Sleek Swiss movement takes center stage in Rado's latest

Swiss watchmaker Rado is pleased to present the True Thinline Skeleton, a striking limited edition timepiece for the mechanical watch enthusiast who demands the comfort and beauty of cutting-edge design and materials. A watch that seamlessly combines tradition and modernity, the Rado True Thinline Skeleton is an ode to the brand's watchmaking heritage and avant-garde spirit.

Limited to an exclusive run of 99 individually marked pieces, the True Thinline Skeleton is engineered from polished black high-tech ceramic and boasts a slim silhouette measuring just 7 mm. This is a timepiece that isn’t afraid to show you what it’s made of, with a sapphire crystal front and back giving a clear view of the pulsating mechanics inside.

Black beauty

Under a black dial with stylized semicircle cutouts, the ultra-slim decorated Swiss movement powering the True Thinline Skeleton takes center stage – and rightfully so. A black beauty adorned with 21 crimson jewels, the amazingly thin movement throbs and oscillates, putting on a show in its slim high-tech ceramic case. A piece of wearable technology and craftsmanship, the True Thinline Skeleton has the same appeal as Rado’s other high-tech ceramic timepieces – namely, being both lightweight and incredibly hard, and boasting impressive scratch resistance while offering unparalleled comfort and good looks.

As a traditional horological marvel in an edgy modern package, the True Thinline Skeleton is an embrace of Rado’s dual heritage as a Swiss watchmaker with an innovative approach to design and materials.