature; more specifically, the sea turtles. Their beautifully dynamic shape helps them to propel themselves easily through the tides. What else could be better than an amphibious watch, distinctly carved with an integrated uni-directional bezel? This is Type 5, all in its titanium glory, that, despite its sturdy make, also guarantees lightweight feeling on the wrist.

Its well-thought concept comes with micro-mechanical technology in which, Ressence's contemporary haute hologerie pushes new boundaries in industrial design and innovation. It also showcases the brand's unique form of display; at the absence of hands, hours, second and oil temperature are measured through the revolving discs, which revolve inside the main disc of the continuously moving minute display. This complication, called the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), is the first in the history of watchmaking, employing a modified automatic caliber that provides the base calculation of time by which other indications on the dial are extrapolated. All in all, there are 142 components of the Type 5 watch, where the dial is immersed in 37.5 ml of oil.

This design offers no crown. Instead, the case back itself is used for the winding and setting of time. In order to fortify its water resistance, a new case back has been developed for Type 5. This, dubbed as the Ressence Compression Lock System, offers a safe and convenient method of locking and compression of the gasket.