Rado True Open Heart; the final word in lightness, luxury and comfort

Swiss watchmaker Rado has unveiled a new light, luxurious timepiece that effortlessly blends aesthetics and function. Rado True Open Heart is the first creation to be unveiled from the 2016 Baselworld collection, and part of the Rado True family, which was relaunched last year to feature sleek modern watches.

True Open Heart is created in either polished white or matte black ceramic featuring lustrous simplicity synonymous with the Rado True family. The collection is limited to only 500 individually marked pieces.

Cleverly allowing a glimpse to the mechanics below, two beautifully placed cut-outs adorn the dial giving this timepiece a radiant, airy feel. An ultrafine mother-of-pearl layer sits atop these cut-outs, casting a semi translucent sheen over the inner workings of the watch below.

How this mother-of-pearl dial shimmers and glistens in an array of colours depends on the lighting conditions and angle of the face. Subtle movement will cast a stunning spectrum of pearlescent hues, delighting the wearer. This impressive layered dial is achieved without adding bulk, and at just 0.6mm is a tribute to weightlessness and the feeling of floating effortlessly. The heart of the watch, fluently gliding and ticking away, is just visible beneath the mother-of-pearl veil, a reminder of the precision timepiece below.

The Rado True Open Heart is crafted from Rado high tech ceramic and housed in the brand’s iconic monobloc cause. High tech ceramic has the benefits of being ultra lightweight, five times more durable than steel, adaptive to body temperature and gentle on the skin.

The material is engineered from ultrafine zirconium oxide powder, resulting in one of the lightest materials used in luxury watchmaking and one that is 25% lighter than steel by volume.

But being lightweight does not mean the Rado True Open Heart is not durable; compared with the heavier material of steel which has a hardness rating of 250 Vickers, high tech ceramic has a hardness rating of around 1200 Vickers, making it nearly five times harder.

High tech ceramic is also built for comfort; it automatically adjusts to the temperature of the wearer and does not cause allergies to sensitive skin like some metals.