Rado: Get Ready to Feel It!

At Rado, we’re proud and excited to reveal our brand new campaign. Highlighting the Rado difference and showcasing the brand in all its unique glory, ‘Feel It!’ is a snapshot of Rado now.

As we enter the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century, we’re using a bold, fresh, fashion-forward approach to demonstrating the key qualities that have made Rado a firm favourite with watch lovers since our first collection was launched in 1957.

Get ready to Feel It!

It has always been a pioneer and leader and the only brand in the watch industry to focus on the future and innovation instead of the past and tradition. ‘Feel It’ demonstrates a new warmth and energy, and the campaign reinforces our status as the Master of Materials and the most forward-thinking design player in the watch industry today. Rado is truly the brand of the future and we want you to experience it. We want you to Feel It!

Speaking at the launch of Feel It! Rado CEO Matthias Breschan said: “Why we do what we do won’t change, what we do won’t change. How we present and talk about the brand we’re so proud of needed to change. We believe ‘Feel It!’ will allow us to connect and engage with a whole new audience of rado watches enthusiasts all around the world.”

Rado 8 - Get ready to Feel It!

The key Rado watches focus areas of materials, design and innovation will remain the same. The mission to set the standard for the watch industry, to lead and pioneer also remain unchanged. The ‘it’ in Feel It! covers a range of elements that have helped make it a major global brand. Materials, innovation, technology, history, lightness, smoothness, design, warmth, energy, agelessness, durability, vibrancy, style, fashion, colours, the past, present and future are all part of the compelling its story ‘Feel It!’ represents.

This is Rado reimagined. Get ready to Feel It!